RIP "Mr Six" 1945 - 2021

  The young Dennis Priddle had aspirations to become a motorcycle circuit racer before he was taken by a friend to a Motorcycle Sprint meeting. The fact that competitors could do anything they wanted to their bikes to make them faster appealed to him and he decided to take it up. Then he attended the Dragfest in 1965 with friend Tony Gane and his 500cc Rudge sprint bike. After seeing the 8 car Top Fuel line up at Blackbushe he came away determined that he was going to have his own Top Fueller one day. The pair also made the trip to Woodvale. Tony and Dennis also made the trip from Somerset to Bedfordshire for the opening event at Santa Pod in 1966.  
August 28th/29th 1966 SPR. The first British Drag Racing Championships.This meeting saw the use of handicapped starts for the first time and in the dragster division final Tony Gane hung on to a 2.1 second advantage in his 500cc Rudge engined Wicked Lady, to beat Les Turners blown 1500cc dragster. One of Tonys crew members was a teenager by the name of Dennis Priddle who had helped build the machine.


"Wicked Lady" Photo by Nick Pettitt courtesy of Jon Spoard

April 23rd 1967 SPR. The Easter meeting. Dennis Priddle set new E.T. and speed records in the I Dragster class driving Tony Ganes 'Wicked Lady' Rudge powered machine. The new marks were 12.639/101.94. This was the first time Dennis had driven at a Drag Racing event.  
May 28th/29th 1967 SPR. BHRA Big Go. Dennis Priddle won his class in 'Wicked Lady' and was entered in the Top Eliminator but lost to Alan Ing in the ex-works Dragon dragster  
June 24th/25th 1967 SPR. Dennis Priddle was driving Tony Ganes "Wicked Lady" and won the I class for Dragsters.  
April 15th 1968 SPR. Easter Monday. Season Opener for cars. The debut of a new car, the Keith Black hemi powered Tudor Rose of the Priddle/Sluggett team which ran some promising low nine second shakedowns. With Rex Sluggett driving the first run stopped the clocks at 10.25/154, the best being an impressive 9.409/161, which was a new A Class dragster record.  
July 21st 1968 SPR. Combined car and motorcycle meeting including night racing. In the qualifying sessions Dennis Priddle had taken the weekends first drive in Tudor Rose and ran a 9.343/141.84. His second drive in the car clocked an easy 9.503/157.23.  

Tudor Rose Photo by Nick Pettitt courtesy of Jon Spoard

August 10th-11th 1968 Scandinavian Raceway, Anderstorp, Sweden. S.H.R.A. 'First Go'. The S.H.R.A. sponsored the trip over to Sweden for the Sluggett/Priddle 'Tudor Rose' and the Allard/Skilton rail. On the Sunday Dennis Priddle took over the driving from Rex and put in an 8.53, making him the second quickest man in Europe by the end of the weekend. The first run off saw both machines pulling wheelies with Priddle winning at 8.80 seconds. Priddle took the second round also, both cars launching more smoothly, but Skiltons chute failed at the top end, someone forgot to remove the safety cord. The final round saw Skilton take an early lead but in his bid for revenge the blower let go and Priddle powered through for the win.  
August 17th/18th 1968 SPR. Combined Car & Bike Meeting with night racing. After the previous weekends achievements in Sweden by the Priddle/Sluggett Tudor Rose Team the scene was set for a showdown between them and Tony Densham's Commuter. Rumours that the Swedish timing system was unreliable helped set the scene for the 'Battle Of The Giants'. With Sluggett still on crutches Priddle put in a couple of nine second runs, a 9.3 and a 9.0 ten minutes later. Densham then stamped his authority on the proceedings by putting in an 8.68/176. Later, in the darkness, the two cars lined up side by side and, on the green light, left together both smoking the tyres. Commuter got out of shape and Densham had to lift at the eighth as Priddle kept his boot in to record a winning 8.871. Priddle brought Tudor Rose out again on the Sunday morning for an attempt to beat Densham's 8.45 second strip record, but had to shut off at 1000ft after getting out of shape culminating in an 8.8/173.
September 1st/2nd 1968

SPR. 3rd Annual Championship meeting. Cars only. An estimated 8000 fans turned up for this event. Proceedings on Sunday were hampered by rain. The Tudor Rose of the Sluggett/Priddle team and Tony Densham's Commuter, having only put in gentle practice runs the previous day, had a three round match race. In the first round Rex Sluggett (running on methanol only) pulled a red light but Densham got to the line first with an 8.52/167.79 to an 8.69/160.77, the first side-by-side eight second race the UK had seen. Both cars were back at the start line half an hour later, this time with Dennis Priddle in the driving seat of Tudor Rose, and 30% nitro in the tank. This time the Chrysler took the honours with Priddle getting the hole shot, smoking the whole quarter and recording an 8.88/148.81 to an 8.83/166/78. The third, and deciding, round saw Densham too eager to take the honours with a red light on his 9.05/149.93 while Priddle, now with a 38% nitro load, once again smoked his way to the win, lifting before the line as the car twitched, and recording an 8.46/171.23.

October 5th 1968 Elvington Records Weekend. The Priddle/Sluggett team ran the Tudor Rose fueler to a new World Record for the standing quarter mile. Dennis ran an 8.291 which was backed up with an 8.301 for a new record of 8.296 with an average speed of 108.460mph.
October 6th 1968

SPR.  Last Chance meeting for cars. Tony Densham put in an early 8.75 before Rex Sluggett in Tudor Rose set a new class A Dragster speed record with a 9.42/182.82mph blast, at the end of which he hit the timing lights a damaged a front tyre. That evening, with front wheels borrowed from Allan Herridge, Dennis Priddle took the driving seat of Tudor Rose and lined up alongside Densham. A holeshot from priddle saw Commuter trying to catch up and, despite getting crossed up and lifting before the finish, Dennis took the win with an 8.28/167, a new track record, Commuter followed in spectacular fashion with flames from a popped blower and an 8.77/157.

A new 200" frame had been built for Tudor Rose but the rail was dismantled early in the year and sold after Rex Sluggett withdrew from the project.  Dennis Priddle took over the driving of the Mark Stratton/John Woolfe Racing 'Whistler' Reliant GTE.
April 27th 1969

SPR. BDR&HRA Club Meet.  Dennis Priddle (I think?) put in some promising runs in the new John Woolfe Racing Whistler, a fibreglass Reliant GTE with the 427ci L88 Chevrolet V8 that had previously seen service in the teams Hustler Altered. Rob Skinner took the Top Competition final in Midas Touch when the Whistler lost fire on the line.

  May 4th 1969 SPR. Spring Match Race.  In Top Competition Altered Dennis Priddle took the win in the Mark Stratton built 'Whistler', sponsored by John Woolfe Racing. A string of consistent low eleven second passes saw him reach the final, where an 11.36/109.83 was more than good enough to defeat Derek Benbow's 12.47/114.68 from his Buick T.
May 24th-26th 1969 SPR. BDR&HRA Big Go. Dennis Priddle won Top Competition Altered in the Whistler Reliant GT/E at 11.35/122  
July 26th/27th 1969   Scandinavian Raceway, Anderstorp, Sweden. The Second Annual Anderstorp Trip saw six UK cars make the trip along with four bikes. They were John Siggery in Geronimo, Allan Herridge in Motovation, Harold Bull in Stripduster, Dennis Priddle in the Whistler and the fuelers of Tony Densham and Clive Skilton. The Whistler had clutch problems.
August 2nd/3rd 1969

SPR. All Stars Meeting. Dennis Priddle continued his success in Top Competiton, taking the Whistler Altered to an 11.31/111.61 final win.

August 16th/17th 1969

Woodvale. BDR&HRA "On Tour" Meeting. The Competiton Altereds completed their qualifying on the first day with Dennis Priddle in The Whistler at 11.2, Ed Gurney in Hush Too at 11.7, Fred Whittle in Shutdown (No time reported), Robin Skinner's Midas Touch at 12.2, Derek Benbow's turtle T at 12.5, Ian Garbutt's High Fever at 12.7 and Phil Elson's Lil-Daf at 13.4. Top Comp eliminations saw Dennis Priddle run 11.1 to defeat Ian Garbutt at 13.3. Fred Whittle beat Pete Atkins with a holeshot, 12.8 to 12.5. Derek Benbow ran 13.06 which was no match for an 11.7 from Ed Gurney. Robin Skinner had a broken cluch cable on Midas Touch, letting Phil Elson through to the next round. Priddle continued on into the final by beating Whittle with an 11.4 and Gurney defeated Elson. In the final it was Gurney who took the win. His slower 11.67 taking the honours as Priddle bogged off the line and chased hard to no avail with an 11.56.

