1970 - 1974

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The "Barn", the name given to the covered stand situated behind the start line area at SPR was opened.
March 29th/30th

Spring Nationals. SPR. In front of a record crowd of 12,000 spectators Freddie Whittle ran "Shutdown" at 11.06 120mph. Dennis Priddle in the Woolfes Whistler  recorded an 11.1 at 116.55 mph. Mike Hutcherson driving Nobby Hills blown Caddy "Houndog II"  ran 11.3/135.14 mph. Bruce Browns Chevy powered "Prospector II" digger recorded a 10.58 and a 10.63 at over 128 mph and Tony Anderson's blown V6 engined Trouble ran 10.62 and 10.69 at over 121 mph. Top Speed of the meet went to John Siggery's fuel injected Oldsmobile "Geronimo" with 135.67.  Santa Pod debuted the 'Gloworm' Capri, (often credited as being the first UK Funny Car) driven by Roy Phelps. The car was powered by a big block Ford V8 that had been found in a boatyard.

To see class results from this meeting click here. (Bill Dossett)

April 12th SPR. The Inaugural Meeting of the NDRC was postponed because of rain. (Steve Collins)
April 19th

SPR.The Inaugural Meeting of the NDRC. Bill Weichelt ran an off the trailer 9.52 qualifying pass at 145mph in the Dos Palmos Dragster. Mike Hutcherson in Houndog managed a 9.7 at over 130mph, his first nine second run. In the first round of eliminations Hutcherson found himself playing catch up after a holeshot from Tony Anderson's Trouble. At 1000ft it looked like he was going to make it but a rod let go, locking the rear end and sending the car into the safety barrier. Hutcherson was unhurt. Anderson found himself up against Weichelt for the final but his 10.64/113.32 was no match for a 9.58/143.47. 

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April 26th SPR. BDR&HRA Meeting. 
May 3rd

Entry List. The NDRC held a one-day meeting on the old aerodrome at Martlesham Heath, Suffolk. Amongst those present were Dennis Priddle, Bill Weichelt, John Siggery, Harold Bull, Phil Elson, Brian Gleadow, Tony Dickson and Brian Chapman. Gate receipts from the 7000 fans at Martlesham were £2319.19s.6d. Bill Weichelt took the Chevy powered Dos Palmos dragster to its second NDRC final win. Each successive smoky run saw him take the car deeper into the nines, culminating in a 9.696s win over a 10.182 from John Siggery in the Top Eliminator final. Traction was proving difficult to find for most classes, not least the Buick powered cars of David Render (Top Street Ginetta G12) and Pete Smith (Hush Too Altered). Both found themselves smoking and sideways for 400ft before getting staright and winning their respective runs. Cliff Jones took Opus One to the Top Comp final win with a 12.37, having run a best of 12.162.  It was at this meeting that Dennis Stone purchased the car from Cliff. There was mixed car and bike match racing also to provide entertainment. One notable encounter was Mick Butler, on the 998cc Vincent Pegasus, taking on the Stripduster rail of Harold Bull. Butler smoked the entire quarter to an 11.41 only to be beaten by a spectacular out of shape wheelstanding blast from Bull, with a slower 11.57.  Despite having sold his record breaking JAP and retired from Drag Racing Alf Hagon turned up and put in some runs on the 1000cc Vincent of Norman Oatham. Due to the limited grip available Alf could only get the bike into the 11 second zone on this occasion.

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May 24th/25th

SPR. BDR&HRA Meeting.

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June 7th

Blackbushe. NDRC Meeting.The first appearance of the new Priddle-Riswick-Gane Fueler, unfortunately teething troubles kept it out of competition.

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June 14th

SPR. NDRC Meeting.

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June 28th SPR. BDR&HRA meeting. The strip speed record was broken three times at this meeting. Firstly, Dennis Priddle in the Quartermaster car ran 183.9 mph. Tony Densham in Commuter then improved the mark to 185 mph, and then Priddle came out and re-wrote the record book yet again with a 193 mph blast. Dennis received a fifteen pound award in recognition of his efforts.(Clive Rooms)
July 11th/12th

