Harold Bulls 'Stripduster'

Constructor/driver Harold Bull , an ex-Fleet Air Arm engine artificer from Ascot, Berkshire, built the first incarnation of this dragster in 1965. It originally had an 84" wheelbase but this was later lengthened to 104", after a supercharger had been fitted, to combat wheelstanding problems. The machine was built in his spare time whilst working as a toolmaker, a skill which Harold utilised to its full potential in making many of the components for the car himself. In 1967 Harold started his own buisness with fellow racer Derek Metcalfe making drag racing items such as fuel pumps, injectors and fuel tanks, under the name B & M Equipment. The car was a consitent record holder in the International Class G for 751-1100cc machines over the standing quarter mile and 500 metres as well as many e.t. and speed records in the UK. In 1971 Harold crashed the car into the barriers at Santa pod during a race with John Whitmores Drag 'N' Fly but escaped unhurt. He was back out in the rebuilt car a month later. In 1974 Harold purchased the Houndog 5 slingshot and drove it at the Drag Racing News Trophy meeting in July. Unfortunately he hit the crash barrier again and wrote the car off. Although not badly hurt he never raced again.

Engine Morris Minor 1000, 995cc, BMC 731 Camshaft, 9.3:1 Hepolite Pistons running on methanol & occasionally nitro-methane.
Cylinder Heads Austin A30, widened ports. Gas flowed. Cooper S & Sprite valve springs.  Autolite AG 701 spark plugs. 8.5:1 compression ratio. Triple 1.1/4" bore stub exhausts, 6.1/2" long.
Carburettors/ injectors 2" S.U. carb or twin 1.1/4" Wal Phillips injectors. Later Harold built his own injector.
Blower Ian Godfrey (Rootes type)  ex-Air Ministry cabin blower, overdriven by 1:1.1/2
Fuel Pump 100 p.s.i. rotary pump designed and built by Harold Bull, run from front of blower with a gear reduction to turn it at crankshaft speed.
Fuel Tank Longitudinally mounted, cylindrical lawn mower petrol tank.
Transmission Three speed Morris 8 (circa 1936) with first and reverse removed.
Clutch 7" Borg & Beck with uprated springs and competition linings.
Rear Axle Solid mounted Morris Minor 1000 4.55:1 ratio. Narrowed to give 30" track.
Front Axle Dropped tube type, chromed and mounted on leading links from a Morris Minor torsion bar. 41" track. Austin Seven stub axles
Chassis Made from 1" dia. 16 s.w.g. mild steel tube, designed & constructed by Harold Bull. 104" Wheelbase.
Brakes Morris Minor 1000
Front Wheels/tyres 12" R.S.W. cycle rims, spoked to hubs made by Harold Bull. 2" section white rubber tyres painted black!
Rear Wheels/tyres Reversed Ford 105E 13" steel wheels with 5.20" treaded tyres.
Body Aluminuim with spats each side of the engine and upswept tail to house parachute
Paint Deep blue Metalflake with orange lettering.

Harold Bull

Details and pictures taken from drag Racing & Hot Rod Magazine March 1968 issue