Remember this at the August Supernationals 1975?

Earlier on, mention was made of the American Automotive wheelie prize, Henk Vink looked to be the winner, but as the lights were being repaired after John hobbs hit them, Stripteaser and Als Gasser put on a wheelie show for the crowd. Al O'Connor looked to be winning it hands down in the Pop; that is until Rob Messent popped the clutch in the Minivan and stood it on end to a roar from the crowd - the car crashing back down to terra firma to win the prize.

Keith Lee in Drag Racing News, October 1975

....In sweden though, Ronnie (Picardo) made his first outing in 1980 in The Force an occasion to remember for the crowd, winning their admiration and respect with some pretty spectacular antics, including a threequarter fire and a 180 degree handbrake turn at 200mph(!!) much to the amazement ot the Swedish firecrew, who couldn't figure out how this mad Englishman was suddenly heading towards them as they hurtled down the shutdown road.

Paul Garland in Drag Racing News, October 1980

The jets and the rockets provided much of the drama and glamour. Sammy Miller, being the American showman that he is, always put up a good pre-race psyche out. While Herridge was being strapped in, he walked round Vanishing Point, looking up the nozzle, underneath, checking dials and gauges, looking worried, waving his arms,and generally getting everybody wired up for the run. The announcer warned the crowd to stand with their mouths open and their hands over their ears, to minimise the shock waves. the fireman, and there were dozens (if Zandvoort town had caught fire it would have burned down because all the firemen were at the strip), shooed everybody away from the sides of the track, and made a very big deal generally out of anything.............When Sammy wasn't winding up the Dutch crowd, he was having a good time with the groupies. These young ladies seemed determined to participate in every stage of the jet and rocket show. Sammy used them as pushers to get his Oxygen rocket staged, and personally kissed every one of them before getting his helmet on. Strangely he seemed upset by the lack of reaction from the crowd after he gave them a rabble rousing speech over the PA - did it occur to him that virtually none of the audience could understand English?

Dragster & Custom news, August 1982

If there's one thing that we learnt about the Americans over the three week Internationals period it's that they just cannot stand warm beer............Don Schumacher moaned, Tony Nancy moaned and moaned, Paula Murphy was too much of a lady to say anything but her wrench man Fat Jack Bynam made up for that with actions as well as the end of the first meeting at the Pod he grabbed one of the startline fire extinguishers and blasted two cans of warm beer until there was ice forming on the sides. Well that's one way to extinguish your thirst.

Custom Car Magazine October 1973