August  30th/ September 1st 1969 SPR. British Drag Racing Championships. Dennis Priddle won the Top Competition class in the Whistler with a 10.58/129.99 over Freddie Whittles 12.36/119.33  
March 29th/30th 1970 Spring Nationals. SPR. In front of a record crowd of 12,000 spectators Dennis Priddle in the Woolfes Whistler  records a 11.1 at 116.55 mph.In the Top Competition final Priddle ran 11.77/110.99 to beat Whittles 12.09/114.42  
April 19th 1970 SPR.The Inaugral Meeting of the NDRC. Dennis Priddle wins the Top Comp class in the "Whistler" with an 11.30/118.48 run in the final.  
In his time driving the Reliant "Whistler" Altered Dennis had seventeen final wins.    
June 7th 1970 Blackbushe. NDRC Meeting.The first appearance of the new Priddle-Riswick-Gane Fueller, unfortunately teething troubles kept it out of competition.
June 28th 1970 The Santa Pod strip speed record was broken three times at this meeting. Firstly, Dennis Priddle in the Quartermaster car ran 183.9 mph. Tony Densham in Commuter then improved the mark to 185 mph, and then Priddle came out again and re-wrote the record book yet again with a 193 mph blast.  
July 11th/12th 1970 SPR held its first RAC sanctioned International meeting. On Saturday Dennis Priddle put in an 8.31/168.07 qualifier. Top Dragster eliminations saw an out of shape run from Priddle beat Siggery with an 8.9/135 to a 9.51/133. Skilton then defeated Anderson with an 8.75/152 to a 9.7/141. Herridge had a bye and clocked a 9.7/147. In the first semi Priddle and Skilton put on a great show, with Dennis taking the win, 8.28/183 to 8.32/173. In the other Herridge had another bye, but chose to run against Densham at the same time. He then red-lit, running a 10.5 against an 8.83, but advanced to the final anyway. With the Firefly's clutch on the way out Herridge gave it his best shot for the win but a 10.6/137 was no match for an 8.35/174 from Priddle. At the top end though Priddle had his vision impared as oil coated his goggles and he crashed through the 200 yard braking board totally wrecking the front end and putting him out of action for the next days competition. To make matters worse he had earlier borrowed the front wheels from John Siggery after a puncture in a previous round. This meant that John would also have been unable to run on the Sunday until Alan Blount nipped home to Kettering and lent him the wheels from his part built new car.  
August 9th 1970 Elvington. NDRC Meeting. Dennis Priddle (8.64) is runner up to Bill Weichelt  (8.830) in the  Top Dragster class.   
August 16th 1970 Hullavington. BDR&HRA 'On Tour' Meeting. Dennis Priddle and Tony Densham ran some demonstrations, Priddle recording two 8.36s and The Commuter running an 8.5.  
April 11th/12th 1971 At the Easter meet at SPR Clive Skilton  debuts his new dragster 'Second Revolution' and becomes the first to run 200mph in the U.K. and set a new UK low E.T. with a 7.39/203 straight off the trailer! Clive lost to Dennis Priddle in the final when he pulled a red light.On the Monday both rails returned to duel a best of three match race with Clive taking the win in the first round. At the end of round two it was evens with both cars actually stopping the clocks with identical 7.67 s. Dennis then put together a best ever 197 mph pass for the decider but Clive got to the lights first.

"Hot Wheels" Photo by Dave Paddick courtesy of Jon Spoard

April 25th 1971 Gosport HMS Daedalus Navy Base. The BDR&HRA's first "on tour" meeting of the season. More than 10,000 people attended and were treated to three shattering match races between Clive Skiltons " Second Revolution" and Dennis Priddles Hot Wheels . Neither car was able to show it's full potential due to the strips uneveness but Clive won the final with an impressive 8.6 to Dennis's quicker 8.4.  
May 22nd/23rd 1971 RAF North Luffenham 30th Anniversary Show. NDRC Meeting. Dennis Priddle ran 7.75 seconds in his TF car which was the quickest ET ever recorded at an NDRC event.
May 30th-31st 1971 SPR. Big Go. Dennis Priddle and Clive Skilton were both making check out passes on the Sunday. Clive ran a couple of mid sevens and Dennis ran an eight with handling problems. In their first race on Monday, Clive won with a 7.63/203 to Dennis’ 7.74/174 early shut-off with handling problems. The second race was similar with Dennis getting out of shape and heading towards Clive who was forced to click it off early. Clive won in 7.92/136 to Dennis’ 7.86/172. Dennis then discovered one of his rear wheels had a half inch buckle in it which was causing the handling problems.
June 13th 1971

Elvington. NDRC & Auto 66 Club meeting. Qualifying included a 7.86s check-out pass for Dennis Priddle in his Mattel Hot Wheels sponsored fueler. He followed this up with a convincing win in a handicapped match race with Bill Weichelt's Asmodeus. A three-quarter second start advantage for Weichelt produced a tyre-smoking 9.22s as Priddle charged past to stop the clocks with a 7.30 at an estimated 210mph. This was a new low ET mark for the UK.

July 10th/11th 1971 SPR. BDR&HRA International Drags. In the final Clive Skilton faced up to Dennis Priddle in the JWR/Hot Wheels fueler who had been running the quicker E.T.s of the meeting (regular 7.3s). Dennis lost traction on the money run and Clive took the win with a 7.35 to Priddles 7.55/190.  
August 8th 1971 Blackbushe. 120 competitors and 12000 spectators attended this NDRC meeting. Dennis Priddle in the Hot Wheels fueller and Bill Weichelt in Asmodeus held a best of three match race. As Asmodeus was a gas burning dragster Bill was given a two second head start and won with two out of three.  
August 29th/30th 1971 SPR. BDRHRA meeting. Dennis Priddle took the European E.T. record down to 7.22 seconds in the Hot Wheels fueler. On the next run he tried to break into the sixes and destroyed his motor, putting a con rod through the sump. Dennis and Clive Skilton were jointly presented with a special trophy by Kelly-Springfield for the persons doing the most for the "furtherance of the sport" during the 1971 season.  
October 10th 1971 SPR. Dennis Priddle set a new track and European record at this meeting. His first run was a 7.23/193. Then an hour later, he came out again and put down a 7.13/203 run to reset the record books.
April 2nd/3rd 1972 SPR. On the Monday Dennis Priddle runs unopposed in the final to record the fastest  E.T. outside the US with a 7.06 at 181mph. His opponent was to have been Clive Skilton but a sheared fuel pump drive in the fire up lane ended Clives race. Dennis had earlier set a new top speed record at 204mph.  
May 28th/29th 1972 SPR. Big Go. Dennis Priddle achievesd the first six-second run outside the U.S. with a 6.995 /185 he followed it up with a 6.93/208mph  late on the first day. Clive Skilton had a bad back and did not run until the second day, by which time Priddle had run 6.95/208. In the final race Priddle beat Skiltons red-lighting 7.27 with a 6.93. As well as running into the sixes in his fueler Dennis Priddle took to the controls of the newly imported Stanford/Riswick 'Kielbasi Kid' Camaro in Top Street. Neither Pete Stanford or Dave Riswick had obtained competition licenses and so persuaded Dennis to drive.  

Mr Six Photo by Jon Spoard

July 8th/9th 1972   SPR. "3rd Internationals". The entry list contained racers from Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, the U.S.A., South Africa and the UK. The first day of the weekend was lost to rain. Sunday was better and Dennis Priddle and Clive Skilton ran a side-by-side 7.1 to 7.2 second race in qualifying. In the first race the Priddle followed up his first six second run a month earlier with a 6.88/185.19 holeshot win to Skiltons 7.07/203.25, new personal best E.T.s for both drivers. Later on they matched up again and Dennis made it three in a row with a 7.08 while Skilton lost four pistons and the blower on a 9.04.
August 20th 1972 Blackbushe NDRC Meeting. A crowd of nearly 20,000 saw Dennis Priddle smoke the full quarter mile to record a 6.91/211, the fastest speed so far in the UK. He was taking part in a match race with Clive Skilton who struggled to a 7.62/189 using the 392ci Hemi from the recently deceased 'Transcontinental' Funny Car. Earlier in the day the pair had run two other races. The first saw Priddle take the win with a 6.92/194 (the first six at Blackbushe) to Skiltons 7.87/180. In the second race Priddle had fuel problems after a strong burnout and shut off to leave Clive to clock a 7.89/189 solo.  
August 27th/28th 1972 At SPRs Nationals Skilton lost to Priddle in the first side by side six second race. Skilton ran 6.89/211, Priddles slingshot ran 6.67secs.  
September 23rd/24th 1972 SPR. BDR&HRA Meeting. Saturday’s qualifying was headed by Dennis Priddle who reset the strip record with a 6.59/200.8 run. Super Top Dragster should have been a three race, round robin affair. In the first race, Dennis Priddle defeated Clive Skilton with a 6.7 to a losing and engine damaging run of 7.24. In the second race, Priddle soloed as Allan Herridge in Firefly lost fire, but the clocks went on the blink which meant no time or speed.
September 30th/October 1st 1972 Elvington. International Sprint Organisation World Records Weekend. Dennis Priddle set a new 1/4 mile world record of 6.7seconds. This was achieved with a run of 6.69 (the first six second run seen north of Santa pod) followed by a return run of 6.75. The return run was however judged to be outside the one hour turn-around time allowed for record attempts so the team re-preparred the car for a second return run. This was achieved with a 6.65 giving the two-way average of 6.7.  
October 21st/22nd 1972 SPR. BDR&HRA G Max Grand Trophy Meeting. Dennis Priddle ran a 6.98/153.74 to defeat Mike Hutcherson in 'Houndog' at 8.63/156.74. By the time the crew had turned "Firefly' around to race Priddle it was too dark for the cars to run so the pair sent the fans home with fire burnouts.  
November 4th/5th 1972 SPR. BDR&HRA Meeting. Dennis Priddle and Allan Herridge came together for the final of Top Fuel. Priddle took the win with Herridge gaining at the top end before going sideways and striking the barrier of the spectator lane bursting a tyre and damaging the rear of the car. On pulling the chute the car straightened up and Bootsie managed to stop it safely.  
  With plans to run two cars Dennis decided to leave his job as a draughtsman at Westlands and turn 'Pro', devoting his time to building and running his cars. In an interview a couple of years later he revealled that financially he was earning half the salary that he made in his previous employment but as long as he could earn enough money to live and race he was happy.  
February 3rd-17th 1973 At the Winternationals meeting at Pomona California Clive Skilton and Dennis Priddle become the first UK car drivers to race on an American drag strip. They had both gone out to purchase cars to bring back to the UK. Priddle qualified 25th in a 32 car field while Skilton made the bump spot. The event turned into a shambles and was possibly the longest drag race meeting of all time. For an  excellent full account of the event from Simon Groves click here.
May 26th/27th 1973 The Hot Car Big Go. SPR. 200 cars and bikes made up the entry list for this meeting with a record of seven British-owned fuel dragsters. Qualifying saw the debut of Dennis Priddles 'Mr Revell' slingshot with runs of 7.79/174 & 7.11/204.7. Tony Gane took the driving duties in Priddles 'Mr Six'. In eliminations the two Priddle cars met in the first round and both lost fire after the burnouts. They were re-started and despite a holeshot from Priddle Tony gane kept his boot in just failing to catch the more powereful car with a 7.45/173 to Priddles winning 7.20/198.41. Rain brought the meeting to an abrupt end.
April 1st 1973   SPR BDRHRA Season Opener. Top Fuel saw Dennis Priddle make number one spot with a 7.05. Priddle soled in the semis. In the final a hard wheel-lifting charge from Mike Hutcherson was never going to be enough to beat Priddle who got back into the sixes with a 6.96/176.99 win.
April 22nd/23rd 1973 SPR. Custom Car Springnationals. In a bizzare match race John Whitmore, in his 1300cc BMC rail, faced up to Dennis Priddles Mr Six. John was away from the line first but by the 1/8th Dennis was ahead to win with a 7.02 to Johns 10.50/139. Dennis also ran a two match race against Allan Herridge in Firefly. Priddle won both races, the first with a 7.80/205 after Bootsie red lit, and the second with a 6.87/208 hole shot to a 7.55/198. The first round of Pro Fuel saw Priddles Mr Six up against John Siggery in the Commuter. A foregone conclusion on paper but as Priddle performed his burnout the blower belt broke and took out an oil pipe. Siggery soloed for an easy win. Priddle and Herridge decided to run off for second place. After the burnouts Firefly cut out and the crew quickly re-started it. On the run the clutch gave way in Firefly and Herridge coasted through the lights at 8.94 behind Priddles 7.28/193.80 winner.  
May 19th 1973 Goodwood Circuit. On a 600ft long strip Dennis Priddle put in some demo burnouts and launches in his 'Mr Six' slingshot. Southern TV recorded the action which was shown on the evening news and the 'Day By Day' programme.  
From Custom Car magazine, May 1973 "Anyone who's ever complained about a lack of big fuelers should never have to worry again. This year they are almost coming out of the ground!

