1965 John Hobbs first appearances on the dragstrip consisted of 20 second E.T.s on a B.S.A. Bantam  
1967 For the 1967 season Hobbs rode an unblown 500cc Triumph which he christened Olympus  
June 17th/18th 1967

SPR. This was a motorcycle meeting and also the first weekend of the US Commandos Drag Racing Team’s two meetings during which they were running demonstration passes. John Hobbs was making a name for himself by running an 11.95, the first rider in his class to dip under twelve seconds.

April 21st 1968 SPR. Season Opener for bikes. About 3500 people turned out for the first bike meeting of the year, unfortunately many of them left early after long delays in track action. In the Top Eliminator Final Ian Ashwell , riding his 1000cc Vincent 'Satan', took an early lead over the 500cc Triumph of John Hobbs. Ashwell then missed a succession of gears and Hobbs caught up with him, the pair crossing the line together. In their excitment the timekeepers missed the indicator which told them who got there first! The sporting duo each declared that the other guy won but later the win was awarded to Ashwell.  
May 19th 1968 SPR. Motorcycle Match Race meeting.  Ian Ashwell and John Hobbs ran a match race to decide the confusion caused from their final race at the season opener. Ian agreed not to tip the can to give Hobbs a chance with his 500cc Triumph. Hobbs took full advantage of this and beat Ashwell 2/3.  
June 15th/16th 1968

SPR.  Combined car and motorcycle meeting including night racing. Cars and bikes on Saturday, bikes only on Sunday. John Hobbs had some issues early on which resulted in disappointing 12 second runs, but after some fettling he ran a best of 10.97/124.22 from the Olympus Triumph. In the first round of Top Eliminator Hobbs beat the Norton of Chris Bartram 11.52/118 to 11.723/112. He then advanced with a strong 10.976/124 before going on to meet the 1000cc Pegasus Vincent of Mick Butler for the title race and taking the win with an 11.024/124.


July 28th 1968 SPR. Vagabonds MC Motorcycle Sprint Meeting. The 500cc class was won by John Hobbs on his blown Triumph twin with a 10.729.
September 20th 1968 SPR. 2nd Annual Championship meeting Re-Run. Bikes only. John Hobbs won the Motorcycle Championship Top Eliminator title.  
October 5th 1968 Elvington Records Weekend. John Hobbs took his blown 500cc Triumph to a new standing start kilometre World Record.
November 3rd 1968 SPR. John Hobbs dipped under the E Class record on his 500cc Triumph with a time of 10.75/132.45.
May 24th-26th 1969

SPR. BDR&HRA Big Go. Europe's first three day meeting. 38 Motorcycles were in attendance. Bernard White took his 650cc nitro Triumph Endeavour to the Top Bike Eliminator final win, first beating a red lighting John Lloyd, on his Romulus Vincent, before defeating John Hobbs Olympus Triumph in the final. The close final was won on the line as White's 107.8mph terminal speed was eclipsed by Hobbs 124.5.

June 14th/15th 1969 SPR. Spring Nationals. John Hobbs set new E class solo competition motorcycle records for E.T. and speed with a 10.402/135.87 run on his 'Olympus' Triumph. He was runner up in the eliminations to John Lloyds Romulus.  
August 2nd/3rd 1969

SPR. All Stars Meeting. In Top Motorcycle John Hobbs red lit on Olympus against Dave Clee's Shot Gun blown 650 Triumph in the first round.

July 11th/12th 1970

SPR held its first RAC sanctioned International meeting but only two international entries arrived from an expected field of eight. The Top Eliminator for bikes saw Dennis Norman run his quickest ever with a 9.92 defeat of John Hobbs, who broke a chain.