SPR held its first RAC sanctioned International meeting but only two international entries arrived from an expected field of eight. These were Lars Nigell & Hazze Fromms "Roaring Viking" Capri Funny and the "Valkyrion" dragster of Bjorn Anderson. The meeting was run as two separate eliminations, one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday. It appears that the main event was the Sunday elimination as many cars did not run on the first day. On Saturday Dennis Priddle put in an 8.31/168.07 qualifier, while Clive Skilton clocked an 8.55/154.8 in his newly unveiled Revolution 11. Bjorn Anderson managed a 9.67/143 despite raw fuel pumping onto the slicks. Allan Herridge took Firefly to a 9.44/145 and John Siggery ran a 9.53/133. Harold Bull put in a ten second qualifier while Fromm put in a 9.86/133 instantly making him the fastest full bodied car to ever hit the Santa Pod strip. Middle Dragster eliminations saw John Whitmore in Dragonfly beat the Quarter Horse of Bill Haynes with an 11.83/106 to a 13.77/92.59. Gerry Cookson had an easy 15.83/90.52 win over Doug Harler who lost fire on the start line. Reg Sommers MAB advanced with an 11.7 against a 14.15 from J. Rotherham's Scorpion and Harold Bull pulled a trio of wheelies in his 10.37/131.9 defeat of an ailing 19.63/66.49 from Ken Penfolds kart. In the semi finals "King Harold" beat Sommers before it was Cooksons turn to lose fire letting Whitmore through to the final. The E.T. clocks failed for the final, which was won by Bull at 130.38mph to Whitmore's 112.36. Top Dragster eliminations saw an out of shape run from Priddle beat John Siggery with an 8.9/135 to a 9.51/133. Skilton then defeated Anderson with an 8.75/152 to a 9.7/141. Herridge had a bye and clocked a 9.7/147. In the first semi Priddle and Skilton put on a great show, with Dennis taking the win, 8.28/183 to 8.32/173. In the other Herridge had another bye, but chose to run against Densham at the same time. He then red-lit, running a 10.5 against an 8.83, but advanced to the final anyway. With the Firefly's clutch on the way out Herridge gave it his best shot for the win but a 10.6/137 was no match for an 8.35/174 from Priddle. At the top end though Priddle had his vision impared as oil coated his goggles and he crashed through the 200 yard braking board totally wrecking the front end and putting him out of action for the next days competition. To make matters worse he had earlier borrowed the front wheels from John Siggery after a puncture in a previous round. This meant that John would also have been unable to run on the Sunday until Alan Blount nipped home to Kettering and lent him the wheels from his part built new car. On Sunday Allan Herridge stepped into the driving seat of Alan Blount's Weekend Warrior fueler as Alan didn't have an international race licence. Many cars who were not present, or hadn't run, on the previous day made an appearance, including Bill Weichelt in Dos Palmos machine, Mike Hutcherson in Nobby Hills Cadillac rail, Tony Anderson's Trouble, Dave Render (doing double duty in his Fiat and Ginetta) and the Otis Blue team with their V6 Escort. Also, making a reappearance at Santa Pod, was the Wild Thing Anglia Altered bult in 1965, previously running a Jaguar powerplant but now with a Chevy V8. In qualifying Bill Weichelt made a promising start with a strong 8.85, his best yet, but the diff split open at the top end. John Siggery's Geronimo suffered a wrecked block whilst running an 85% nitro load and Doug Harler lost a blower pipe. Skilton and Densham both ran eights and Roy Phelps put in an 11.4 in the Gloworm. In the Top Dragster eliminations Mike Hutcherson took an easy first round win at 16.14 after Skilton's butterflies stuck open. Reg Sommers pulled a red light on an 11.63 whilst Anderson took the Valkyrion to a 9.5 win. Herridge put in a 10.83/129.53 bye in Weekend Warrior and Harold Bull beat John Whitmore 10.4/128 to 11.15/109. In the semis Hutcherson defeated Herridge with a 10.2/128 to a 12.23/119 while Anderson advanced to the final with a 9.68/143 to a valiant 10.19/132 from Bull. In the final it was Anderson who took the win with a 9.27/144 to a 10.27/129.8 from the Houndog car. Middle Dragster went to Bill Haynes, who had a bye in the semi finals, and had defeated Gerry Cookson in the first round 13.51 to 15.75. His opponent, John Rotherham had defeated Doug Harler in the semis.Top Competition eliminations saw Fromm wipe the floor with the competition. He beat Phil Elson in the semis with a 9.87/143 to a 12.44/97.5, and took the final win with an 11.2/110.5 to a 15.9/88 from Blue Bottle.The Top Eliminator for bikes saw Dennis Norman run his quickest ever with a 9.92 defeat of John Hobbs, who broke a chain. In the final Norman came up against Ian Messenger on Pegasus and won with a 9.93/134.9 to a 10.19/141. Roy Phelps challenged the Nigell-Fromm team to a Capri Funny Car match race, but was soundly beaten by a 9.87/147 to an 11.37/133.

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July 26th SPR. BDRHRA Meeting.
August 9th

Elvington. NDRC Meeting. In front of 1186 adult & 200 child spectators Clive Skilton became the first European racer to run into the sevens with a 7.84. This meeting was originally intended to be held at Martlesham Heath but it was moved to Elvington following complaints about noise from Martlesham residents after the May meeting. At this meeting Bill Haynes, in his 'Quarter Horse' Dragster took part in a head to head match race with a motorcycle. In a best of three match the result stood at one each before fading light prevented the final round being run. (Bill Haynes).