First, reigning Champion Dennis Priddle will have perhaps the ultimate front-motor car. Dennis built the car in the states, using a Woody Gilmore chassis with Donovan 417 for power. This will be the first car to leave the shores of the US with the potent all-aluminium motor, and must start the season as favourite. As you will probably have seen, Dennis will carry the Revell name as well as 208 and John Woolfe Racing, while the Croydon based Queensway Travel Service will also be helping out, as if that weren't enough, Custom Car will back the car too, making it something of a mobile Billboard!"

June 17th 1973   SPR. G-Max  Grand Fuel Meet. This meeting saw the completion of the rained off eliminations from the Big Go three weeks earlier. Dennis Priddle soloed for the Pro Fuel win after Clive Skilton failed to make the show. His 7.08/186 was the quickest time yet for the new car. In the meeting proper Priddle match raced the 'Houndog' slingshot. He took the win with a 7.20/203.25 while Mike Hutchinson ran a 7.52/196.08, the first seven second run for the Houndog team, knocking half a second of their previous best.
July 7th/8th 1973 BDR&HRA Peterson Publishing Internationals. Round 1. SPR. International entries included 5 Americans, 5 Swedes, 2 Dutch and 2 South Africans. Number three qualifying spot went to Dennis Priddle who was back in the seat of the 'Mr Six' slingshot which was sporting a new paintjob. He clocked a 6.99. Priddles new 'Mr Revell' car was being driven by its former driver Norm Wilcox and on his initial pass he used both lanes to record an 11.12. Round One saw an easy 7.45/112.61 from priddle after Firefly lost fire. Norm Wilcox broke his diff at half track leaving Roland Pratt to go on to round two with a 7.66/163.23. The semis saw Priddle defeat Skilton 6.63/191 to 6.80/207.90, the second side-by-side six seen in the UK. The final saw Pratt fail on the line while Priddle took the win with a 7.08/160.51.  
July 7th/8th 1973 HMS Daedalus Royal Navy Air Base. Gosport, Hampshire. BDR&HRA Internationals. Round 2. Rain until midday held up proceedings and a Westland helicopter was used to blow the surface water from the 1000ft strip. With time limited it was decided to concentrate on putting on a show for the spectators and competitors were paired up for best of two match races. Dave Stone in 'Tee Rat' was paired up with Norm Wilcox in Dennis Priddles 'Mr Revell' slingshot. Wilcox took both wins, the first a 6.16/164 to Stones 7.49/155, while the second was the quickest time of the day, a 5.83/168.63 to a losing 7.45/156. Priddle was up against Tony Nancy and got out of shape in the first race, pulling the chutes and scattering marker cones in all directions. Nancy took the win with a 5.87 to Priddles 7.81/65. In the second race Priddle got there first with a 5.99/169 after Nancy went up in smoke off the line and then charged hard to catch up, finishing with a 6.97/210.03!  
July 22nd 1973 BDR&HRA Internationals. Finals. SPR. Dennis Priddle ran a 7.37 in Saturdays qualifying session to make number three spot. He bettered this the following day with a 6.87/195 but destroyed the cars diff and had to sit out the rest of the day. Saturday also saw Norm Wilcox get  Priddles 'Mr Revell' into the sixes with a 6.96/168. Wheel balance problems had caused Norm to shut off early. In eliminations Wilcox had a bye in the first round and ran an easy 7.90/93.63. The semis saw Norm Wilcox up against Tony Nancy. Norm left a fraction too early and pulled a red. Nancy took the win with a 6.59/221.24 and Norm shut off early to a 6.55/187 making this the quickest race ever seen outside the USA. The final had the makings of a tense affair. If Nancy won he would walk away with the series trophy. If Skilton won the title would go to Priddle. Nancy was favourite but after the burnouts his clutch locked up and Skilton soloed for the win with a 6.93/203.67. Priddle took the series trophy.
August 19th 1973 Blackbushe, Surrey. NDRC Grandnationals. Castrol/RAC NDRC National championship Round Four. The NDRC came in for some criticism after this meeting for the state of its timing equipment and the lack of traction on the strip (the start line had been moved back from previous events). Three fuelers made an appearance, Dennis Priddle was first out but was unable to hook the car up and shut off to a 13 second pass. Clive Skilton took the first win with a 7.59/202 while Priddle smoked and shut off with a shelled rear end and an 8.28 timeslip.  
August August 26th/27th 1973 SPR. BDR&HRA Nationals. Once again Priddle and Skilton made it to the final of Pro Fuel, Clive by virtue of a 6.99/223.21 (top speed of the meeting) win over a wheelstanding Mike Hutcherson in Houndog, while Priddle defeated Allan Herridges 'Firefly' with a holeshot 6.78/181.82 to a 7.13/206.19. Priddle had qualified at #1 with a 6.70/200 on the Sunday. In a close final Skilton got there first with a 6.72/221 to Priddles 6.68/210.  
September 8th 1973 Brighton Speed Trials. Dennis Priddle put in a full pass on the specially adapted quarter mile course with an ET of 7.69s.  
September 9th 1973 Castrol/RAC NDRC National championship Round Five, Long Marston. Dennis Priddle made what was reputed to be the last outing for the now legendary "Mr Six". Clive Skilton put in a 7.8/160 after a smoky start. Roland Pratt then ran an 8.27/179 followed by Priddle with another smoky pass and early shut off that resulted in an 8.27/130. A round robin format was adopted for the three cars. The first round saw Skilton take the win with a 7.2/208 to yet another smoky pass from Priddle at 8.2. The next round saw an improvement for Priddle, still smoking the tyres, but this time with a holeshot and a 7.9/164 win over a 7.8/187 from Pratt. Round three saw Pratt get the holeshot over Skilton and take a 7.69/190 win over Skilton's 7.35/206. With each competitior having won a round the win was awarded to Skilton by virtue of his low ET.  
September 15th/16th 1973 European Grand Prix. SPR.  In Pro-Fuel Dennis Priddle had things all to himself as Clive Skilton did not enter. He qualified with a strong 6.87 / 176mph getting slightly out of shape. Allan Herridge in "Firefly" ran a nice straight 7.56 / 192mph. Mike Hutcherson was third with an 8.0. Priddle's solo first round clocked an easy 7.2 while in the Firefly - Houndog match up Herridge had to shut down his car as it drifted towards the centre line, leaving Hutcherson to make his way to the final with an 8.5 to a 10.3. Unfortunately for the Houndog team a broken diff put paid to their chances and Priddle took the final win with a 6.68/207.
September 30th 1973

Blackbushe, Surrey. NDRC Championship Finals. Castrol/RAC NDRC National Championship Round Six. Top qualifier was Clive Skilton with a 7.5, followed by Dennis Priddle with a smoky 7.95 with an early shut off.  In Round One, as Skilton was towed back to the pits with a brake failure, Priddle and Sweden's John Andersson came to the line, Andersson running with the blower borrowed from Roland Pratt's car. As they prepared to stage a marshall stumbled behind Priddles car and on his way down released the chute. There was a delay while it was re-packed before Dennis took the with an 8.05 to a shut-off 12.78. In the flag started final Skilton had backed off slightly in an effort to improve traction and, despite a good launch, Priddle got there first with a 7.47 to a losing 7.74, both cars disappearing in clouds of tyre smoke in the fading light.