May 30th-31st 1971 SPR. Big Go. In Super Top bike, John Hobbs ran 10.45/138.31 as Pegasus expired. Ray Feltell red lit in the final handing the win to Hobbs who still put down a strong 10.17/137.36.
August 1st 1971 SPR. BDRHRA Meeting. John Hobbs set a new 500cc motorcycle record with a 9.68/137.74 run on his 'Olympus' Triumph in the final round, making him the first person to run a bike under 750cc below ten seconds. His opponent, Dave Lecoq, was returning to the track on his new creation 'Dragwaye' a slingshot bike! His path to the final saw a string of mid nine second runs at 150mph plus. In the face of such strong competition Hobbs performed what was described as an 'ultra long' burnout (5 seconds) before carrying the bike to the start line to prevent any grit sticking to the Avon slick. In stage he wound the motor up to 10,000rpm, 2000rpm more than normal, before dropping the clutch on the green. The result was a superb holeshot over Lecoq with virtually no wheelspin and a record setting victory.  
September 12th 1971 SPR. BDRHRA Club Meeting. In Top Comp bike John Hobbs took a red light win over Pete Miller and in the semi final ran 9.83/138.87 which was much too strong for Brian Chapman’s 10.62/130.38. In the final, Hobbs was too slow on the lights allowing Ray Feltell to take the win in 10.12/133.87 to a faster but losing 9.80/136.99.
October 10th 1971 SPR. In Top Comp bike John Hobbs missed a gear in the first round giving the win to Mick Butler on Cyclops.
1972 Hobbs debuted his first twin-engined machine featuring two 500cc Triumph motors.  
May 28th/29th 1972   John Hobbs and Mick Butler treated spectators to rolling burnouts from their Top Bikes in a series of match races that saw Hobbs come out on top with some sound nine second runs.
August 20th 1972 Blackbushe. Hot Car/Radio Luxembourg Grandnationals. NDRC Meeting. John Hobbs took the Top Bike title with a 10.26/150 on his 'Olympus II' Triumph against Eddie Lloyds 11.88/128 on 'Locomotion'.  
August 27th/28th 1972 SPR. BDR&HRA Nationals. John Hobbs became the first bike rider in Europe to hit the 160mph mark in 9.63 seconds on his twin-engined Olympus.
September 30th/October 1st 1972 Elvington. International Sprint Organisation World Records Weekend. John Hobbs had a sucessful weekend after problems on the Saturday and left with three National and World records. Saturday saw his clutch on the 1000cc twin-engined Triumph 'Olympus II' go up in a shower of sparks during a burnout. Back in the pits Hobbs was observed scuffing clutch plates on the concrete in an attempt to produce some bite in the errant parts. It appeared to work as the next day he secured the Standing Start 1/4 mile record at 9.785 seconds, the Standing Start Kilometer record with 18.22 seconds and the Standing Start Mile record with 26.395 seconds. The Mile record had stood at 28.032 since 1966 when it had been set by sprint legend George Brown on his Vincent 'Super Nero'. Hobbs estimated speed at the end of the mile was 190mph.  
October 21st/22nd 1972 SPR. BDR&HRA G Max Grand Trophy Meeting. John hobbs took the Top Bike final with a 9.91/146.41 to Ray Feltells 10.55/107.30.  
1973 A change in the rules for motorcycles meant that from this season onwards engines with capacities of up to 2000cc could be used in competition (Previously 1300cc). This would lead to twin engined machines becoming more common and John Hobbs became the first UK rider to use a 7x14 Woolfrace wheel, with a car size slick, to cope with the increased horsepower on his newly built 1500cc Morgo-Triumph.  
March 18th 1973 SPR. Open Practice Day. Rookie Charlie Harrison put in some twelve second runs on the ex-John Hobbs 500cc 'Olympus 1' Triumph which he now owned. John was on hand to offer advice and took one more run on his old bike to prove it would still hold together.  
May 26th/27th 1973 The Hot Car Big Go. SPR. John Hobbs tried out his old bike 'Olympus 1' which was now owned by Charlie Harrison and bent all four pushrods at the half way mark.
July 21st/22nd 1973 SPR. BDR&HRA Internationals. Finals. John Hobbs was back on his 'Olympus II' Triumph and he  ran a 10.28/145 with a scary looking launch which saw him riding on one edge of the fat M&H slick. He went out in round one to Mick Butler.  
August August 26th/27th 1973 SPR. BDR&HRA Nationals. John Hobbs had the dubious honour of being number eight qualifier at 10.23 seconds, the lowest ever bump spot in the Top Bike class. He went out in round one, just failing to catch Keith Parnell after coming very close to the barrier and still clocking 150mph.  
September 15th/16th 1973 European Grand Prix. SPR. On two wheels two of the new twin engined machines dipped into the nines for the first time. First Mike Butlers 1010 cc. Norton Super Cyclops 9.81/145, then John Hobbs on the big 1500 cc. Triumph ran 9.84 /154.  
November 3rd/4th 1973 SPR. Fireworks meeting. John Hobbs ran a 9.64/150  
April 28th 1974 Castrol/RAC NDRC National championship Round three. Wroughton, Wiltshire. The meeting was turned into a practice session as it rained until 1 pm which gave no chance for any qualifying. John Hobbs was the only rider to dip under ten seconds with 9.95/149 and another run at 153 mph.
May 11th/12th 1974 Blackbushe.NDRC Meeting. Top bike winner was Jeff Byne who beat John Hobbs in the semi final.
May 26th/27th 1974 SPR. Whitsun Holiday Weekend Big Go. In Top bike, the top two qualifiers, John Hobbs and Jeff Byne ran identical times of 9.57. In the first round Brian Chapman overcame Hobbs 9.72 to 9.94.
June 2nd 1974

