Results Of The Inaugral NDRC Meeting

Held At Santa Pod Raceway

April 19th 1970

Top Dragster
Winner Bill Weichelt Dos Palmos 9.58/143.47
Runner Up T. Anderson Trouble 10.64/113.32
Middle Dragster
Winner John Whitmore Drag-N-Fly 11.97/229.05
Junior Dragster
Winner B. Parkin Tri-Keele 12.92/100.08
Runner Up W. Haynes Quarter Horse
Top Comp
Winner Dennis Priddle Whistler 11.30/118.48
Middle Comp
Winner R. Skinner Midas Touch 13.41/102.88
Junior Comp
Winner B. Harvey Ginetta G12 14.82/91.91
Top Street
Winner M. Gates TVR Tuscan 13.13/110.27
Middle Street
Winner C. Urlwin Otis Blue 15.64/87.11
Junior Street
Winner M. Aitkin TVR 16.28/84.03
Top Bike
Winner B. White Endeavor 10.74/129.53
Runner Up D. Chinn Pegasus
Middle Bike
Winner R. Feltell Penetration 11.16/102.46
Junior Bike
Winner R. Elgar Elgi-Vincent 12.89/101.42

Results supplied by Steve Collins