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August 16th

Hullavington. BDR&HRA 'On Tour' Meeting. Due to a small entry list only four eliminations were run, each with eight competitors or less. Dennis Priddle and Tony Densham ran some demonstrations, Priddle recording two 8.36s and The Commuter running an 8.5. All the competitors had to battle with gale force winds and the meeting only started after Kevin Pilling had put in a test run and decided everything would be OK.

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August 30th/31st

SPR. August Bank Holiday Meeting.Clive Skilton dipped into the sevens again after his historic run two weeks earlier at Elvington with a new low E.T. record of 7.56/179mph in his 'Revolution' dragster.

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September 13th SPR. NDRC Meeting. Rained off.
September 27th SPR. BDR&HRA Meeting. Tony Denshams 'Commuter' slingshot ran a disputed 205.76mph, (Tony himself doubted the speed), making it the first British car to go over 200mph.The car was equipped with a hi-ratio rear axle and larger rear wheels in anticipation of Tonys attempts at the flying kilometer record at Elvington the following weekend. This meant that the elapsed time for the run was a full 9.4 seconds.
October 3rd/4th

Records Weekend. Elvington. Tony Densham  in the Commuter took the Flying Kilometer record with a 207.6mph aggregate. The previous record (174.883mph) had been set by Malcolm Campbell in 1927. On the second day of the meeting Densham recorded a speed of 219mph during a flying quarter mile pass, although this was not a record attempt. Bill Weichelt broke Denshams old Standing 500m record in the Asmodeus dragster, knocking over a second off with a 10.12, and setting a speed of 110.52mph. He also took the Flying 500m record at 185mph. Tony Anderson in Trouble took the class D record (3000cc?) for the Standing Quarter Mile at 10.775 seconds and 84.46mph. In the bike classes Terry Measures took the 350cc class record with 11.31 seconds. Clive Skilton was also present but during his first attempt at the standing start quarter mile the engine of his Revolution 2 expired in spectacular fashion. The failure of a piston was thought to be the problem. Ray Feltell took his 750 Triumph to a new standing start 1/4 mile record with a two-way average of 10.29 seconds.  (Original entry from Steve Collins. Updates by Trakbytes)

For a list of all the FIM/ACU Standing 1/4 mile records, including those set at this meeting, click here (Scanned from Drag Racing & Hot Rod Magazine, January 1970)

October 11th

SPR. NDRC Meeting.

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November 7th/8th SPR held its first Fireworks meeting. An unprecedented result in Top Street Eliminator led to a later change of rules. American Ed Shaver, running at his first UK event, entered two cars in the class and ended up running against himself in the final! He staged both cars (an AMX and a Roadrunner), ran the Roadrunner first, drove back to the start line and ran the AMX. The Roadrunner was given the win as it had crossed the finish line about two minutes before the AMX!
November 27th Walthamstow Stadium. Amongst a wide variety of motor racing exhibits were a large number of Drag Racing vehicles. Commuter, Second revolution, Asmodeus, Stripduster, Conquest, Stripteaser, Opus One, Wild Honey, Good Vibrations, ItsaViva, Wild Thing, All American Express, Ed Shaver's AMX, Dennis Norman's bike and the V4 Street Rod of Bruce Eggleton. Many cars made demonstration runs on the short oval circuit before Clive Skilton blasted down the straight with tyres smoking, only just managing to negotiate the turns at the end.  Bill Weichelt performed a similar display in Asmodeus. A second round of demonstrations were run later on in the day, to an increased, and much appreciative crowd. Commentary for the Drag displays was provided by Brian Taylor.
This year also saw the first on track appearance from Barry Sheavills in a MK1 Cortina GT.
Also this year Ian Messenger, Mick Butler & Derek Chinn took the Pegasus motorcycle to the Indianapolis Nationals but failed to qualify. Dennis Norman also went and qualified with a 9.97 but went out in the first round. I believe this makes them the first UK racers to appear on an American dragstrip.
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Some notes from the BDR&HRA newsletters at the end of the season. Fred Whittle began building a new blown Hemi Fuel Altered having sold the original 'Shutdown'. Two brothers called Page, Dave and Gary, who had been crewing for Bill Weichelt all season, purchased the ex-Mark Stratton 'Hustler' altered which they re-named 'Panic'. Dennis Priddle was building a new, longer chassis for his Quartermaster dragster which meant having to sell his old trailer and build a longer one, and the name of Peter Crane appears for the first time. He was selling his 'almost complete' Pontiac powered 1948 Austin A40 to concentrate on other projects. Finally it was rumoured that a proper bleach box would be installed at SPR over the winter because "Burn outs" were becoming increasingly popular! (Steve Collins)


