Some weeks ago I received the first of many informative e mails from Ron Clark of the MDRA. Ron had read the first tale in this series and it obviously jogged his memory. Read on.....

Picardo Pandemonium Part Two

Tog's description of Picardo's manic '77 run is fine, but actual events didn't stop there. It was funnier. Surprised that Tog didn't remember that in their haste the crew left the push bar in and naturally it fell out at around 600ft. Pick your nose's 6.5 was a strip record, whilst Tog wouldn't have known what happened when the car came to a halt in the dust. Ron actually fell out of the car and twisted his ankle. He was driven back to his caravan overlooking the car pit and whilst he lay back groaning in agony he looked out of the window, only to see Dave Prior of Maneater fame removing the car's high speed lean out valve. 'Ere - what's your bleedin' game?' inquires the hero of the hour as politely as he could muster. 'I thought would weren't racing again today', came the reply, 'so I though we'ed borrow it'.

Would I lie to you?

Ron Clark