BHRA Drivers/Organisers Meeting,

Santa Pod Raceway

May 29th 1967

Points agreed for future meetings;

1. At future one day meetings entries will not be accepted at the meeting except by prior arrangement as there is insufficient time to collate the entries prior to racing.

2. Competitors with new cars or modified cars that have not competed at earlier meetings should arrive as early as possible so as to allow sufficient time for the cars to be scrutineered thoroughly before practise.

3. Practice - at future meetings to be reserved for Dragsters, Competition Altereds and new drivers. This is to allow more time for competition, it is reasoned that Sports and G.T., Modified and Production can of course start on a starter unlike outright competiton machines, and of course warm up facilities are available to all in the fire up road prior to the practice period.

4. At future meetings the order of running Class Eliminations will be reversed, i.e. Production, Modified, Sports & G.T., Street Altered, Competition Altered and Dragsters. This is to fall in line with Major Eliminations and new Practice intentions.

5. Super Eliminations will in future be run without handicap.

6. Handicaps - one point raised which will receive practical consideration was to ignore class records as a basis for handicaps if the holder was not at the meeting, and use the fastest man present as a basis for that class handicap.