Santa Pod Raceways strip re-surfaced.
March 21st SPR. BDR&HRA Season Opener. The weather was very variable, but even so, there was a crowd of around 3000 people. Making their debut at this meeting were the Page brothers who had purchased the ex Mark Stratton Hustler. They had renamed the car Panic and Dave was the driver at this meeting. Fastest qualifier was Bill Weichelt with an off-form 10.75/138. Roy Phelps was also in attendance with the Gloworm Funny Car. The highlight of the meeting was Harold Bull running 9.75/130.21 in his diminutive dragster. Top Comp had just a couple of cars in the elimination. It was Dave Page’s Panic against the Johnson/Mullan Invader and it was the 12.2/110 from Invader which was too good for the 13.73/96 from the old BSA. (Clive Rooms)
April 11th/12th SPR. BDR&HRA Spring Nationals.  Clive Skilton debuted his new dragster 'Second Revolution' and became the first to run 200mph in the U.K. and set a new UK low E.T. with a 7.39/203 straight off the trailer! Tony Denshams 200 the previous year was never officially recognised. Clive lost to Dennis Priddle in the final when he pulled a red light.On the Monday both rails returned to duel a best of three match race with Clive taking the win in the first round. At the end of round two it was evens with both cars actually stopping the clocks with identical 7.67 s. Dennis then put together a best ever 197 mph pass for the decider but Clive got to the lights first. Brucie Browns latest Chevy powered creation "Age Machine" ran 11.03 /126.74 on it's first appearance and was runner-up in Top Dragster on Monday. Dennis Stones 5.3 litre chevy altered "Opus One" was the car to catch with a 11.52 /115 mph taking Senior Competition on the Monday. Top Street winner was Dave Render (Buick Ginetta) at 12.69 108.58 mph. (Bill Dossett)
April 25th Gosport HMS Daedalus Navy Base. The BDR&HRA's first "on tour" meeting of the season. Organised by the Mayor of Gosports Charity Appeals Committee in aid of cancer research more than 10,000 people attended and were treated to three shattering match races between Clive Skiltons " Second Revolution" and Dennis Priddles Hot Wheels . Neither car was able to show it's full potential due to the strips unevenness but Clive won the final with an impressive 8.6 to Dennis's quicker 8.4. Demo runs from Allan Herridge in Santa Pods Gloworm Capri funny car and Roy Phelps wheelied the full quarter with his Stingray. Tony Densham gave the new Firefly Chrysler fueler it's debut run with a relaxed 10.3. Gosport also saw the debut of Ray Hoare's 5 litre Chevy rail The Saxon producing times in the low 13's. The only upset of the meeting was when "Big Bad" Bernie White came off his 500 Triumph at 130 mph sliding 200 yards through the lights. The bike stopped the clocks at 11.20 seconds! (Bill Dossett)
May 16th SPR. BDR&HRA Meeting. Just prior to this meeting, 400 yards of new tarmac had been laid starting 150 yards before the finish and extending 250 yards beyond the finish line. During a demo run with Allan Herridge in the Gloworm Capri, Mike Hutcherson in the Houndog rail had a frightening experience when a slick blew at 140 mph and sent the car into the barrier. Mike was OK but not so the car which was a total wreck. Tony Densham in Firefly also put in a demo pass at 9.1/154. In the Junior Dragster final, Gerald Cookson in Joker defeated Derrick Penfold. Middle Dragster winner was Harold Bull after beating Chris Leaney and then John Whitmore. Bill Weichelt soloed to an 8.79/165 win in Top Dragster when John Siggery in Geronimo failed to make the call. (Clive Rooms)
May 22nd/23rd RAF North Luffenham 30th Anniversary Show. NDRC Meeting. Dennis Priddle ran 7.75 seconds in his TF car which was the quickest ET ever recorded at an NDRC event. Conditions on both days were rather damp and a lot of competitors had problems hooking up. Top Dragster winner was Ken Cooper in his flathead Mercury powered rail which defeated Ray Hoare in Saxon 12.55 to 13.16. John Whitmore ran 12.10 in the final of Middle Dragster to defeat the Red Witch of Keith Elliott. Junior winner was Duncan Miles beating an out of sorts Gerry Cookson. In Top Competition, Alan Wigmore shut down Ed Gurney’s Hush Bloo, and then Roland Pratt in the Hillbillies Topolino defeated Dave Page in the Panic BSA pickup. Dennis Stone had a bye run. In the semis, it was the Hillbillies who had the bye run, and then the Stones Opus One defeated the Itzaviva of Wigmore. The sheer power of the big block Hillbillies triumphed over the small block Opus One in the final. Middle Competition winner was Roger Bishop’s Stripteaser who downed Chris Wilson’s Alleycat. Dick Fielding took Junior Competition. Due to the weather, only two bike eliminations took place. In Middle bike, Norman Hyde on Roadrunner defeated Eddie Dunmow’s Paper Tiger. In the non-qualifiers elimination, Don East beat Phil Green. (Clive Rooms)
May 30th-31st SPR. Big Go. Dennis Priddle and Clive Skilton were both making check out passes on the Sunday. Clive ran a couple of mid sevens and Dennis ran an eight with handling problems. In their first race on Monday, Clive won with a 7.63/203 to Dennis’ 7.74/174 early shut-off with handling problems. The second race was similar with Dennis getting out of shape and heading towards Clive who was forced to click it off early. Clive won in 7.92/136 to Dennis’ 7.86/172. Dennis then discovered one of his rear wheels had a half inch buckle in it which was causing the handling problems. In Top Competition, Pete Smith in Hush Bloo ran 11.33/121 to defeat the 10.9/134 from Derek Benbow in Tee Total. Middle Dragster was once again a Harold Bull benefit as he beat Steve Collins and John Whitmore before defeating a red lighting Doug Harler in the final. Tony Anderson was the winner of Top Dragster. Firstly, he beat Dave Prior’s Hellkat, then Keith Elliott in Red Witch before beating Cliff Jones in the final. In Super Top bike, John Hobbs ran 10.45/138.31 as Pegasus expired, then Ray Feltell ran 10.64 to defeat Bernie White whose engine let go in a big way. Feltell red lit in the final handing the win to Hobbs who still put down a strong 10.17/137.36. In the Senior bike final, Phil Manzano red lit as Roger Barnes limped across the line with blower problems. In the final of Middle bike, Nigel Dodd downed Maurice Castle with 13.14/101.12 to a losing 14.96/93.55. The Junior bike final was between Les Julian and Des Heckle and it was Julian who took it in 12.30/112.61 to Heckle’s 13.90/96.15. (Clive Rooms)
June 13th

