Performance Unlimited/Street Machine Street Racer Championship

York Raceway

June 18th/19th 1988



Runner Up

Street Racer Championship

Brian Huxley 'Can Do 2' 11.95/116

Andy Carter 'Resin Rocket' Broke

Super Gas

Howard Jennings 'Wild Pony' wins 2/3 in match race with Steve Bollard 'Firenza'


George Chiles 'Dodge'

Kev Lowther 'Marina'

Junior Comp

Mark McGuckin 'Trespasser'

Top Comp

Jeff Manni

Super Comp

Dave Warne 'Mean As Hell' wins 2/3 in match race with Ian Lloyd 'Gonzo The Great'

Top Bike (1/8th mile)

Phil Hearnden (Suzuki) wins 2/3 in match race with Kevin Hudson (Suzuki)

Senior Bike (1/8th mile)

Martin Bootland

Middle Bike (1/8th mile)

Niki Stimpson 8.14/91

Mick Flatt 8.64/76

Results supplied by Darren West