October 6th/7th 1973 SPR. Castrol Championship Finals. Heavy rain on the first day put the qualifying session back by three hours, causing it to run over to the second day. More rain overnight and into the morning meant that the strip was not ready for action until noon on Sunday although the surface was still damp. The meeting was later called to an end before all the finals were run. Those that were unresolved were held over until the October 21st meet. Pro Fuel saw a three car field after Dennis Priddle failed to make the show.
October 21st 1973 Santa Pod Raceway. BDR&HRA Drag Racing News Trophy Meeting. Dennis Priddle debuted his latest creation, the Shell sponsored Chrysler Avenger Funny Car. On its first run the car reared up dramatically about 25 yards out and crashed back down to earth heavily. Dennis was unable to compete anymore until the front end could be straightened out! For all class results from both eliminations click here.  
April 7th 1974 Blackbushe. NDRC Spring Smokers Meet. Three Pro Fuel cars were entered. Clive Skilton qualified with 8.28/181 on the tractionless surface. Then Dennis Priddle threw a blower belt just off the line and coasted through. Roland Pratt driving the old Skilton car Revolution 3 broke on the burnout and was out of competition. It was decided to run a best of three between Priddle and Skilton. In the first race, Priddle just crossed the stripe first in 7.79/178 to Skilton’s 7.82/208. On that pass, Priddle had burnt a couple of pistons so was unable to run again. Skilton then faced off against Pratt in the newly repaired Revolution car and ran 7.48/NS as Pratt just idled through in 11.92/68.4.  Dennis also had his STP Avenger Funny Car with him. A broken throttle cable kept it out of action.
April 14th/15th 1974

SPR. Spring Nationals. Entry List. The attendance for the two days over Easter was put at 25,000 with 16,000 present for Monday’s eliminations. Qualifying on Sunday saw Dennis Priddle qualify at number one in Pro Fuel with an early shut off 7.14/160. A wheelspinning run later on produced a 195mph low 8.  Priddle took the STP Avenger to an 8.1, instantly making it the quickest UK built Funny Car. In Pro Fuel, top qualifier Priddle ran a bye 7.42/194.93, and then Herridge aboard Firefly ran 7.47/182 to defeat the axle breaking 8.12 from Houndog. In the final, Bootsie was forced to shut down due to a bad fuel leak leaving Dennis to solo to a 7.20/201.21 win. Funny Car was a best of three between Hayward in Houndog and Priddle in the Avenger. Hayward took the first race 7.82/179.86 to a losing 8.63/172.12. In the second race, Houndog lost its clutch at the top end handing the win to Priddle in 8.43/179.53.

April 28th 1974 Castrol/RAC NDRC National championship Round three. Wroughton, Wiltshire. The meeting was turned into a practice session as it rained until 1 pm which gave no chance for any qualifying. In Pro Fuel, Clive Skilton match raced Dennis Priddle. Skilton won the first race in 7.41/206 as Priddle clicked it off early to an 8.69/127. In the second race, Priddle pulled a huge holeshot and stayed out front to take it in 7.82/204 to Skilton’s much quicker but losing 7.06/217. Only two Funny Cars put in an appearance, the STP Avenger of Priddle and the rear engined Midnight Blues driven by Ed Shaver. Priddle won the first race easily in 9.20/177 as Shaver shut off to an 11.56.82. Priddle also had it easy in the second race as he put down a 7.85 pass as Shaver again clicked it off.
May 11th/12th 1974 Blackbushe.NDRC Meeting. In Pro Fuel Dennis Priddle qualified with a 7.54/102. In the eliminations Priddle and Roland Pratt faced off. Pratt lost fire and Priddle’s engine blew back doing a lot of damage.
May 26th/27th 1974

SPR. Whitsun Holiday Weekend Big Go. Dennis Priddle in the Avenger Funny Car ran 8.03/163.92, before match racing Bootsie. In this race, Stardust got wildly out of shape before Allan managed to correct it. In the meantime, Dennis headed skywards on the green but kept it under control. Dennis took the win in 7.71/187 to Bootsie’s identical 7.71 at 168 mph. In Monday’s eliminations Allan Herridge ran his first six in Stardust and shortly after Dennis Priddle put in a strong 7.19/194, beating his best time by over seven tenths of a second. In a dramatic and exciting Funny Car final Herridge and Priddle both lifted the front wheels before Stardust began to turn towards the fence. Herridge corrected and again lifted the front as he re-applied the power. Priddle got close to the centre line, headed back towards the fence on his side then back towards the centre, where the two cars nearly touched, neither driver willing to lift. Priddle got there first with a 7.71/187 with Herridge clocking an identical time at 168mph.

June 2nd 1974 Long Marston. Castrol/RAC NDRC National championship Round 5. There was only one Pro Stock car and one Funny Car in attendance so it was decided to run a best of three with a two second handicap to Colin Mullan in the London Heavy. In the first race, Mullan took the win as the STP FC of Dennis Priddle succumbed with blower problems. The same thing happened in the second race so Mullan took the series 2-0.
June 15th/16th 1974 Silverstone. NDRC Second International. In Funny Car Dennis Priddle's Avenger, Leif Dabach's Volvo, The Saint, and Bjorn Anderson's Manta ran a round robin on Sunday. Priddle managed a best of 7.7 on Saturday with the Swedes running low eights. On Sunday he ran 8.05/187 against an 8.8/180 from Dabach. Dabach then beat Anderson with an 8.80/177 to a 9.5/156. In the final round Priddle took the win with a 7.8 to Anderson's 9.9. Dennis had less luck in the Top Fuel ranks, qualifying behind the 7.8 of Roland Pratt, in Revolution III, with an 8.3. Sweden's John Anderson was third with an 8.34 while Clive Skilton broke a shifter cable and coasted to the line. Taking a turn in the Revolution III car also was Roz Prior, putting in some observed runs, under the supervision of Clive Skilton, in preparation for her move up to Pro Fuel with the ex-Priddle Mr Six car which she and husband Dave had purchased earlier in the year. The result of this was that Roz became the first licensed female Pro Fuel driver outside the USA. In the first round Skilton ran 7.04/202 as Anderson shut off early to a 12.3. Then Priddle found himself chasing Pratt who took a massive lead at the start. He managed to hold on until his chute deployed prematurely allowing Dennis to power past and take the win with a 7.3/190 to an 8.0. In the final Skilton took a convincing win with a 6.7/220 to Priddle's 7.5/171.  
June 30th 1974

Castrol/RAC NDRC National championship Round three. Wroughton, Wiltshire. Roz prior was due to make her Top Fuel debut in the ex-Priddle Mr six car, renamed Fast Lady. Unfortunately Roz spent the day at the local hospital as her son had fallen in the pits and gashed his head. Dennis took a run in the car which resulted in an 8.4 that bent a brand new set of pushrods. 

August 3rd/4th 1974 Mantorp Park. Sweden. A team of UK racers made their way over to compete at the Swedish Championships. Dennis Priddle took the STP Avenger FC.  Allan Herridge and Owen Hayward met in the first round but a broken reverser in Stardust, and a red light from Hayward, meant that it was Priddle who made it to the final. He first took the win against the 454 Toyota FC of Ake Ryman, 8.4 to 9.4 before beating Bjorn Anderson's Opel with a 7.8/175.
August 18th 1974

Blackbushe. NDRC Hot Car/Radio Luxembourg Grandnationals. Expectations were high for this meeting which marked the tenth anniversary of the 1964 Dragfest, but the weather continued to make things difficult for the NDRC as it had at earlier meeting this year. Most of the morning saw rain falling and, once it had stopped, drizzle continued on and off before the rain set in again and called an early halt before the event was completed. Four Top fuel cars were entered and, despite the damp condidtions did their best to put on a show. Solo runs in the drier lane were decided upon. Clive Skilton amazed evryone by putting down a 7.1/206 that set a seemingly impossible mark for the other drivers to aim for. Dennis Priddle, with a new Donovan engine in his Mr Six slingshot then smoked his way to a 7.4/211, the fastest speed of the day.

August 25th/26th 1974

Supernationals SPR.  In Pro Fuel qualifying on the Sunday Dennis Priddle took the Mr Revell slingshot to an early shut off 6.8/154. On the Monday Peter Crane had his first competitive run in Strombringer, up against Priddle. Unfortunately the car dropped a valve and blew a head gasket as Priddle advanced to the final with a 6.61/196.46 to a 7.23/168. It was Priddle all the way in the final with a 6.60/209.21 run as Houndog trailed with 7.50/146.84. In Funny Car Priddle ran a 7.27/196 qualifier in the Avenger.  In the semi final round Priddle took an easy 8.21/171.82 win as Owen Hayward in Houndog went in to an almost vertical wheelstand off the line and had to click it off. In the fading light of the evening Herridge took the final round win with a new track FC ET record of 6.81/195.69 as Priddle slowed to a losing 8.02/155.72.