Elvington. NDRC & Auto 66 Club meeting. Qualifying included a 7.86s check-out pass for Dennis Priddle in his Mattel Hot Wheels sponsored fueler. He followed this up with a convincing win in a handicapped match race with Bill Weichelt's Asmodeus. A three-quarter second start advantage for Weichelt produced a tyre-smoking 9.22s as Priddle charged past to stop the clocks with a 7.30 at an estimated 210mph. This was a new low ET mark for the UK. Qualifiers in Top Comp included Dennis Stone with a 10.62 in Opus One, Kevin Pilling with an 11.30 in Pure Seven, and Ed Gurney with an 11.54 in Hush Bloo. Alan Wigmore in Itzaviva made it into the 11 second bracket with an 11.99. Rick Fielding took the now supercharged Imagination Model T Altered to an 11.47. Mike Treutlein ran the low qualifier in the Dragster ranks with a 10.37 from the Crescent Coupe, followed closely by Harold Bull with a 10.42 from Stripduster. In Top Street Ed Shaver took his 401ci AMX to a 13.70, but he couldn't match the pace of RAC steward Arnold Burton who put down a 13.44 in the 289ci Ford-powered TVR of Pete Stanford. Cliff Jones was out for the first time in his Buick powered Piper sports car. He qualified in Middle Street with a 13.06. In the depleted bike ranks Steve Murty made number one spot with an 11.45 from his Imp powered machine. Des Heckle squeezed a 13.29 from his 124cc Yamaha. In the eliminations Kevin Pilling advanced in Top Comp with an 11.37 win over a 12.67 from Dennis Stone. Alan Wigmore and Ed Gurney both had bye runs with Wigmore running a new personal best of 11.80 in the steel-bodied Viva. Gurney then took an 11.83 to 12.64 win over Wigmore in the semis as Pilling took the bye. In the final it was Pilling who took the win with a 12.55 over a quicker, but red-lighting, 12.29 from Gurney. Ed Shaver advanced to the final of Top Street with a 13.78 win over a 14.80 from Tom Conklin. Arnold Burton took the bye with a 13.95 and went on to defeat Shaver in the final with a 13.82 to a 14.02.