Long Marston. Castrol/RAC NDRC National championship Round 5. Jeff Byne, who had qualified at number one on Hurricane with a 10.46/125, met Brian Chapman in the first round and took the win with a 10.40/114 to a 10.49/122.  In the second, and final, round he should have been up against John Hobbs, but Hobbs had problems and didn't make the call. Under the rules the fastest loser from Round One was allowed to take his place. This was, Brian Chapman. Byne took his second win over Chapman with a 10.57/126 to a 10.69/125. 

June 23rd 1974 SPR. Wolfrace Trophy Meeting.The highlight of the meeting was John Hobbs beating Alf Hagon’s long standing bike strip record which had stood at 9.208 seconds since 1968. John ran 9.17 to put his name in the records book. In the first round of the Top bike elimination Hobbs defeated Brian Chapman. In the semis, Hobbs ran his 9.17 to easily down the 9.86 from John Clift. In the final, Jeff Byne bogged on the line letting Hobbs with an ailing clutch take the win in 9.91.
August 25th/26th 1974 Supernationals SPR. In Top bike first round, John Hobbs 9.47 beat Bob Webster 9.54. In the semis Jeff Byne beat Hobbs who broke his chain.
September 14th/15th 1974

Silverstone. NDRC Meeting. Competitors at this International meeting included Tom 'T. C.' Christenson from the U.S. on his new twin Norton TF bike Hogslayer. John Hobbs had the clutch explode on his Olympus Triumph which put him out of competiton for the weekend and denied him the chance to take on Christenson who ran the UK's first eight second pass on the first day.

November 2nd/3rd 1974

SPR. Fireworks Spectacular. Rain and mist played havoc with the racing and times and speed were affected by the slick track conditions. Many finals were not held and some classes didn't progress beyond the first round. Saturday saw most vehicles get at least one run in, but the track conditions meant that nobody was able to run anywhere near their full potential. John Hobbs managed to post a 148mph terminal speed. In Top Bike the field was depleted due to breakages with Jeff Byne suffering a major engine failure on the Saturday. John Hobbs fouled on a bye run.

November 30th/December 1st 1974

SPR. Winternationals. On Saturday Top Bike went to John Clift, finding traction whilst John Hobbs struggled to acheive the same, his 10.78/155.5 not being enough to overcome a 10.46/130.6 from Clift. On Sunday,  Mick Butler on his 1000cc double Norton Super Cyclops ran a new personal best of 9.23/147.3. He beat Brian Chapman and John Clift to reach the final of Top Bike, where he was due to meet John Hobbs. Hobbs Olympus Two had problems and couldn't make the call so Tony Weedon took his place but was unable to match a 9.82/147.8 from Butler.