September 8th 1974 SPR. G Max Trophy Meeting. Four Pro Fuel cars entered the meeting with Dennis Priddle qualifying at the top with 6.67/200.4. In the eliminations, Priddle ran 6.63/206.61 to defeat Pete Crane’s first six second pass at 6.91/186.57. In the final, Priddle broke the strip ET record with a 6.49/210.08 as Mike Hutcherson trailed in 7.22/190.48.
September 14th/15th 1974 Silverstone. In TF qualifying, Dennis Priddle took the top spot in 6.621. On the second day Top Fuel was to have been a round robin as there were only three qualifiers. Priddle ran the quickest ET of the round with 7.86/182 before the meeting was abandoned due to the heavy rain that was now falling making the surface dangerous. The Top Competition Altereds were combined with the Funny Cars to give an eight car field. Dennis qualified at number six in his Avenger with a 9.3). The first round was run as a series of solo passes as only one lane was judged to be safe enough in the wet conditions. Dennis ran the quickest ET of the first, and only, round with 7.86/182.
September 29th 1974 NDRCs first meeting at Snetterton circuit, Norfolk. The final round of the Castrol/RAC National championship, and a round of the STP/Custom Car Championship for Pro Stock and Super Street. Four Top Fuel cars were entered but this was reduced to three when Dennis Priddle broke the rear axle on a qualifier. There was a match race between the floppers of Dennis Priddle and Allan Herridge in Stardust. In the first race, Herridge drew the lane with the bad bump in it. Priddle took the race in 7.26/190 as the Stardust car got wildly out of shape. In the second race, unknown to the two drivers as they tried to stage, somebody had tripped over a battery lead to the Christmas tree and the lights never came on. Somebody then ran into the middle with a couple of flags. Priddle went a few yards and cut the motor, but Herridge in the good lane made a full bore run at 202 mph with a highly dubious ET of 6.48.
November 2nd/3rd 1974

SPR. Fireworks Spectacular. Rain and mist played havoc with the racing and times and speeds were affected by the slick track conditions. Dennis Priddle made only one run in the Avenger Funny Car, having arrived too late to run both cars.  Racing on the Sunday didn't begin until after lunch due to more rain.  Owen Hayward's Houndog got out of shape at the hit leaving Dennis Priddle's STP Avenger to take the win with an 8.64/169.49. Hayward tried hard to catch him though, recording a quicker 8.47/200. In the first round of Pro Fuel Mike Hutchinson ran a solo 8.18/160.77. The remaining two cars of Dennis Priddle and Peter Crane lined up for the next race. Priddle pulled a red light and then had to wrestle an out of shape Mr Revell to a 9.99/150.83 as Crane blasted through to win with a 7.46/196.

November 30th/December 1st 1974 SPR. Winternationals. Dennis Priddle was the first to put in a full-bore run on the damp track in the STP Avenger Funny Car. An 8.2/186 pass was followed by a parachute failure with Dennis only just managing to stop the car before running out of track. By the time Priddle and Owen Hayward ran their match fading light, and limited track illumination, limited them to multiple burnouts before the cars returned to the paddock.
March 2nd 1975 SPR. Pre-Season Shakedown/Run What Ya Brung. Trevor Young was making some shakedown runs in his new dragster, the ex-Skilton Revolution 3, under the guidance of Clive himself. Dennis Priddle arrived late and didn't manage to get Mr Revell off the trailer before the rain set in and ended the days proceedings.
March 28th 1975 Snetterton. The First Annual Easter Nationals. Dennis Priddle put down a smoky run in his TF car but the clocks failed to record a time.
March 30/31st 1975 SPR. Easter Meet. Dennis Priddle managed a 7.2 in his slingshot and blew his engine.  
April 13th 1975 Blackbushe. RAC National Drag Racing Championship Round Three. Four TF cars were entered, but Revolution 3 now driven by Trevor Young, misfired badly after its burnout and didn’t appear again. This meant a round robin. In the first race, Dennis Priddle recorded a winning 7.40/198 to Liz Burns’ half pass 9.57/104. In the second race, Roz Prior won with a 7.82/200 as Liz, still getting used to the car, recorded 8.86/174. Unfortunately, Roz broke a half shaft and was unable to come out against Priddle. So, Dennis soloed to a 225 mph run, the fastest speed ever in this country.
April 20th 1975  

SPR. In Pro Fuel Dennis Priddle delayed the debut of his new Chrysler Avenger Funny Car and instead brought the Mr Revell slingshot. He put in a single late qualifing run of 6.49/217.39, equalling his personal best set in September the previous year. After qualifying only two cars were left running so a match race with Clive Skilton was held for the Pro Fuel title. In the first round the christmas tree failed, both cars waited before deciding to leave but no times were recorded. In the final Crane ran 6.79/204 while Priddle won with a 6.04/218mph. This world  record for a front engined fueler stood until the 1990s.

"Mr Revell" Photo by Mike Dossett

May 3rd/4th 1975

Snetterton.RAC National Drag Racing Championship Round Four, round one of the Wolfrace Street Championship and a round of the 208 Pro Comp Championship. Dennis Priddle led the qualifying in Pro Fuel with a 7.5s run from his Mr Revell slingshot on Saturday. On Sunday Roz Prior in Miss Revell bettered this with a 7.3/198. Liz Burn put in an 8.7/165 and Trevor Young in the ex-Skilton car managed a troubled 9..3/162. The first round was Priddle versus Burn. Priddle took the win with a 6.72/200 whilst Burn crossed the line with an 8.64 at 204mph and missed her chute release. While trying to find it she crossed the centre line and hit Priddle's car from behind. Both cars left the track and ended up in the field. Both Liz and Dennis were OK, Mr Revell was rebuilt but the Liz & Ollie car was a write off.

May 11th 1975

SPR. The much hoped for debut of Dennis Priddle's new Funny Car was once again delayed.

May 17th/18th 1975

Mantorp Park, Sweden. Dennis Priddle had been booked to run the Mr Revell car, but this was still being repaired after the accident at Snetterton two weeks earlier. He did take his Avenger Funny Car, as this was the first round of the newly introduced Tor Line Funny Car championship. The meeting was rained out but not before Dennis had run a best of 7.6s. (Thanks to Jerry Cookson and Jan Suhr for confirming this event.)

May 24th-26th 1980

SPR. May Day Holiday Weekend Big Go.  Dennis Priddle made the long awaited UK debut of his new Avenger with a promising looking 188.68mph pass with no time recorded. On Sunday Funny Car also four entries.  The second pairing of Owen Hayward in  Houndog 8 and Dennis Priddle in his new Avenger quickly became a solo for Pridddle when fuel was spotted leaking from Hondog's tank after the burnout. Dennis ran a 7.03/196.85 to advance to the final. His luck ran out there though as his blower belt broke during the burnout leaving Herridge to solo to a 6.80/200 for the win.  On Monday Priddle ran his first Funny car six in the Avenger, a 6.96/187.62, as opponent Pete Barnett put in a 10.19/148.15. Priddle's luck ran out in the final as the car headed for the barrier before shutting off, leaving Herridge to take a 7.02/204.08 win.

June 14th/15th 1975 Wroughton. NDRC International meeting including 2nd round of the TOR LINE European funny Car Championship, Skilton was the number one qualifier but Priddle and Pratt made it through to the final. Pratts car blew a blower gasket on firing up, a direct result of upping the nitro percentage, allowing Skilton to come back in and run the final. Priddle won however with a 6.95/204 to Skiltons 8.03. To see the elimination ladder for the Funny Cars click here.

Avenger Funny Photo by Mike Dossett

July 5th/6th 1975

SPR. European Grand Prix incorporating the first British funny Car Grand Prix.  A total of seven Funny Cars and one Fuel Altered were entered for this meeting including Dale Emery (former driver of the famous Pure Hell Fuel Altered) driving Leroy Chaddertons Chadderton & Okazaki Chevy Vega FC from the US. The car had been purchased by Santa Pod. The other contenders were, Allan Herridge in Stardust, Owen Hayward in Houndog 7, Dennis Priddle's Avenger, Roland Pratt's Hillbillies Avenger, Pete Barnett in the re-painted rear-engined Vauxhall, and Phil Elson, who had fitted the FGR Capri body to his Sneaky Altered. Making the numbers up to eight was the Tee-Rat Altered of the Stones team. FC action on Saturday saw Priddle with clutch problems, managing a 7.97/124. In eliminations Priddle faced Dave Stone in Tee-Rat. Priddle looked like he was on to an easy win until he tried to shift gear and the car refused to play along. Stone, having backed off thinking he had lost found himself crossing the line first in 8 seconds dead as the Avenger slowed rapidly to an 8.2.  For the Funny Car elimination ladder click here.