For all class results click here. (Steve Collins)

June 27th SPR. BDR&HRA meeting. Top Dragster was a best of three between Bill Weichelt and John Siggery with the Asmodeous rail of Weichelt taking it 2-0. The first race was 9.00/160 to a losing 9.46/144, and the second was 9.14/160.00 to a losing 9.43/148.06. Senior Comp final was between Roger Bishop in Stripteaser and Alan Sherwin in Travel Agent. Stripteaser took it with a PB of 13.10 as Travel Agent broke at half track. Top Comp was won by Kevin Pilling in Pure Seven. He ran 10.57 to defeat Ed Gurney in Hush Bloo, then he ran another 10.5 to see off Colin Mullan in Invader in the final. Junior Dragster winner was Michael Snelling in the Worden dragster. He beat Gerald Cookson’s Joker in the final, 12.98 to 14.6. Middle Dragster saw another win for Harold Bull although it was close. Doug Harler took a big lead as Harold got out of shape but then managed to straighten it up and just pip Doug 10.6/129 to a losing 12.06/113.9. The winner of Senior Dragster was Ken Cooper in the flathead Mercury engined Bazooka II. He beat Martyn Babb 11.98 to a losing 15.89. A couple of the big altereds turned up with new engines for the first time. Phil Elson in Sneaky was now fitted with a blown 392 Chrysler, and Dennis Stone in Opus One had an aluminium Chevy 427 fitted. Elson bent a valve in practice and Stone match raced Steve Cryer in Metronome. Even though Opus One wasn’t running properly, it still took the series 2-0. On two wheels, the winner of Junior Comp bike was Adrian Reynard who beat Paul Eastbury. Tony Weedon won Middle Comp bike beating John Ellson 11.87 to a losing 12.22. In Senior Comp bike, Les Julian was too eager and pulled a cherry allowing Roger Barnes an easy win. In Top Comp bike, Derek Chinn defeated Pete Smith, Tony Bartram had an easy win as Norman Hyde broke, Pete Miller overcame Dave Clee and Don East was too strong for Ray Feltell. In the semis, Bartram defeated Chinn and East beat Miller. Bartram took an easy final round win as East red lit. (Clive Rooms)
July Reported in July Custom Car magazine. Clive Skilton the British low-ET record holder is making plans to enter his Second Revolution Chrysler digger at this years NHRA Nationals in Indianapolis at the end of September. Clive reckons his Keith Black 392 motor will be able to withstand the high (95%) nitro loads required to qualify. So far he has managed to raise $2,400 of the $10,000 needed to ship the team out. Major sponsors are Castrol, Champion and GUD filters. Clive has since informed me that he didn't make it to Indy.
July 10th/11th SPR. BDR&HRA International Drags. Santa Pod welcomed their first South African competitor, 'Mad' Arthur Christy, who joined competitors from the UK and Sweden. Christy was determined to put his 'Hawaiian III' fueler into the eights but despite several 170mph plus passes he could not improve on a best of 9.05. Freddie Whittle debuted his new Hemi-powered Altered 'Shutdown' and after a couple of shakedown runs put in a storming 9.85/132.63 making him the quickest Altered driver outside the USA. Freddie red lit his way out of competition however and the title eventually went to Swede Lars Toringnen who set a new B Class record of 10.00/141.64. Some other Swedes were making a big impression on the crowds, Gunne Back ran an 11.75/128.04 in his B/Modified 1964 Corvette and Nels Redehlad ran a best of 12.10/118.76 in his B/Street Altered 7.9 litre Chevy Malibu. Clive Skilton took the Top Fuel Eliminator title in 'Revolution II' despite pulling a giant wheelie during Saturdays qualifying. The front suspension had to be fixed before the next days eliminations. In the final Clive faced up to Dennis Priddle in the JWR/Hot Wheels fueler who had been running the quicker E.T.s of the meeting (regular 7.3s). Dennis lost traction on the money run and Clive took the win with a 7.35 to Priddles 7.55/190.
July 17th/18th Elvington. Northern Speed Trials & Official Practice Day for the Records Weekend held in October. The Incorporated Sprint Organisation made special arrangements for Clive Skilton and Bill Weichelt to make their record attempts at this meeting as both drivers were expected to be in the USA when the actual event was due to be staged. Skilton set a new standing start quarter mile world record, (under FIA regulations, taking an average of two runs, one in each direction) in his 392 Chrysler Hemi powered "Revolution II". The previous record of 8.29, set by the Priddle/Sluggett "Tudor Rose" dragster in 1968, was beaten by Skiltons 7.605, 7.4 on the first run and 7.72 with a broken engine to finish on the second. Bill Weichelt in Asmodeus set a new British and European record for the standing start kilometer at 17.7 seconds, falling short of Mickey Thompsons World Record of 16.5 seconds. Apparently Asmodeus was said to have been travelling at approximately 275mph at the end of the kilometer. Bill commented after the run "The slicks had grown to about four feet tall at the top end"!
July 25th

Dunkeswell. NDRC Meeting. The largest NDRC crowd of the year so far turned up to watch the action. Dennis Priddle in the Hot Wheels fueler and Bill Weichelt in Asmodeus held a best of three match race. As Asmodeus was a gas burning dragster Bill was given a one second head start but was soundly beaten three nil by Dennis who ran a best time of 7.6. Roy Phelps brought along the FGR Wheelie Stingray to put on a show for the crowds.

