July 14th 1963 Church Fenton. BARC Drag Sprint. Tony Densham was present.
Tuesday September 10th 1963 Silverstone. In the first round of the challenge Dante Duce and Sydney Allard were joined by, amoung others, Tony Densham with his 1500 Ford dragster 'The Worden'.  
Saturday September 14th 1963 The Brighton Speed Trials. Tony Densham was present with his Worden Dragster and was runner up in the 1101-1500cc class to Patsy Burt's 1500 Cooper Climax.
Sunday September 22nd 1963 RAF Debden. Essex. In the final round of the transatlantic challenge 5000 spectators lined the strip even though the event was officially closed to the public! Tony Densham in his Worden dragster challenged Alan Allard to a match race but was easily beaten.  
Sunday September 28th 1963 Weston Super mare Speed Trials. Tony Densham attended with The Worden
May 17th 1964 Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire.  The first "Big Go". The BHRA held a meeting in conjunction with the National Sprint Association & the Allard Owners Club. Tony Densham recorded a 15.76 in his Ford powered rail "The Worden".  
3rd October 1964 RAF Kemble Dragfest. The Allard Dragon of Dennis Jenkinson shut down Tony Densham in 'The Worden' who ran his series best time of 11.32 at this meeting.  
4th October 1964 Blackbushe Dragfest.  British dragsters present included Tony Densham (The Worden)  
March 14th 1965 Graveley. BDRA Closed Practice Meeting. The track was open from 11.00am until 4.30pm and despite the cold weather nearly 400 members and friends attended the Cambridgeshire venue.  Tony Densham ran 11.86/108mph in his Ford powered 'Worden' dragster while Isabel Robinson ran the car into the twelves before blower trouble put it back on the trailer.  
July 3rd 1965 South Marston nr. Swindon. BDRA Vickers Drag Meet. Over 10,000 people attended this 'Vickers Supermarine Sports and Social Club Gala Day' with the drag race being the main part of an event which also featured many flying displays. The car entries included Tony Denshams dragster.  
March 19th 1966 Graveley. BDRA Practice Day. The sun shone virtually all day long which certainly helped all the competitors. Tony Densham put in a couple of 11 second passes before breaking a half shaft in the Worden rail.
April 11th 1966 The U.K.s first permanent, purpose built dragstrip opened, Santa Pod Raceway near Wellingborough. It rained until midday! Tony Densham won Top Eliminator in his  1500cc blown Ford dragster 'The Worden' at 12.32/122mph  
May 1st 1966 SPR. Jaguar Drivers Club Santa Pod Sprint. Organised by the London & Home Counties branch of the Jaguar Drivers Club. National Dragways invited a number of dragster drivers to attend and give demonstration runs. Those present were Allan Herridge, Ken Bunce, Derek Metcalf, Tony Densham, Ken Cooper and Harold Bull.
August 28th/29th 1966 SPR. The first British Drag Racing Championships. Debuting was the Golden Hind, Tony Denshams 7litre Ford powered fueller. The car was a project completed by National Dragways and Ambica Engineering and had originally been the Harvey Aluminuim Special that Mickey Thompson drove at Brighton and RAF Debden in 1963. The car later evolved into The Commuter. Densham set a new Class E E.T. record of 12.672  
July 1st/2nd 1967 SPR. Rain Date Meeting. The re-run of the Commando Team Meeting from the previous week. Tony Densham, with friend and collegue Peter Billington and assisited by Bud Barnes mechanic Bob Gladstone, pushed the Commuter out onto the strip for its first fire up. With Gladstone in the cockpit the car was pushed up the track until the oil pressure was up and then Bob dropped the clutch and it fired first time. This operation was repeated many times while Bob tuned the newly fitted Hilborn injection system. Tony Densham took to the cockpit of the Commuter for his first run but as the car fired the magneto drive failed and that was it for the weekend.  
August 27th/28th 1967 SPR. British Drag Race Championship Meeting.  Sunday saw some demonstrations from Tony Densham in the 'Commuter'. The first saw the car bog off the line and then rapidly pick up speed as Tony got to grips with the power. The E.T. was 10.30, the fastest of the day so far. A second run later showed that Tony was gaining confidence in the car and he clocked a storming 9.10/141, the quickest ever by any British built car.  
