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Pre-1960 The origins of the Sprints, the first UK Hot Rod Club and future dragstrip pioneers begin to take to the tracks9/6/21
1960-1964 The formation of the BDRA and the BHRA, the first American racers show us how it's done and the first Dragfests thrill thousands 6/10/23
1965-1969 More Dragfests, the UKs first permanent strip and the first British Drag Racing Championships6/10/23
1970-1974 First NDRC meetings, British racers run in the States, the first 200, the first 6 and the arrival of the Funnies6/10/23
1975-1979 The first '5', the introduction of Pro Comp, the demise of Pro Stock, and Slammin' Sammy runs fours at 300mph6/10/23
1980-1984 The first Cannonball shootout, bikes into the 7s, rocket car racing and the quickest 1/4 mile pass ever 6/10/23
1985-1989 Funny Car fives, Top Fuelers run side by side fives and doorslammers go into the sevens6/10/23
1990-1994 Bikes into the 6s and hitting 200mph, the demise of Pro Comp and Alcohol cars go into the 5s6/10/23
1995-1999 The introduction of Avon Parks Super Series, the first Top Fuel '4' and a new British Drag Racing Championships11/8/21
2000 & beyond Dragsters vs Funny Cars again, Pro Stockers hit the sixes, Street Cars run eights, A new Fuel Funny Car Championship, Jet Cars in the fives, the first Top Fuel 300s and side by side fours 6/10/23

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