1974 This year saw Hobbs became the quickest in Europe on the 1500cc Morgo-Triumph with a run of 9.17seconds. This made him the first person to go quicker than the previous record of 9.208 set by Alf Hagon. Despite his best efforts the bike never ran into the eights and was sold to Chris Richards at the end of the 1974 season.  
1975 With backing from Motor Cycle News and Weslake Hobbs built 'The Hobbit' a twin Weslake motored monster designed to be the first bike into the eights. To Johns dismay a couple of weeks before the bikes debut Keith Parnell ran 8.93 on his 750cc McCoy Triumph.  
June 14th/15th 1975

Wroughton. NDRC International meeting including 3rd round of Motor Cycle News Top Bike Championship.  In the motorcycle ranks the big news was the debut of The Hobbit, John Hobbs new twin-Weslake powered machine. He put in a couple of test runs.

July 5th/6th 1975

SPR. European Grand Prix incorporating the first British funny Car Grand Prix.  Danny Johnson returned to the UK, this time with his Goliath 3.5 litre twin-engined Harley Davidson. His first run produced an 8.62/165, the quickest motorcycle run ever in Europe. John Hobbs was making his Santa Pod debut with The Hobbit and he began by running the fastest speed from a European rider, 162.60mph in 9.22s. The pair were scheduled to run a series of match races on the Sunday, but the ACU decreed that Johnson would not be allowed to start at the same time as any other bike, due to the twin Harley being above the 2000cc limit. This was over come by giving Hobbs a tenth of a second "head start" on the tree. The first round saw Hobbs tear up some pieces of the track surface as he peformed his burnout with the front wheel up against the fence. Johnson then took the first win with an 8.65/166 as Hobbs trailed with a 9.11/157. In the second round Hobbs made a better start and looked like he might be in with a chance, but Johnson reeled him in and took the win with an 8.48/167, a new strip record and the quickest ever in Europe. But Hobbs was a happy man because, despite bending a rocker shaft that put him out of action for the rest of the day, he ran his first eight, an 8.86/158, and Europes first side-by-side eight second race.