October 21st/22nd 1967 Elvington, Yorkshire. The International Sprint Organisation Records Weekend.Tony Densham in the Commuter recorded runs of 9.418, 9.158, 9.219, 8.811 and 9.08 in the standing quarter mile record attempts. The final two runs bracketed together resulted in a time of 8.915 seconds, well inside Alan Allards previous record of 9.37.  He also took the standing 500 metre record which previously stood at 12.66, with a two way average of 11.20.  
January 3rd-13th 1968 Horticultural Hall, London. The Autospeed 68 exhibition organised by the B.R.S.C.C. Amoungst the exhibits was Tony Denshams Commuter dragster.  
April 15th 1968 SPR. Easter Monday. Season Opener for cars.  10,552 spectators turned up for the first meeting of the season. Amongst those present were Tony Densham with the Commuter who set a new low E.T. mark of 9.052 with both head gaskets blown. Densham and Clive Skilton held a match race which saw the Commuter lose fire twice before Skilton was given the green and ran 9.13/163.4 for the fastest time of the meet.  
June 15th/16th 1968 SPR.  Combined car and motorcycle meeting including night racing. Cars and bikes on Saturday, bikes only on Sunday. Tony Densham was on hand with the Commuter and took top speed of the meeting at 9.2 seconds with a terminal speed of 168.63mph.  
July 7th 1968 SPR. Summer Match Race. Tony Densham with the Commuter was on hand to put in some demo runs, he put in a smooth 9.2. He came out a second time and put in a storming, out of shape 9.1/170.07 to take the overall top speed and E.T. of the day. To everyones excitement Densham was due to come out at the end of the meeting for a side by side race with the Priddle/Sluggett fueler 'Tudor Rose'. Unfortunately it began to rain and the decision was taken (unusually) that it would be too dangerous to run the UKs two quickest cars on a wet strip.  
July 21st 1968 SPR. Combined car and motorcycle meeting including night racing. The first ever side by side run by two British built top fuel dragsters.Tony Densham in Commuter Vs Rex Sluggett's Tudor Rose.Sluggett red lit, smoked the full quarter and ran 9.312/176.78. Densham ran a 9.036/163.93. This was also the first ever side by side nine second match race in the UK. In the second race between the two cars Rex rolled the beam for another red light but sat and waited until Densham launched before hitting the throttle. The Commuters motor blew at the 1/8th and Rex took the win with a 180.83 mph terminal speed. Densham coasted over the line with a 9.82 E.T. Later Densham ran a strong 9.20/166.94.  
August 10th/11th 1968 SPR. Combined car and motorcycle meeting including night racing. The Drag Racing and Hot Rod Magazine Trophy Meeting. Tony Densham took the Commuter to Santa Pods first eight. An 8.891/173.16 alongside the Oldsmobile powered Geronimo of Mick Tickner, the quickest unblown fueler outside the USA at this time. Densham received a cheque for £50 as the prize for the first eight second run. 45 minutes later the Commuter was out again for a solo run.This time Densham ran 8.459/180.83, the lowest ever E.T. in Europe.  
August 17th/18th 1968 SPR. Combined Car & Bike Meeting with night racing. After the previous weekends achievements in Sweden by the Priddle/Sluggett Tudor Rose Team the scene was set for a showdown between them and Tony Densham's Commuter. Rumours that the Swedish timing system was unreliable helped set the scene for the 'Battle Of The Giants'. With Sluggett still on crutches Priddle put in a couple of nine second runs, a 9.3 and a 9.0 ten minutes later. Densham then stamped his authority on the proceedings by putting in an 8.68/176. Later, in the darkness, the two cars lined up side by side and, on the green light, left together both smoking the tyres. Commuter got out of shape and Densham had to lift at the eighth as Priddle kept his boot in to record a winning 8.871.
September 1st/2nd 1968

