One odd memory that I have is some mad Swedish/Finnish guy in a (hemi-powered?) jeep that was street-legal and was running outrageous times (in the 10's or even the 9's?) around '75/76/77. Does anyone else remember this? Those times would be quite respectable now for a street-legal car.

Tim Chippington Derrick, UK

Congratulations on a great site I visit it regularly, with reference to Tim Chipington Derrick's comments about a Hemi powered jeep. I too remember seeing this outrageous blue machine if memory serves me right it came over from Sweden during the Tor Line era and was one of the few street cars that actually got the spectators running to track side to watch, the times were awesome and again if I remember correctly it was running times that would have seen it do well in Pro Stock! and I'm pretty sure that at one of the meetings at Santa pod at which this jeep appeared we were entertained by the first 1/4 mile drag streak I'm sure the streakers didn't realise how long 1/4 mile was as they ran out of puff at half track but they still managed to outrun a Santa Pod official who was chasing them on a monkey bike.

Russ Heaven, UK

The Swedish guy with the Jeep was Sventa Eriksson ( please allow for spelling mistakes ). The guy drove the thing to England the in ran it at the Pod. Nick Pettit has some Excellent Video of the car on some of his video collection (Check out). The car eventually ran a ProComp Plastic bodied Altered, But was never the same for me.

Brian Nixon, UK

The Jeep in question was campaigned by a slightly mad Swede name of Svante Erikssonn. Absolutely outrageous machine, as I recall. My enduring memory of it, and also ties in with the swede Vs Britain rivallry,was the world finals 1980 ish. Back in those days, the class was Super Comp, and the cars ran to weight breaks and indexes. Erikkson came over and was running something ridiculous like two seconds under his index. Of course, he waded through the field, to reach the Semi Finals, where he met Pete Goddard in the Liquidator. Erikkson was getting a little cocky by this stage, and sat on the line for over a second. Unfortunatly for him, Pete cut the light of his life, and the Jeep only just squeeked past in the lights, less than a car length, I later heard. On to the final, where Erikksonn met Steve Johnson, in one of the early cosworth powered slingshots he had then. Both cars burnt out, but then, Silence from the British car. Steve, having lost fire, leapt out of the car, picked up the front end wheelbarrow style, and wheeled the car out of the way so that the Liquidator could come back as first alternate. The crowd went wild!!! Pete had a very brief burnout, then staged. If only Hollywood had written the script, Pete wouldent have leant on the tree quite so hard and redlighted!!!!! Moments like that kept me coming to the drags for over twenty years now!!! ( Oh, and Prudhomme lost)

Jon Crawford, UK

Interesting to see people commenting on 'That Swedish jeep'. It is one of  my outstanding memories of the early years. I remember arriving at Santa Pod early one day, and saw this Willy's jeep arrive with a couple of fat slicks and a load of camping gear in the back. That guy had driven from Sweden in it. He threw out the camping gear, fitted the slicks, took off the silencers, went through scrutineering, calmly ran of a 10 second 130 mph pass, then came back and made himself breakfast! This guy was a legend! The car used to bounce all over the place when it took off, and even today that car would still be one hell of a machine.

Nick Brooks UK

The Ericksson Brothers Swedish Jeep

I remember that bloody Jeep. One meeting they arrived at Santa Pod to race as a Street Altered, which was its Swedish class, but the UK racers refused to race and downed tools. It's true - it caused a drivers strike. At that time I wasn't just track announcer, I was also Chairman of the BDR&HRA so I had to act as chief negotiator. We had to persuade the Erickssons to run in the Competition Altered Eliminator instead (guaranteed minimum money of course - they weren't daft). Good job they didn't know my wife was Norwegian and could understand enough of the lingo to make a reasonable deal. I not sure but I think they nearly won that eleminator anyway.

It was a great car reflecting the true ethos of drag racing and the link with street rodding. Not only was it a superb engineering achievement for its day, you just had to laugh when you watched its antics as it launched off the line. One of so many great memories of my involvement with the sport from the late 1960s through to the late 1970s.

Brian Taylor, UK