August 23rd-25th 1975 John Hobbs ran a new personal best of 8.82/157 but lost to Ian Messenger in the final after his primary chain broke.
July 27th 1975 Santa Pod Raceway. BDR&HRA Drag Racing News Meeting. John Hobbs ran 9.01/163.67 but red lit his chances of a final round appearance away to Mick Warne. For all class results click here.  
September 20th/21st 1975 Anglo American International. The American bikes had two match races and treated ther crowds to side-by-side rolling burnouts. Round One went to Johnson with a holeshot 8.52/164 to TCs 8.37/162. Round Two saw Johnson break an engine sprocket and coast to an eleven second pass as Christenson hit 8.47/165. With Johnson out John Hobbs stepped in for Round Three and despite a holeshot his 9.15/159 was no match for Christensons 8.37/153.
September 28th 1975 SPR. G-Max trophy. John Hobbs was on form and ran an 8.47/170.65, a top end charge that could not be matched by either Danny Johnson or Tom Christenson the two visiting American riders. Hobbs continued his good form with an 8.49/172.41 back up of his earlier run in the first round for a new record. Opponent Derek Chinn was a long way behind at 9.42/144.72. His luck ran out in the semis however when the rear brake caliper came off 'The Hobbit' after the burnout. Opponent Pete Smith soloed to the final with a 9.77 on his 750 Triumph. Finally a match race between Hobbs and Christenson was scheduled but Hobbs slid off the back of his bike at the end of a rolling burnout leaving TC to solo to an 8.62/156.25.
October 12th 1975 SPR BDR&HRA Meeting. John Hobbs ran a string of eights including an 8.92/172/71 in Round One to defeat a 9.88/143.06 from Brian Chapman, and an 8.89/172.17 in the semis to defeat an ailing Ivan Wileman. In the final however Hobbses double-Weslake "Hobbit" threw a chain leaving Dave Branch to take his first big win with a 9.39/142.25.
November 1st/2nd 1975 SPR Fireworks Spectacular. John Hobbs led the way in Top Bike with an 8.81/173.31 win over Dave Branch, the highest recorded motorcycle speed in Europe. He met Derek Chinn on "Pegasus" in the final but lost power and finished as runner up. For all class results click here.
November 14th 1975 John Hobbs became the first Drag Racing representative to be present at the Daily Express Sportsman Of The Year luncheon. On the same day the Manchester edition of the Express ran a feature on John.  
December 6th/7th 1975 SPR. Winternationals. This meeting had an invitation only entry. In the bike classes on Saturday John Hobbs took Top. In the final against Derek Penfold the front blower pulley of the Hobbit shot off on the startline but Hobbs took the win with a 9.97/145 to a 10.52/131. For all class results click here.
May 23rd 1976 In Top bike, Pete Smith overcame John Hobbs in the first round when a blower belt adjuster on the Hobbit broke.
August 15th 1976 Wroughton. NDRC meeting. In Top bike, John Hobbs led the qualifiers with a 9.16 run. In the first round, a 9.07/161 from Hobbs was way too strong for Brian Chapman’s 9.60/147. In the semis, Hobbs broke a crank handing the win to Lloyd and Smith beat Butler 9.51/148 to a losing 11.19/80.
August 28th-30th 1976 SPR. Supernationals. Rain caused the abandonment of the meeting before any of the eliminations began. Top bike saw John Hobbs qualify at number three with a 9.30/152.
September 18th/19th 1976 SPR. Supernationals Re-Run.The weather certainly was a lot better for the re-run. In Top bike John Hobbs qualified with an 8.84/167, the first eight second run of the year. In the first round of eliminations, Hobbs ran 8.96/166 to see off Henk Vink’s 9.21/147.  In the semis Jeff Byne couldn’t make it which allowed Vink back in and he promptly shut down Weedon 9.20/155 to 9.51/149. Hobbs took the other semi in 8.89/163 to Pegasus’ 9.16/154. Vink won the final in 9.00/160 as Hobbs could only record a sub par 9.32/148.
October 16th/17th 1976 SPR. Winternationals. In Top bike, Jeff Byne qualified at the top with his first eight second pass in 8.70/156, followed by John Hobbs 8.76/163. In the eliminations Hobbs overcame Pete Smith and John Clift. Just before the final, Byne discovered a worn clutch sprocket so Chapman came back in and took a surprise 9.49/144 win as Hobbs slowed with a broken transmission.
November 6th/7th 1976 Fireworks Spectacular. SPR. There was no qualifying at all on the Saturday due to the strip being too damp. In Top bike John Hobbs misfired to a 11.18/116 winner as Mick Hand lost oil pressure. In the semis Hobbs went through with 9.27/163 to John Clift’s losing 10.25/111. The final never took place as the strip was again too damp.
April 24th 1977 Blackbushe. NDRC Spring Smokers Meeting. Gale force winds blowing straight down the strip affected the times. In Top Comp Bike John Hobbs and Steve Tidy lined up for the final. A troubled 16.21/61 from Hobbs couldn’t hold Tidy’s winning 11.22/131 for an upset win.
May 15th 1977 Snetterton. NDRC. In Top Competition Bike, the first round losers included Phil Whitely who was beaten by John Hobbs. Unfortunately, Hobbs broke and couldn’t make the semis which let Whitely back in. However, Whitely lost his semi, as did Ted Dunmow, which left Brian Chapman and Pete Smith to fight out the final. A winning 9.56/146 from Chapman was too good for Smith’s losing 9.85/146.
