Bill Weichelt used to build cars called Tridents in Ipswich - real beasts, derivatives of TVRs with Ford V8s... I used to work with someone who knew him and also Dennis Priddle and "Sexy Rexy" Sluggett. He told me some tales of wild late night blasts over to Santa Pod in Tridents and nitro burning Minis. Apparently, all new Tridents were taken to the Pod to get timing slips, to give to the buyers. He also told me that he helped out on the Tudor Rose pit crew in the 60s. That reminds me, I must give him a call and arrange a chinwag over a few pints!

Jim Roberts, UK

Reading your updates on Bill Weichelt set me thinking. You say that Bill bought DOS PALMOS from the Croft Partnership which rang a warning bell in my memory. Does anyone else remember the rumours that were circulating after Bill left that the car still belonged to them and Norman Barclay was spitting blood when he found it it had been shipped back to the states! The story goes that Bill had only hired the car or ran it on their behalf. Maybe that's why Bill can't be found!

When Bill left there was a big party held for him at Ed Shaver's house on the outskirts of Northampton. The NDRC presented him with a silver Ashtray in appreciation of this support for the sport in this country. I think Bill was more impressed by the Harrods box it came in!

Steve Collins, UK

I saw Bill Weichelt about 6 yrs ago in Santee ca. 5 miles north of San Diego - Clive Skilton

W Weichelt (him again) driving a Trident in Super Stock(?) and a Mini in Junior Street. I remember Bill had an argument with the scrutineer about running slicks on the front wheels. At that time slicks on street cars were very unusual and the rules said they were allowed on the rear wheels only. That was fine for rear wheel drive cars but when Bill turned up with a hot Mini the rule was found to be a bit of a nonsense!

Steve Collins, UK