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August 1st SPR. BDRHRA Meeting. John Hobbs set a new 500cc motorcycle record with a 9.68/137.74 run on his 'Olympus' Triumph in the final round, making him the first person to run a bike under 750cc below ten seconds. His opponent, Dave Lecoq, was returning to the track on his new creation 'Dragwaye' a slingshot bike! His path to the final saw a string of mid nine second runs at 150mph plus. In the face of such strong competition Hobbs performed what was described as an 'ultra long' burnout (5 seconds) before carrying the bike to the start line to prevent any grit sticking to the Avon slick. In stage he wound the motor up to 10,000rpm, 2000rpm more than normal, before dropping the clutch on the green. The result was a superb holeshot over Lecoq with virtually no wheelspin and a record setting victory.
August 8th

Blackbushe. NDRC. 120 competitors and 12000 spectators attended this NDRC meeting which was sponsored by Radio Luxembourg. The startline had to be painted before any racing could take place. Dennis Priddle in the Hot Wheels fueler and Bill Weichelt in Asmodeus held a best of three match race. As Asmodeus was a gas burning dragster Bill was given a two second head start and won with two out of three. Dennis however ran the quickest ET of the day with a 7.35. This was "Wild Bills" last appearance in the UK. After this meeting Bill packed up and returned to his native USA along with the car. Whatever happened to him after that? If anyone out there knows please contact me. Brian Chapman put in a run of 10.77seconds aboard his 500cc Vincent. This time made him the quickest single cylinder rider in the world. Dennis Stone drove the 'Opus One' altered to a new personal best of 9.95seconds to win the Top Competition final.

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August 29th/30th SPR. BDRHRA Championships Meeting. Dennis Priddle took the European E.T. record down to 7.22 seconds in the Hot Wheels fueler running against Tony Densham in Firefly. On the next run he tried to break into the sixes and destroyed his motor, putting a con rod through the sump. Dennis won the event and became National Champion. Dennis and Clive Skilton were jointly presented with a special trophy by Kelly-Springfield for the persons doing the most for the "furtherance of the sport" during the 1971 season. At the same meeting N.D.R.C. Chairman, Alan Wigmore, rolled his car 'Itzaviva' and wrote it off. Alan was OK. Dennis Stone won Top Comp Altered in "Opus One" beating Freddie Whittles "Shutdown" in the final. Dutchman Ronald Van Kuyk had entered with his injected rail but had engine problems. Ed Shaver achieved a personal goal when he got his AMX under the 13 second mark, his new personal best of 12.9s came with a prediction of lower times after planned chassis and suspension modifications. The Phelps Gloworm Capri ran 9.2/153 on a demo run. Gary Goggin and Jack Pearce held a Top Street match race after both cars red lit in the final round.  Goggin took his Stingray to a 12.01 win over Pearce's GT40.
September 12th SPR. BDRHRA Club Meeting. In Top Competition, Roland Pratt in The Hillbillies Topolino defeated Allan Herridge in the Gloworm Capri, 9.42/148 to a losing 9.59/152. (This turned out to be the last racing appearance for Gloworm). In the other semi, Fred Whittle ran a PB of 9.67/157 in Shutdown to defeat Phil Elson’s 10.91/149. In the final, it was the power of the blown 392 of Whittle which was just too strong for the injected Chevy of Pratt. Whittle’s time was 9.35/158 to a losing 9.63/146. Tony Anderson was the winner of Top Dragster overcoming Brian Ringsell’s Taxi 9.9 to the 10.54 of the ailing Chrysler. In Top Comp bike, Ray Feltell shut down Mick Butler, Tony Bartram defeated Ian Messenger on Pegasus, John Hobbs took a red light win over Pete Miller and Brian Chapman had an easy win over a broken Roger Barnes. In the first semi, Feltell recorded 10.32/115.61 as Bartram red lit. Then Hobbs ran 9.83/138.87 which was much too strong for Chapman’s 10.62/130.38. In the final, Hobbs was too slow on the lights allowing Feltell to take the win in 10.12/133.87 to a faster but losing 9.80/136.99. Mick Warne ran 10.84/125.47 to win Middle Comp bike at the expense of Pete Harman who turned 11.04 in the final. Brian Howells was the winner of Junior Comp bike as Ron May red lit in the final. (Clive Rooms)
September 25th/26th

RAF North Luffenham. NDRC Meeting.