June 5th-7th 1977 SPR. Silver Jubilee Big Go. John Hobbs was out of action having wrecked the motor on the Hobbit but he took a test run on Johnny Munns double Norton. For all class results and Pro Fuel/Funny Car elimination ladder click here.  
August 27th-29th 1977 SPR. Holiday Weekend Supernationals. John Hobbs on his double Weslake 'The Hobbit' set a new bike record and came the closest yet to a seven second run with an 8.15/175 backed up with an 8.44/170.
September 17th/18th 1977 SPR. International. Motor Cycle Magazine sponsored a match race between John Hobbs and Henk Vink to determine the "King Of Europe". Hobbs won with a resounding 8.21/174 to Vinks troubled 10.71/127.  
October 15th/16th 1977 SPR. Winternationals. In Top Bike, Henk Vink snatched the top spot with an 8.60/147, followed by John Hobbs 8.65/170. Hobbs ran 8.45/169 to defeat Chris Richards with 9.40/147 and then John Clift had an easy 9.08/150 win as Hobbs shut off on the line with falling oil pressure.
November 5th/6th 1977 SPR. Fireworks Spectacular. John Hobbs and Henk Vink both ran strings of eight second passes in eliminations but when they met in the final Hobbs sheared an oil pipe union on the burnout and hopes of seeing the first side-byside eight second race were seemingly dashed. Vink soloed to an 8.65/153 win. On return to the pits Vink challenged Hobbs to a one off match race. Hobbs bike "The Hobbitt" was repaired in the darkness and what was later described as the "race of the year" took place five minutes after the meeting had been completed. A large percentage of the crowd stayed on and witnessed Europes first ever side-by-side eight, Vink just getting to the line first with an 8.47/155 to Hobbs 8.76/166.
April/May 29th-1st 1978 SPR.May Day Festival Of Speed. The big attraction this meeting was the two top US bike riders, Tom Christenson and Marion Owens. However, qualifying in top spot in Superbike was Dutchman Henk Vink with a stunning 8.17/178. He was followed by Owens on 8.27/166, Christenson 8.63/146 and John Hobbs 8.72/165. In Sunday’s eliminations Hobbs soloed to 8.59/167 as Dave Branch broke. In the semis, Vink set a new speed mark with a winning 8.12/180 over Christenson’s losing 8.50/162, and Hobbs then routed Owens 8.46/169 to a quicker but losing 8.42/171. In the final, Hobbs had problems as Vink took it in 8.14/176. In Monday’s Superbike Bracket, Vink defeated a misfiring Hobbs 8.20/176 to 9.44/123.
May 21st 1978 Blackbushe. NDRC Meeting. In Top Competition Bike, the four first round losers were Bob Beckwith, John Lewis, Tony Steel and John Hobbs.
May 27th-29th 1978 SPR. Spring Bank Holiday Big Go. Rain hampered proceedings. Henk Vink took the Super Bike title, beating John Hobbs 8.44/171.2 to a misfiring 11.57/84.8.  
June 3rd/4th 1978 Snetterton. NDRC Championships Round Four, RAC British Drag Race Championship Round Four, Gauloises/NDRC Pro Comp Championship Round Three and Round Five of the ACU British Drag Race Championship. In the bike classes, the feature event was a match race between John Hobbs and Henk Vink with both riders setting new personal marks. Vink reset the Snetterton ET record with a blistering 8.37, and Hobbs upped his personal mph best to 176.
June  11th 1978 Pennine Drag Racing Club Meeting. Melbourn, Yorkshire. John Hobbs made some demo runs on his twin Weslake engined Hobbit and set a new motorcycle E.T. record, and an overall terminal record for the strip, with a 9.42/161.  
October 14th/15th 1978 SPR. Winternationals. The meeting was badly affected by fog and drizzle with most of the eliminations not even commencing. In Superbike, John Hobbs was top of the pile with 8.40/172.
May 18th-20th 1979 Mantorp Park International, Sweden. John Hobbs and Henk Vink held a match race. Vink destroyed his gearbox in Saturdays qualifying session and the bike was stripped, repaired and rebuilt in Vinks motel room overnight. In the match race Hobbs won three in a row with consistent 8.4s and an 8.2, the quickest in Europe so far this year.  
May 26th-28th 1979 SPR. The Big Go. Bike Bracket One saw some of the best action of the weekend with the old rivals Henk Vink and John Hobbs meeting in the final. Vink had defeated John Charlton 8.78/165 to 8.96/156 in the first round and John Clift 8.54/171 to 8.76/156 in the semis. Hobbs meanwhile ran 8.50/162 in the first round to defeat Chris Richards and 8.59/163 to beat an 8.63/168 from Jeff Byne in the semis. Although conditions for the final were very windy Hobbs hit low E.T. of the weekend with an 8.41/152 to take the win from a slowing 9.15/111 from Vink after a seized blower ended his chances of victory.  
June 23rd/24th 1979 BDR&HRA, in association with Santa Pod Raceway, organised the first Eastern Nationals at the re-named Sugarbeet County Raceway, part of Snetterton Circuit. In qualifying, Super Bike was headed up by John Hobbs with 8.57, Most of the eliminations were started and were down to the semi-finals or the finals before the weather intervened. Superbike finalists were down to Hobbs and Brian Chapman.
July7th/8th 1979