July 12th 1975 Aintree. The first Drag Race event to be held at this venue (once a major motor racing circuit and the scene of the first win by a British Grand Prix car, the Vanwall driven by Tony Brooks and Stirling Moss in 1957) was promoted by European Dragways, organised by the Pennine Drag Racing Club and run on a narrow eighth mile strip. 55 entries turned up including two fuelers and two Funny Cars. Dennis Priddle brought out his Avenger FC and treated the crowd to an eighth-mile burnout followed by a 5.027/144 pass. The top cars were run singularly because of the narrow strip so the finals were run one car after the other. In Funny Car Clive Skilton was the first to run and he put in a 5.83/130 on six cylinders. Dennis Priddle then produced another storming burnout but got crossed up while reversing. He then cut the motor as part of the reverser linkage came loose. The decision was taken to make the run without the reverser and the car was re-started. Dennis then over-staged, the crew could not push the car back and the motor was cut again. With the car re-positioned the motor was fired again and Dennis proceeded to smoke the tyres for the whole eighth, obliterate everybodies view of anything and beat Skiltons time with a 5.53/161. Not to be outdone Skilton came back out later with the Vauxhall running on all eight cylinders and put down the fastest eighth-mile Funny Car run ever seen in the UK, a 5.16/165. For all class results click here.  
August 1st-3rd 1975 Mantorp Park, Sweden. In the Tor Line Funny Car Cup Series Dennis Priddle and Clive Skilton met in the final. Priddle shut off with clutch problems before getting to the line while Skilton suffered a blown head gasket and ran a 41 second ET.  
August 17th 1975 Blackbushe. NDRC meeting. The funny cars of Clive Skilton, Dennis Priddle and Liam Churchill were present.  
August 23rd-25th 1975 SPR Holiday Weekend Supernationals. Dennis Priddle qualifies third in Pro Fuel  in 'Mr Revell' at 6.68/207.90 behind  Peter Crane and Owen Hayward.  He made it to the final round but lost out with a  7.10/151 to Haywards 6.58/221.73.
August 30th 1975 Aintree. Pennine Drag Racing Club Meeting. Full rounds of practice and qualifying were completed on the eighth mile but the meeting was brought to a premature end by rain. Just before the rain started Dennis Priddle and Trevor Young got ready to put in their first runs. Dennis took the Mr Revell slingshot to a 5.05/147.6 and Trevor didn't get to run.  
September 6th/7th 1975 Snetterton International including 4th and Final round of the TOR LINE Funny Car Championship, (3rd round held in Sweden). With this the final round of the Series Dennis Priddle and Clive Skilton were level on points at the top of the table. Skilton ran an off the trailer 7.23/200 in qualifying while Priddle never made it out of the pits with transmission problems. Priddle got his first pass in on Sunday morning with a 7.36/196. He then defeated Ake Ryman with a 7.23/208 to an 8.19/185 to meet Skilton in the final. The winner of the final would also take the Championship. The lights failed so a flag start was called for. Priddle acknowledged his readiness and staged but Skilton was not ready. Having been staged for some time Priddle left as the flag went up followed by Skilton who crossed lanes in an effort to catch up. Priddle took the win with a 6.94/208 while Skilton shut off to a 10.58/65.
September 20th/21st 1975 The Funny car eliminations included nine floppers and a Fuel Altered, the largest FC field ever in Europe. Saturday qualifying saw Dennis Priddle breaking in a new '440ci steel' motor in his 'Mr Revell' slingshot to the tune of a gentle 9.04. Later in the evening a number of cars took advantage of the new floodlighting which had now been RAC approved for competition. Dennis Priddle took his Donovan powered Avenger to a 6.93/207.47 qualifier.The semis on Sunday saw Owen Hayward leave Priddle behind on the tree but the 'Houndogs' clutch went up in smoke at the three quarter mark. Hayward crossed the line first with a slowing 6.99/155.04 while a hard charge from Priddle saw an identical 6.99 with a 207.47mph terminal speed. In Pro Fuel Owen Hayward put a best ever 6.56/221.73 down in 'Houndog 8' but lost out to Priddles 6.69/211.42 in the semis. The final saw Peter Crane set low ET of the meeting with a 6.37/222.72 defeat of Priddles 6.67/210.97.
October 5th 1975 NDRC Championship Finals, Blackbushe, including finals of Wolfrace Street Championship and 208 Pro Comp Championship. Dennis Priddle won the 1000 pound prize put up by Custom Car magazine for winning a best of three Funny Car match race against Clive Skilton. With a win each after two rounds Clive had problems with his injector linkage for the final leaving Dennis to solo for the win.
November 1st/2nd 1975 SPR Fireworks Spectacular. The weather on Saturday was so bad that very little took place on the track, except some shakedown runs for the new track drier. With no qualifying completed eliminations were arranged using previous performances. The track was still quite slick and times were down on the usual. Funny Car produced a field of seven floppers. The final was between Dennis Priddle in his Avenger and Clive Skilton in his Vauxhall. Priddle had defeated Roland Pratt with an 8.16/203.25, after Pratt lost fire, and Allan Herridge with a 7.38/197.24 to an 8.00/152.67. The final saw Skilton lose traction and veer off line. Meanwhile Priddle had hooked up and gone with a win in 7.31/202.02. For all class results click here.
May 14th-16th 1976 Mantorp Park, Sweden. Eight British cars and two bikes made the long haul to Sweden. They included Dennis Priddle with his Funny Car. In Funny Car first round, both Allan Herridge and Priddle had bye runs but they came out side-by-side with Herridge recording 7.24 to Priddle’s 7.78. In the first semi-final, Priddle had a solo pass in 7.99 as John Andersson was unable to start his engine. The final was marred by a mix-up to the tree. A handicap from the previous run had not been taken out which meant Herridge left half a second before Priddle. Bootsie ran 8.00 to Priddle’s 7.55 with Herridge being awarded the race as he got there first. Everybody agreed that this was not a satisfactory conclusion but nothing could be done.
May 23rd 1976 Snetterton. NDRC Meeting. In Funny Car, Dennis Priddle was top qualifier with a 7.34/200 run but damaged the motor at the top end and was out for the rest of the day.
May 29th-31st 1976 Holiday Weekend 'Big Go'. SPR. In the first round of Funny Car eliminations Dennis Priddle lined up against Pete Barnett and Barnett went through in 7.97/179 for an upset win as Priddle’s motor fell silent after the burnout.
June 13th 1976 Blackbushe. NDRC. Ist round of 1976 Tor Line Funny Car Championship.Clive Skilton beat Dennis Priddle in the Final.  
July 3rd/4th 1976 SPR. Euro Grand Prix. In Funny Car Dennis Priddle got through round one after Owen Hayward broke on the line. In round two he was up against Allan Herridge and  lost out with a 7.12 to Bootsies 6.63.  
 August 15th 1976 Wroughton. NDRC meeting. Funny Car had three entries, Dennis Priddle, Peter Barnett and Geof Hauser in the seat of Liam Churchill’s Euro Sting. Barnett qualified top with 7.21/211, followed by Hauser with 7.64/181 and Priddle with an easy 8.88/203. Barnett ran a bye at 7.43/204 and then Hauser lined up against Priddle. Hauser crossed the centre line chasing after Priddle. No times were recorded but Hauser’s speed was 189 to Priddle’s 123. It was Priddle all the way in the final as his 7.09/203 was too strong for Barnett’s 7.45/184.
August 28th-30th 1976 SPR. Supernationals. Rain caused the abandonment of the meeting before any of the eliminations began. In Funny Car Dennis Priddle qualified second behind Allan Herridge with a 7.26/158.
September 18th/19th 1976 SPR. Supernationals Re-Run.The weather certainly was a lot better for the re-run. In Funny Car Dennis Priddle soloed to 7.14/190 as Phil Elson was unable to obtain reverse after the burnout. In the final Allan Herridge pulled a cherry handing the win to Priddle who ran 7.05/197.
October 16th/17th 1976 SPR. Winternationals. The final round of the Tor Line Funny Car Championship was contested at this meeting with only Clive Skilton and Dennis Priddle in with a chance of winning the title. Priddle qualified with 7.19/209. Skilton had borrowed Pete Barnett’s car but could only manage a lowly 18 second pass. Number one qualifier was John Andersson at 6.63/187 although the run did cause some controversy as a skirt had been fitted to the front end. By the time the eliminations had started, some of the English drivers had skirts fitted! In the first round Priddle, now fitted with front end skirt, put down a 6.49/200 solo. Even though Skilton had lost in the first round, he had amassed enough points to win the FC Championship. In the semis Dave Stone defeated an off-form Priddle, 7.46/183 to 8.89/97.
November 6th/7th 1976 Fireworks Spectacular. SPR. There was no qualifying at all on the Saturday due to the strip being too damp. In Funny Car Dennis Priddle put down low ET and top speed of the meeting with a great 6.93/216 winner over Phil Elson. The track really was slick for the final with Priddle taking the win over Dave Stone in just 11.31/90.
April 8th-11th 1977 Easter Spring Nationals Dennis Priddle set a new Top Fuel speed record of 230mph in the ex-Don Garlits "King Rat" fueler.
May 15th 1977 Mantorp Park, Sweden. The First 1977 Swedish Spectacular. A team of Brits travelled to Sweden to compete at the event including Dennis Priddle in the "King Rat" ex-Garlits fueler. The Top Fuel and Pro Comp eliminators were run together with a 1/2 second handicap in favour of the Pro Comps. Priddle dominated the field and set a new E.T. record for Sweden of 6.50 seconds.  
June 5th-7th SPR. Silver Jubilee Big Go. Rain hampered proceedings and the organisers struggled to run one days eliminations out of a scheduled two. Highlighting the meet was the Jubilee battle of the Funnies and Fuelers. Dennis Priddle debuted his new Monza Funny Car and, after a checkout half pass,  ran 7.55/124 to beat Phil Elson, a 7.13/185 to beat Ronnie Picardo, and dipped into the sixes although losing to event winner Roz Prior with a 6.98/185.  
July 9th/10th 1977

SPR. July Internationals. This meeting saw the return of Don Garlits who came back to avenge his previous years defeat and re-purchase the Swamp Rat 21 car for display at his newly formed Museum Of Drag Racing.  Dennis Priddle had been driving the car very successfully with his own motor. In Funny Car Allan Herridge took the Gladiator to number one qualifier with a 6.78/220, a new terminal speed record. Sweden's John Anderson was at number two with a 7.01 followed by Dennis Priddle in the black Monza with a 7.08.  After a 6.78/203 bye from Herridge in Round One Priddle saw off Owen Hayward with a 6.86 to an 8.56. The Semi's began with a great race between Priddle and Herridge, Dennis taking the win with a 6.95/214 to a 6.96/214. Dave Stone then ran a holeshot 7.30 win against a 6.98 from Anderson, but at the expense of six pistons and no chance of making the final. Herridge returned to face Priddle for the final round and another great race resulted in him taking a holeshot win with a 6.72/208 to a 6.71/207 from Priddle.

