The Silver Jubilee Big Go

Santa Pod Raceway

June 1977

Class Winner Runner Up
Pro Fuel Roz Prior 'Maneater' 6.98/202 Allan Herridge 'Gladiator' 7.16/210
Pro Comp Jim Read 'LePatron' 7.87/178 Pat Cuss (Shut off)
Senior Dragster Russ Carpenter (Daimler rail) 9.00/148 John Gibbons 'Alkymist' 10.18/143
Middle Dragster George Davie 'Pubcrawler' Bert Knight (Jag Rail)
Junior Dragster Steve Johnson 'Motor Mouse' 11.17/117 Mick O'Connell 13.30/99
Senior Altered Keith Potter 'The Devil' 9.52/132 Gary Page 'Panic' 10.39/128
Middle Altered Mick Saunders 'Animal' 9.96/132 Colin Fisher 'Themis'
Junior Altered Alan Loten Brian Mondey
Top Modified Norm Wilding 'Pieces Of Eight' 14.87/94 Alan O'Connor 'Als Gasser' (Shut off)
Senior Modified Morry Morice (E Type Jag) Chris Wicks (Sunbeam Tiger)
Middle Modified John Everitt 16.94/81 Harry Haggas 16.98/77
Junior Modified Jim Whiting 'Silent Knight' 13.94/90 Hazel Wlosyek 14.39/91
Production Sam Connell 'Red Devil Camaro' 13.85/99 Dave Stables (VW) 21.93/58
Roadster Steve Whitney (Cortina) Not known
Top Bike Jeff Byne 8.95/152 Ted Dunmow
Senior Bike Mick Butler 9.94/137 Mick Warne 9.83/144
Middle Bike Pete Wood 10.99/119 Mick Honey
Junior Bike Clive Liddiard 10.38/132 Bill Carnon 10.59/125
Pro Street Bike Mick Carter 11.17/126 Terry Revill 11.46/114
Street Bike Dave Smith Not Known
Knockout Bike Ray Simpson Not Known

Pro Fuel/Funny Car Elimination Ladder
Roz Prior 'Maneater' 6.81/203      
Roz Prior 6.84/204
Gerry Andrews 'Hemi Hunter' 8.47/122
Roz Prior 6.98/202
Dennis Priddle (Monza) 7.13/185
Dennis Priddle 6.98/185
Ronnie Picardo 'Highway Patrol' 7.71/185
Winner; Roz Prior
Peter Crane 'Stormbringer' 7.31/194
Peter Crane 7.25/199 *
Owen Hayward 'Houndog' 7.80/176
Allan Herridge 7.16/210
Allan Herridge 'Gladiator' 6.77/211
Allan Herridge 6.95/195 *
Dave Stone 'Stardust' 9.10/161

* In this semi final Crane beat Herridge despite having the slower time, Herridge was caught asleep on the line. Crane however damaged his transmission and was unable to make the final, letting Herridge back in as first alternate.