SPR. 3rd Annual Championship meeting. Cars only. An estimated 8000 fans turned up for this event. Proceedings on Sunday were hampered by rain. The Tudor Rose of the Sluggett/Priddle team and Tony Densham's Commuter, having only put in gentle practice runs the previous day, had a three round match race. In the first round Rex Sluggett (running on methanol only) pulled a red light but Densham got to the line first with an 8.52/167.79 to an 8.69/160.77, the first side-by-side eight second race the UK had seen. Both cars were back at the start line half an hour later, this time with Dennis Priddle in the driving seat of Tudor Rose, and 30% nitro in the tank. This time the Chrysler took the honours with Priddle getting the hole shot, smoking the whole quarter and recording an 8.88/148.81 to an 8.83/166/78. The third, and deciding, round saw Densham too eager to take the honours with a red light on his 9.05/149.93 while Priddle, now with a 38% nitro load, once again smoked his way to the win, lifting before the line as the car twitched, and recording an 8.46/171.23.


October 6th 1968

SPR.  Last Chance meeting for cars. Tony Densham put in an early 8.75 before Rex Sluggett in Tudor Rose set a new class A Dragster speed record with a 9.42/182.82mph blast, at the end of which he hit the timing lights a damaged a front tyre. That evening, with front wheels borrowed from Allan Herridge, Dennis Priddle took the driving seat of Tudor Rose and lined up alongside Densham. A holeshot from priddle saw Commuter trying to catch up and, despite getting crossed up and lifting before the finish, Dennis took the win with an 8.28/167, a new track record, Commuter followed in spectacular fashion with flames from a popped blower and an 8.77/157.

April 6th/7th 1969

SPR. A reported 10,000 people attended the Easter meet. 'Commuter' was the only Top Fuel car present after the demise of the Priddle/Sluggett team. Clive Skilton's car was waiting for parts. A challenge race took place between Tony Densham and Harold Bull in 'Stripduster'. Bull was given a two second head start over Commuter and a determined flat-out charge from 'King Harold' took the win with a 10.68/127 to a tyre-smoking 9.27/152 charge from Densham. On a later demo run Densham clocked a smoky 8.85/141.

May 4th 1969 SPR. Spring Match Race. Tony Densham in the Commuter set a new E.T. record for a class A Dragster. With a 25% nitro load, and 8psi in the slicks, he stopped the clocks at 8.228/181.82, his chute then failed and, whilst pulling hard on the brake to get the car stopped, the chassis flexed so much that it bottomed out and holed the sump, putting the car out of action for the remainder of the meeting.  
July 26th/27th 1969   Scandinavian Raceway, Anderstorp, Sweden. The Second Annual Anderstorp Trip saw six UK cars make the trip along with four bikes. They were John Siggery in Geronimo, Allan Herridge in Motovation, Harold Bull in Stripduster, Dennis Priddle in the Whistler and the fuelers of Tony Densham and Clive Skilton. Both the Whistler and Commuter had clutch problems initially Densham beat Geronimo, the losing E.T. being 9.98/133.51. Skilton won 3/3, Densham 2/3 and Siggery 1/3.
June 28th 1970 The Santa Pod strip speed record was broken three times at this meeting. Firstly, Dennis Priddle in the Quartermaster car ran 183.9 mph. Tony Densham in Commuter then improved the mark to 185 mph, and then Priddle came out again and re-wrote the record book yet again with a 193 mph blast.  
August 16th 1970 Hullavington. BDR&HRA 'On Tour' Meeting. Dennis Priddle and Tony Densham ran some demonstrations, Priddle recording two 8.36s and The Commuter running an 8.5.  
September 27th 1970 SPR.Tony Denshams 'Commuter' slingshot ran a disputed 205.76mph at Santa Pod, making it the first British car to go over 200mph.The car was equipped with a hi-ratio rear axle and larger rear wheels in anticipation of Tonys attempts at the flying kilometer record at Elvington the following weekend. This meant that the elapsed time for the run was a full 9.4 seconds.  
October 3rd/4th 1970 Records Weekend. Elvington. Tony Densham  in the Commuter took the Flying Kilometer record with a 207.6mph aggregate. The previous record (174.88mph) had been set by Malcolm Campbell in 1936. On the second day of the meeting Densham recorded a speed of 219mph during a flying quarter mile pass, although this was not a record attempt. Bill Weichelt broke Denshams old Standing 500m record in the Asmodeus dragster.
April 25th 1971 Gosport HMS Daedalus Navy Base. The BDR&HRA's first "on tour" meeting of the season. Tony Densham gave the new Firefly Chrysler fueller it's debut run with a relaxed 10.3.  
May 16th 1971 SPR. BDR&HRA Meeting. Just prior to this meeting, 400 yards of new tarmac had been laid starting 150 yards before the finish and extending 250 yards beyond the finish line. Tony Densham in Firefly put in a demo pass at 9.1/154.
August 29th/30th SPR. BDRHRA Championships Meeting. Dennis Priddle took the European E.T. record down to 7.22 seconds in the Hot Wheels fueler running against Tony Densham in Firefly. On the next run he tried to break into the sixes and destroyed his motor, putting a con rod through the sump. Dennis won the event and became National Champion. 
October 10th 1971 SPR. Commuter put in an appearance with Tony Densham at the helm and ran an 8.8/169 which took out the top end timing light deflectors.
1972 Tony Densham announced that he was to retire from the sport, leaving the driving seat of the Santa Pod fueler 'Firefly' vacant for Allan Herridge. Allan had been driving Tonys old car The Commuter. At this time Firefly was the most powerful car outside America.