September 17th/18th 1977 SPR. International. Dennis Priddle set a new lowest ET record at 6.5 in Olavi Knuutinens black Monza funny car.
October 15th/16th 1977 SPR. Winternationals. In the Funny Car semi-finals Dennis Priddle soloed to a 6.91/206 win. The final was a goodie with Priddle recording a winning 6.55/211 to Allan Herridge’s 6.76/201.
Dennis Priddle is named as Custom Car Funny Car Driver Of The Year.    
March 24th-27th 1978 SPR. Easter Springnationals. Funny Car qualifying was led by US racer Raymond Beadle in Blue Max with 6.54/217, followed by Dennis Priddle 6.77/202. After an out of shape solo pass in the first round, Priddle overcame Hayward in the semis, 6.91/200 to a losing 7.22/183. The final was a good race with Herridge’s 6.54/215 too strong for Priddle’s 6.73/203.
April 16th 1978 Blackbushe. NDRC Meeting.Three fuel cars were entered, Dennis Priddle in his JWR funny, Trevor Young and Mickey Naylor in their dragsters. Unfortunately, Young’s car was sidelined with a cracked liner. Priddle won with a time of 7.56/211.
April/May 29th-1st 1978 SPR.May Day Festival Of Speed. Dennis Priddle qualified third in the Funny Car field with a 7.98/183. In eliminations, Priddle just edged it over Allan Herridge with a 6.72/207 to a losing 6.79/207. The final was not run due to poor conditions.
May 21st 1978 Blackbushe. NDRC Meeting.Three Fuel cars were in attendance with Dennis Priddle’s FC taking the win in the final over the TF car of Trevor Young.
May 27th-29th 1978 SPR. Spring Bank Holiday Big Go. Dennis Priddle ran the best Funny Car time of the meeting, with a 6.74/207.8 in his Monza, to take number one qualifying spot.  
June 3rd/4th 1978 Snetterton. NDRC Championships Round Four, RAC British Drag Race Championship Round Four, Gauloises/NDRC Pro Comp Championship Round Three and Round Five of the ACU British Drag Race Championship. In the Fuel elimination, the FC of Dennis Priddle beat Trevor Young’s TF car.
September 16th/17th 1978 At SPRs September Internationals Dennis Priddle qualifies third in his Monza with a 6.76. In the first round Priddle ran 6.61 but lost out to Snows second new record time of 6.34.
September 24th 1978 NDRC Finals, Blackbushe. Again, there were just two entries in TF which ended with Dennis Priddle in his FC beating the TFD of Trevor Young.
October 14th/15th 1978 SPR. Winternationals. The meeting was badly affected by fog and drizzle with most of the eliminations not even commencing. Number 1 qualifier in FC was Dennis Priddle with a 7.39/185.
May 18th-20th 1979 Mantorp Park International, Sweden. Dennis Priddle won Funny Car with a 6.66 in the JWR Monza.  
June 17th 1979 Blackbushe. NDRC Meeting. Although the weather was good resulting in a good crowd, it wasn’t an excellent crowd due to the current Sunday closing of petrol stations. Pro Fuel was a match up between Trevor Young in his TF dragster and Dennis Priddle in the FC. In the final of a best of three, Young took a 7.89/199 win over Priddle as the FC smoked the slicks for two-thirds of the track.
June 23rd/24th 1979 BDR&HRA, in association with Santa Pod Raceway, organised the first Eastern Nationals at the re-named Sugarbeet County Raceway, part of Snetterton Circuit. The entry list included a Funny Car match race between Dennis Priddle in his John Woolfe Racing Monza and Owen Hayward in his SLD Olding sponsored Houndog 9. However, bad weather meant that only one of these races was held and even this was affected by a damp track. Priddle won with an 8.12 to Houndog’s losing 8.37/198.4.
July7th/8th 1979 SPRs Summer Internationals Dennis Priddle qualifies fourth in his Monza with 6.92. Priddle ran 6.84/196 to beat Ronnie Picardo who got out of shape and crossed the centre line. In the semis Gene Snow beat Priddle with a 6.51 to a 6.75
August 26th/27th 1979 Bank Holiday Supernationals. SPR Funny Car Eliminations saw top qualifier Owen Hayward (6.50/200) beat Dennis Priddle in the first round 6.50/203 to 6.64/206.  

Photo by Chris Dossett

September 14th-16th 1979 World Finals. SPR. Dennis Priddle went out in round one of Funny Car with a poor 8.00 second run to Raymond Beadles 6.70.
September 30th 1979 Blackbushe. NDRC Meeting. Top Fuel had just the dragster of Trevor Young and the F/C of Dennis Priddle entered. In the first match-up, Young got there first with a 7.66/205 run. The final round was in semi-darkness with Priddle lighting up the slicks for more than half distance but could not catch Young’s winning 7.74/185.
April 4th-7th 1980 Easter International SPR. Pro Fuel saw the debut of Dennis Priddles new Keith Black powered fueler which produced a 6.61/217 on its first run. The first semi saw Priddle beat Ronnie Picardo 6.53 to 6.80. The final was held over due to rain bringing the meeting to an end.  
April 20th 1980 Blackbushe. NDRC Meeting. The meeting was held amid 60 mph crosswinds. There were just two Top Fuel cars in attendance, Dennis Priddle and Alan Ritmeisters. In the dificult conditions, there was only one half decent pass from the two fuellers, and that was from Dennis who laid down a 7.57 at 204 mph.
May 3rd-5th 1980 SPR. Spring Nationals. Dennis Priddle made number two with a 6.73/215 behind Swedens Kent Persson. In the semi Priddle took the win with a 6.62/215 to a personal best 6.74/199 from Ludvig Bjornstad. The final was Priddle v Herridge. Herridge took the win with a 6.37/211 to Priddles 6.70/214.  

10th May 1980 The NDRC opened their own  permanent  Drag Strip at Long Marston. Dennis Priddle performed a champagne burnout in his top fueller in celebration of drag racing returning to the strip. The new surface was not providing great traction and after three tyre smoking runs Dennis recorded a best of 7.18/204.  
May 24th-26th 1980 Whitsun Big Go. SPR. Dennis Priddle makes it through to the final of Funny Car but  loses out with a 7.62/159 to Owen Haywards 6.83/202.

Qualifying saw Allan Herridge at #1 spot with a 6.46/214, followed by Gene Snow (6.48/197), Dave Stone (6.49), Lee Anders Hasselstrom (6.59/218), Harlan Thompson (6.88/217), Dennis Priddle (6.90), Ronnie Picardo (6.98/227-fastest speed of the weekend), and Raymond Beadle (7.65/149). Owen hayward was first alternate with a best of 8.27/210 but came into the eliminations in place of Dave Stone who had wrecked the Rodeck motor in 'Stardust'. Round One saw Lee Anders Hasslestrom launch his 'Red Baron' Monza with front wheels high in the air, cross the centre line and hit Ray Beadles 'Blue Max', the scarred Americans car making it through to the next round. The next race saw Harlan Thompson keep his boot down in a wild fishtailing drive against Herridge. Thompson crossed the line first but was judged to have crossed the centre line so his 6.90/199 lost to Herridges 6.68/212. Dennis Priddle lifted off the power at 1/4 track with low oil pressure (turned out to be a faulty gauge) while Gene Snow advanced to the semis with a 6.49/187. Owen Hayward shut down Ronnie Picardo 6.63/209 to 7.16/205. Pro Comp saw Gerry Andrews at #1 with a 7.00/

June 1st 1980

Long Marston. This was the first time that the NDRC Midlands ran over the full quarter mile after the track had been resurfaced. Star of the show was Dennis Priddle who put down a 7.12/200 lap in the Mister Six Fueler.

June 28th/29th 1980 Long Marston. The National Drag Racing Club held its second meet at the newly established drag strip at Long Marston Airfield with encouraging results and a healthy entry of some 130 cars and bikes. Roz Prior's second meeting behind the wheel of Britain's only surviving front-motored Top Fuel car was no match for the other two fuellers present in the form of Dennis Priddle and Trevor Young who took the event win on fire at the start line following Priddle's red light. Despite the foul start Priddle still managed to run the quickest ever numbers at the raceway so far at 7.05/205 mph.
July 5th-6th 1980 Funny Car qualifying saw Dennis Priddle make number six with a 6.90 He went out in Round One after lifting off the power at 1/4 track with low oil pressure (turned out to be a faulty gauge). His opponent, Gene Snow, advanced to the semis with a 6.49/187.
July 20th 1980 Blackbushe. NDRC Meeting. The day started damp and qualifying, and eliminations did take place in front of an appreciative audience. Having returned from a victorious Sweden the previous weekend racing the JWR Funny Car Dennis Priddle returned to the hot seat of the 'Mr Six' fuel dragster where he managed to tame the traction less Blackbushe surface to win over Trevor Young's 'Competition Products Special'.
August 16th/17th 1980

Long Marston. Summer Supernationals. Dennis Priddle ran the Midlands drag strips first 6 second pass in, not surprisingly, the 'Mr Six' JWR Top Fuel Dragster with a stunning 6.90/214mph and 6.92/215 mph.

