No Way Back

This short tale was sent to me by Mack from Essex not long after the site started. You know how those big bad race cars can make you jump when they launch from the start line? Well imagine what it must be like sitting next to one! Incidentally Mack lists his hobbies as "Drag Racing and drinking", sounds good to me!

My first visit to Santa Pod was in 1982. Since then I have built a rather poor-looking MK 3 Cortina with a Rover V8 that I raced for one season. The highlight of that season was to race alongside a car I recall as being called 'Hellraiser'. It left me for dead as it pulled a huge wheelstand from the lights. The noise it made put me off so badly I  just sat and watched it leave. I had never been alongside any thing like that in the street class! I then had to get down the strip, there was no way I could turn back up the fire up road as it was too crowded. I was sent up the track alongside another driver from another class on a bye-run.