SPR. Summer Internationals. John Hobbs took the Superbike final, almost getting down into the seven second bracket, with an 8.07/177 over Jeff Byne.
September 8th/9th 1979 Sugarbeet Nationals. Sugarbeet County Raceway, Snetterton. In the motorcycle ranks John Hobbs took a win over John Clift, 8.54 to 8.57/170.
November 3rd/4th Fireworks Meet. SPR. John Hobbs announced that he would be retiring from racing after this meeting. He had been racing bikes at Santa Pod since the first meeting at the track. Rain prevented him from adding a final Superbike victory to his long list of achievements.  
Hobbs had decided in June 1979 that he would retire at the end of the year. One of the biggest factors involved in the decision was a change of job for John with his employers at Eastern Gas where he was a chartered engineer. He was unable to devote as much time to the operation as was needed and decided to take a less high profile part of a new team setup. His aim was to have run a seven before the end of '79 but despite his best efforts he never came closer than the 8.07 he had run in July.    
April 4th-7th 1980   Easter International SPR. Only three eliminators were completed before rain stopped play. Superbike was one of them. Johnny Munn was getting to grips with John Hobbs' double Weslake 'The Hobbit'. Munn started with a 10.55/140 and ended up in second qualifying spot with an 8.71/160 behind Henk Vink. In eliminations Munn holeshot Pete Smith and took the win with a fierce tankslapper at the top end and a 9.19/139 to a 9.05/155. The final went to Vink 8.57/171 to Munns 8.89/152.
May 3rd-5th 1980   SPR. Spring Nationals. Johnny Munn on the John Hobbs 'Hobbit' qualified at number two with an 8.65/162 behind Henk Vink. Munn and Vink made it to the final. Munn by virtue of an 8.36/163 win over Jeff Bynes 8.68/157 while Vink soloed to an 8.64/166 after Butler had gearbox trouble. The final was neck and neck as Munn just got there first with an 8.43/169 to Vinks 8.49/169.
May 24th-26th 1980 Whitsun Big Go. SPR. Qualifying at #2 was Johnny Munn on John Hobbs 'Hobbit' double Weslake at 8.43/164. Munn failed to make round one with the Hobbit due to a damaged coupling gear, leaving Jeff Byne to solo when he shed a drive chain.  
July 5th-6th 1980 SPR. Summer International World Series. Superbike saw the return of Ian Messenger with the 'Pegasus' double Norton who qualified third with an 8.71/160 behind Henk Vink at 8.35/169 and John Hobbs, who was back on the 'Hobbit' as new rider Johnny Munn was on holiday. Hobbs ran a strong 8.40/165 but then discovered a smashed main bearing in the front motor. The meeting was cut short on Sunday by rain followed by a timing equipment breakdown. Most classes were not completed.
June 28th/29th 1980 Long Marston. The National Drag Racing Club held its second meet at the newly established drag strip at Long Marston Airfield with encouraging results and a healthy entry of some 130 cars and bikes. In the bike classes John Hobbs made a brief return to the saddle in 1980 to wrestle his 1700cc Weslake powered Hobbit to win Top Bike,  thanks to Johnny Munn being on holiday. A lot had been going on with the double engined monster, so it came as no surprise to find 'Hobbit' in the final to face number one qualifier Terry 'Sid' Sidebottom. They left together but by mid-track the Hobbit began to inch ahead despite a frightening speed wobble to eventually shatter his own A/Comp track record set earlier in the day at 9.30/159 mph, with a fantastic 8.95/162 mph to Terry's 10.33/118 mph.
