Santa Pod Strip Records

1966 - 2002

Below is a list of all the Santa Pod strip records starting from the first meeting in 1966. This is entirely unofficial and has been compiled solely from the entries in the Trakbytes archive. If anyone has any further information that I might have missed please let me know.

The strip record dropped by nearly seven and a half seconds over these 36 years. Three and a half seconds were inevitably sliced off in the first 2 months when the first US visitors arrived, but since then only two other Americans have held the record. I should mention that I have continued with the Top Fuel achievements after Sammy Miller arrived on the scene and showed us what rocket power can do in 1978, otherwise the list would stop with his 3.58 outright record from 1984 that still stands and, I'm guessing, won't be beaten for some time.... Sammy's entries are highlighted in yellow. Dennis Priddle has the most entries on the list with a total of ten. It is a testiment to Dennis' dominance of Top Fuel in the early seventies that his nearest rivals, Clive Skilton and Tony Densham, are next with three entries each. Also remarkable is the ten year gap before Peter Crane's 1976 record was broken.

Year Meeting Date Competitor Time
1966 11th April Tony Densham - The Worden 12.32
1966 4th/5th June Bud Barnes - Ultrasonic 8.57
1968 10th/11th August Tony Densham - The Commuter 8.459
1968 6th October Dennis Priddle - Tudor Rose 8.28
1969 May 4th Tony Densham - The Commuter 8.228
1970 August 30th/31st Clive Skilton - Revolution 7.56
1971 April 11th/12th Clive Skilton - Second Revolution 7.39
1971 July 10th/11th Clive Skilton - Second Revolution 7.35
1971 August 29th/30th Dennis Priddle - Hot Wheels 7.22
1971 October 10th Dennis Priddle - Hot Wheels 7.13
1972 April 2nd/3rd Dennis Priddle - Radio Luxemborg 7.06
1972 May 28th/29th Dennis Priddle - Radio Luxemborg 6.93
1972 July 8th/9th Dennis Priddle - Mr Six 6.88
1972 August 27th/28th Dennis Priddle - Mr Six 6.67
1972 September 23rd/24th Dennis Priddle - Mr Six 6.59
1973 July 21st/22nd Norm Wilcox - Mr Revell 6.55
1974 August 4th Dennis Priddle - Mr Revell 6.49
1975 April 19th/20th Dennis Priddle - Mr Revell 6.04
1976 April 17th-19th Peter Crane - Stormbringer 5.97
1978 September 16th/17th Sammy Miller - Vanishing Point 4.41
1979 July 7th/8th Sammy Miller - Vanishing Point 4.20
1984 July 7th/8th Sammy Miller - Vanishing Point 3.58
1986 September 19th-21st Monica Oberg 5.82
1989 April 29th-May 1st Liv Berstadt 5.52
1990 September 21st-23rd Liv Berstadt 5.13
1992 September 18th-20th Rico Anthes 5.11
1995 May 27th-29th Vivica Averstedt 5.05
1997 May 24th-26th Rico Anthes 5.01
1998 September 11th-13th Barry Sheavills 4.942
2002 September 6th-8th Andy Carter 4.89