Alan Currans Cuss & Ashley Gallery

All photos and captions provided by Alan Currans You can see more of his photos at The Acceleration Archive

This is the first picture of Ratcatcher in my collection. Unfortunately I did not date my slides but they are numbered almost chronologically. I reckon this was taken in 1974/75 and as you can see was taken at the Pod.

The car has now been re-painted and is seen burning out at Snetterton probably the following year.

The car has now sprouted a competition dragster style body with rather plain paintwork. This was taken at Santa Pod most likely following a re-build over the winter.

Leaving the line at Snetterton now with a rear wing fitted.

And now for something completely different - no bodywork at all at speed at Blackbushe.
Up until now the car had a distinctively retro look to it even by the standards of the time. Cuss & Ashley began campaigning a pro-comp dragster (I don't know if it was still called Ratcatcher) which was totally up to date.

This shot shows the sleek lines of the car, location unknown.

It seems almost impossible that the same people who were responsible for a short wheelbase slingshot rail could come up with the Bel-Ray Streamliner. This is the most radical (conventionally powered) dragster that I can remember seeing. This picture was almost certainly taken in 1978.

Here it is at Blackbushe doing what all powerful cars used to do there - boiling the hides.
I have also got a few shots of the old car taken at about the time the streamliner was being run but unfortunately no records of who owned and drove the car.

Here it is in the pits, most likely at Santa Pod, with the competition dragster bodywork and a decent blue re-spray.

White now and back with a conventional dragster body, this looks like Blackbushe to me.

Still a straight dragster but now blue and at Santa Pod. This shot was taken on 25/8/85.

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