August 23rd-25th 1980 SPR. Bank Holiday Supernationals. Highlight of the weekend was the match race between the fuelers of Allan Herridge and Dennis Priddle. The best of three match race, held on the second day of qualifying, produced three classic races. Herridge took the win in the left lane in Round One with a 6.42/215 to Priddles blower belt throwing 6.74/201. Round Two saw the left lane victorious again with Priddle crossing the line first in 6.25/223 while Bootsie left two black lines down most of his lane, took his turn to throw a blower belt and still crossed the line in 6.35/189. The final deciding race saw Priddle back in the right hand lane. He got a slight holeshot over Herridge and, in the closest race of the three, took the win with a 6.21/227 to Bootsies quicker and faster 6.20/232. The Pro Fuel class saw the fuelers and Funny Cars running together. Dennis Priddle ran a 6.31/221 to defeat rookie Top Fuel pilot Tina Page who had motor problems in Dave Priors "Fast Lady" slingshot. In the third pairing Owen Hayward wheelied the Houndog Funny Car as Allan Herridge took the win with another 6.31, this time at 207mph. This meant it was Priddle vs Herridge for the fourth time of the weekend. Tension was high as the pair took their time in staging and Herridge powered to the win with a 6.27/222 as Priddle threw another blower belt and crossed the line in 6.43/183.  
September 12th-14th 1980

World Finals SPR.  Dennis Priddle took fourth spot in the twenty car Funny Car field with 6.41/217. In the first round he was disqualified for crossing the white line while his opponent Stig Hansson red lit. Due to many of the top names going out in the first round a decision was made to run a "Division Two" elimination for those cars. Dave Stone ran a 6.73/212 bye run after Dennis Priddle failed to get oil pressure in the JWR Monza.

October 11th/12th 1980 SPR. BDR&HRA National Finals including Hot Rod & Custom UK Street Eliminator. For this meeting, the Fuelers and Funny Cars ran together in one elimination. In the first round, both Dennis Priddle and Alan Herridge were on bye runs in their dragsters. Dennis ran 6.26/218 and Alan ran a troubled 7.26/194 in Alleygator. In the second semi, Ronnie Picardo broke a rod on the burnout leaving Dennis Priddle to take the win. He didn't take it easy on the run setting the top times of the meeting with a 6.25/219 only to fireball the engine through the lights.
November 8th/9th 1980 SPR. Firework Spectacular. Elimination positions were determined by emergency qualifying times as the strip surface was a little too slick for serious qualifying. Pro Fuel featured four cars. Ronnie Picardo in Highway Patrol which was running on methanol, defeated a troubled Alan Herridge. Dennis Priddle ran 7.06/183 to defeat Owen Hayward in the Demag altered which was the Houndog FC without its usual body. This was its first appearance. Both first round losers came out again with Owen recording a 6.92/186 and Bootsie laying down a 6.85/160 in Alleygator. In the final, Dennis clocked a 6.40/211 to defeat Ronnie's shut-off 7.92/58.
October 23rd/24th 1981 Circuit Paul Ricard, France. Dennis Priddle debuted his brand new 'Mr 5' machine at the meeting.  
October 31st/November 1st 1981 Long Marston. NDRC Fireworks Meet. Dennis Priddles new, as yet unpainted, 'Insurance In Motion' sponsored top fueller made its UK debut. In eliminations Priddle beat Tony Boden while Trevor Young beat Alan Ritmeisters. In the final Young and Priddle smoked the tyres all the way down the cold strip, with Young blowing the motor at the top end, but not before he had taken the win over Dennis.  
August 28th-30th 1982 Santa Pod Raceway. Supernationals Including The Flame & Thunder Jet car Nationals. Dennis Priddle ran a new personal best in an attempt to beat Peter Cranes long-standing E.T. record of 5.97. He ran a 6.02/229 in his fueler.
September 3rd 1982 Le Mans. France. The Blue Way Dragster Festival. dennis Priddle set anew track record on the 'French 1/8th' 200metre strip. In qualifying he ran 4.211 seconds to set the record. A solo in round one saw him better this with a 4.126. He backed it up in the final with a 4.196/262kph win over Tony Bodens 5.2 to give him both E.T. and speed records.
September 24th-26th 1982 SPR. World Finals. Dennis Priddle qualified at #1 in Top Fuel with a 6.23/225. He had a bye run in the first round and, instead of taking it easy for the next round, stormed through with a 5.99/230, the first five second run in the UK since Peter Crane was credited with a 5.97 in Easter 1976.  He narrowly failed to back this up for the record with a 6.10/230 in the next round. The meeting was rained off before the final which was to have been Priddle against Andy Craddock.  
October 30th/31st 1982 Long Marston. NDRC Meeting. On Sunday the sixth and final round of the NDRC Gauloises Top Fuel championship took place. There were only two entrants, Dennis Priddles "Insurance In Motion" and Doug Bonds "Shoestring". Priddle took the wins in both races with tyres smoking the whole quarter. The times were 7.67/201 to 7.99/173 and 7.76/222 to 7.86/178.
November 6th/7th 1982 Santa Pod Raceway. Firework Spectacular. The second day was a washout. Dennis Priddle and Andy Craddock came out for a match race but the appalling track conditions reduced them to side-by-side burnouts before shutting off.
April 1st-4th 1983 SPR. Easter meeting. There were four Top Fuel cars in attendance but they didn’t put in an appearance until the Monday. In the first round Tony Pearson in Maiden Warrior lost fire leaving Dennis Priddle to cruise to a 6.81/171. In the final, Priddle holeshot Andy Craddock, but as they neared the finish line, Craddock powered past to take the win with a 6.29/no speed to a 6.56/197.
May 15th 1983 NDRC Meeting, Blackbushe. Headlining the meeting were match races between Dennis Priddle and Andy Craddock. In the Top Fuel match up, Andy Craddock put down a 6.77/212 pass to beat Dennis Priddle who virtually smoked the whole quarter in 7.23/190. In the second race, Craddock had to sideline his car after the burnout as the throttle stuck partially open, leaving Priddle to solo to a 6.95/200.
May 28th-30th 1983 SPR. The Big Go. In Top Fuel, four cars were entered. Dennis Priddle beat Alan Ritmeister 6.19/208 to a losing 6.90/204 in the first round. In the final, Priddle went up in smoke on the green but it’s doubtful if he would have caught Craddock anyway as he laid down a fine 6.13/226 pass.
July 2nd/3rd 1983 This years Cannonball event at SPR was sponsored by Budweiser. During the break between the funnies, Dennis Priddle debuted his re-bodied fueller as a computer designed wind tunnel tested 'Streamliner', sans rear wing. The creation being the result of an experiment for the BBC Tommorrows World programme. Pitted in an out of competition run against Gerry Andrews in the Hemi Hunter, Dennis suffered tyre shake off the line before hooking hard right onto two wheels narrowly missing the Hemi Hunter. A superb driving job by Dennis had the car straightened up before nearly hitting the armco. Pundits declared the lack of rear wing as the cause, Priddle put it down to clutch settings. Whatever Maggie Philbin (Tomorrows World Presenter) was all suited up to drive the car next! Her drive being postponed Until Dennis had checked the car out with a crack at a full pass........which never came about!  
September 1st-3rd 1983 LeMans.  The LeMans Dragster Festival. This event was run over the 1/8th mile on the famous circuits start/finish straight. The start lights failed during the meeting and many of the races were started with flags. Among the UK competitors at this event were Dennis Priddle, Tony Boden, Russ Carpenter (all running in Fuel Dragster).  Priddle and Boden both went out in the semi finals.
April 20th-23rd 1984 SPR. Easter Nationals. The Professional Drivers Class consisted of Top Fuel, Funny Cars and Pro Comp all racing together heads-up. In the first round Dennis Priddle broke allowing Dave Wilson in Krypton to solo through to the semis.
August 11th/12th 1984 Mantorp Park, Sweden. International Meeting. After qualifing with a 6.30 at an unprecedented 248mph, Dennis Priddle went on to record a quickest ever 5.89. He backed this up in the final round with a new European record 5.87/243.  
August 25th-27th 1984 SPR. Super Nationals including Flame & Thunder Jet Nationals. Dennis Priddle recorded the quickest elapsed time of the competiton cars with a 6.03/217, despite not winning any  of the eliminations. Priddle made it through to the final of the Pro Drag Eliminator where he met Finn Timo Aartomaa in the ex-Steiner Stolen 'California Charger' Pro Comp FC. Aartomaa had got through the semis when his opponent, Bill Sherratt, had blown his motor in the burnout. In the final Priddle lost his concentration when his visor came loose as he tried to stage, he made a poor start and ran a slowing 8.30/120 while Aartomaa ran a  winning 7.54/165.  
September 21st-23rd 1984 SPR. World Finals. Friday was cold and damp and only a brave few made any runs. Saturdays qualifying was held up by more rain. Dennis Priddle put in a single pass late in the evening, a low six. On Sunday it rained again ending the meeting  
August 18th 1985 North Weald NDRC Inaugural Meeting at this venue. Dennis Priddle and Andy Craddock were the only two competitiors in Top Fuel. Dennis ran the top speed and low E.T. of the meeting with a 7.21/217 taking back-to-back wins against Craddock. 
April 28th 2021   Whilst beginning the compilation of the next update news began to appear online that Dennis had passed away the previous night, in hospital, after breathing complications set in after a fall. His importance and influence in the history of UK Drag Racing is evidenced by the entries on this page which is by no means the whole story of this legendary character. RIP Mr Six. You will be greatly missed.