August 23rd-25th 1980 SPR. Bank Holiday Supernationals. Hopes for a seven second bike run were in vain but Henk Vink and Johnny Munn ran side-by-side byes in round one with Vink clocking 8.24/173 and Munn crossing the line just behind at 8.37/166 on "The Hobbit". The pair met again in the final and Vink just took the win with an 8.21/169 while Munn recorded an 8.29/170, a new best for the Hobbs team.  
October 11th/12th 1980 SPR. BDR&HRA National Finals including Hot Rod & Custom UK Street Eliminator. In Superbike, Jeff Byne qualified top of the pile with 8.80/170 on his double Triumph. In the semis, Jeff lost out to Jonny Munn on Hobses Hobbit, 8.43/168 to 8.59/170. In the final, Nigel Patrick's clutch gave out and Jonny Munn coasted to the win after his engine expired on the run.
November 8th/9th 1980 SPR. Firework Spectacular. Elimination positions were determined by emergency qualifying times as the strip surface was a little too slick for serious qualifying. The second semi-final of Superbike saw Jonny Munn on Hobses Hobbit go up in smoke against Nigel Patrick who won with a 9.40/130.
April 17th-20th 1981 SPR. In a 4 bike Pro Fuel eliminator Mick Butler’s 8.57/160 saw off Jonny Munn’s 8.74/158 effort.
May 2nd-4th 1981 SPR. The weather conditions over the 3 day meeting were poor which meant emergency qualifying times for the eliminations. The 8 bike Pro Fuel eliminator kicked off with Jonny Munn beating Peter Wood 8.71/146 to 9.36/147. Jonny then beat Mick Butler in the semi, 8.74/151 to 9.16/152. In the final Jonny holeshot Jeff Byne, taking the win with an 8.79/146 to a 9.00/153.
May 23rd-25th 1981 SPR. The wet weather badly affected both qualifying and the eliminations, and only six out of the fifteen eliminations were completed. Jonny Munn won the second Pro Fuel Bike semi with an 8.85/149 over a broken Nigel Patrick. The final was a very close race with Mick Butler taking it by a wheel with an 8.85/153 to a quicker but losing 8.78/153 of Jonny Munn.
August 29th-31st 1981 SPR. Pro Fuel bike had all eight bikes running under nine seconds for the first time at the Pod. In the first round John Hobbs overpowered Rod Pallant with an 8.34/167. In the semi-final, Hobbs had his magneto split at half track handing the win to Chapman.
July 26th 1992 Santa Pod. Ultimate Kit Car Event. Making a return to Santa Pod after an absence of 10 years was bike legend John Hobbs making 14 second runs in his Dax Cobra.
June  26th/27th 1993 Avon Park. FIM Drag Bike European Championship round. Stu Bradbury was drafted in as chief starter for the meet. There were breaks in the action for special features like the re-appearance of John Hobbs and his double Weslake 'Hobbit', putting in some gentle runs. The bike not being pushed hard as it was only finally back together at 3.00 that morning. No times and speeds unfortunately.  
July 14th 2002 North Weald, Essex. Classic Bike Magazine Sprint Championship Round Three. John Hobbs made his annual appearance at this event with the legendary Hobbit. He had been experimenting with the gear ratios on the bike to enable a god run on the traction-poor airfield surface. It paid off as he recorded an 8.90, just short of the course record of 8.84.  
August 3rd 2003 North Weald, Essex. Classic Bike Magazine Sprint Championship. John Hobbs again made his annual appearance at this event with the legendary Hobbit. This was to be the final time this event was held at North Weald as the organisers pulled the plug due to the rising costs involved in staging it. Hobbs made sure it was a day not to be forgotten as he set a new course record on the very last run of the day. He lined up alongside the twin-engined Triumph of Terry Fisher and took the win with an 8.80/154.7.