The BHRA Pioneers Club

The BHRA Pioneers are an informal group of people who were involved in Drag Racing & Hot Rodding in the early days, primarily the 1960s.

They do not have a formal struture or hold regular meetings, but maintain contact through periodical newsletters (Kool Kams) and attenance at various events. In 1991 they celebrated the 30th anniversary of the very first national meeting of the BHRA, which was held at junction 9 on the M1 in 1961.

The only qualification for entry into this group is to have been a part of the scene in the 1960s, either as a member of the BHRA or the BDRA.

Amoungst the current members are;

Vic Outen (Co-founder with Brian Coole of the BHRA)

John Bennett (Past chairman and founder of Santa Pod Raceway)

Brian Sparrow (Competition secretary)

Peter Bartlett (publisher of the original Kool Kams)

Geoff Jago, Pete Atkins, Ed 'Bear' Hake, Clive Skilton, Doug Harler, Cliff Watts, Dave Kipling and many others.

If you would like to be a part of this select band of pioneering spirits, please contact Maurice Takoor at
If you know of anyone else who you feel would qualify and would like details please let them know. There is a nominal subscription fee of £5.00 per year to cover postage.

The club welcome any contributions for inclusion in their newsletter, particularly news of people and cars that figured in the early days, and any memorabilia which could be used for display at future events.

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