For meeting results click here. (Steve Collins)

October 2nd Wimbledon Stadium. The Santa Pod Gloworm Capri was written off after being hit by an errant stock car whilst on display.
October 10th SPR. BDR&HRA Meeting.  Dennis Priddle set a new track and European record at this meeting. His first run was a 7.23/193. Then an hour later, he came out again and put down a 7.13/203 run to reset the record books. Commuter put in an appearance with Tony Densham at the helm and ran an 8.8/169 which took out the top end timing light deflectors. Top Dragster winner was Geronimo with mechanic Colin Calverley behind the wheel. He recorded 9.45/148 to beat Ray Hoare in Saxon which ran a losing 10.63. Ken Cooper took the win in Senior Dragster as Mike Treutlin in Crescent Coupe pulled a cherry. John Whitmore took the win in Middle Dragster with his first nine. His 9.93 was too good for Harold Bull who had a very eventful run which saw him side-swiping the barrier a couple of times. Gerald Cookson took the Junior Dragster win defeating Mo Thomas in the final. Kevin Pilling won Top Altered by beating Dave Stone in the final. John Dickson in the Good Vibrations Oldsmobile defeated Ruben Johnson in Invader to win Senior Altered. In Top Comp bike, Dennis Norman beat Tony Bartram, Ray Feltell defeated Pete Smith, John Hobbs missed a gear giving the win to Mick Butler on Cyclops, and Roger Barnes had a walkover as Brian Chapman’s machine stopped. In the semi-finals, Norman beat Barnes and Feltell shut down Butler. The final was won on the start line as Norman pulled another red light gifting the win to Feltell. Tony Weeden won Senior Comp bike defeating Pete Harman in the final. (Clive Rooms)
November 6th/7th SPR. Fireworks meeting. Saturday was badly affected by the weather and a crash when Keith Elliott in the Red Witch Jag powered dragster broke his chassis. There were some notable performances however including a 154 mph run from Steve Cryer in the Metronome altered, and the fastest ever speed from John Siggery in Geronimo at 154 mph also. Sunday brought more showers and the meeting was finally abandoned at 3.30 pm. (Clive Rooms)


Tony Densham announced that he was to retire from the sport, leaving the driving seat of the Santa Pod fueler 'Firefly' vacant for Allan Herridge. Allan had been driving Tonys old car The Commuter. At this time Firefly was the most powerful car outside America.
March 19th

SPR. Season opener. Making its debut at this meeting was the new Stones altered named Doo-wot. It was the ex Tee Total chassis of Benbow & Fullerton with the 427 Chevy out of Opus One. Dennis Stone put in the first couple of runs in the car which were both high tens. Then Dave took over for a match race with John Siggery in Geronimo. Geronimo took the first race in 9.3 seconds as the altered travelled a lot further than a quarter mile on the pass in 10.2 seconds. The second race was much closer with Siggery once again winning in 9.7 seconds to the 9.8 pass from the altered. Gerald Cookson once again was victorious in Junior Dragster. Middle Dragster was a best of three between Harold Bull and John Whitmore which Bull took 2-1. Tony Anderson was the winner of Senior dragster. In Top Comp bike, Norman Hyde took a 10.64/132.98 walkover as Nigel Dodd's bike died on the line. George Woods was the winner in Senior Comp bike recording 12.46/122.99 to defeat the quicker but losing 12.23/105.04 of Pete Irons. Alan Glide triumphed in Middle Comp bike as Roy Corbett saw red as he went too soon. (Clive Rooms)

For all class winners click here.

March 26th Upper Heyford. NDRC. This was just a practice day over an eighth mile on the perimeter track. No spectators were admitted. (Clive Rooms)
April 2nd/3rd Santa Pod reported that 23,000 people attended their Easter meet. On the Monday Dennis Priddle ran unopposed in the final to record the quickest E.T. outside the US with a 7.06 at 181mph. His opponent was to have been Clive Skilton but a sheared fuel pump drive in the fire up lane ended Clives race. Dennis had earlier set a new top speed record at 204mph. Clive was debuting the UKs first  rear engined fueler, 'Revolution 3'. Teething troubles saw a few non-starts for the car but by the end of the meeting Clive had recorded a best of 7.70. Freddie Whittle took the Top Competition Altered final in 'Shutdown'. Tony Dickson debuted his new car, a genuine U.S. built Pro Stock 1968 Camaro, 'Money Hungry', which had rolled off the boat just a few days earlier. He took the win in Top Street on both days with a series of low 12s. Colin Mullen and Reuben Johnson debuted the latest incarnation of their Firenza-bodied Altered 'Invader'. The car had a steel body with a fibreglass rear spoiler and a small block Chevy motor.
April 16th SPR. There were only 1500 spectators at the meeting. Clive Skilton in the new Revolution III ran its best time so far 7.5/195.. (Clive Rooms)
April 30th

Martlesham Heath. NDRC Meeting. The reurn to Martlesham came about when the major sponsor for the NDRC's planned season opener at Blackbushe pulled out, and the Suffolk venue was the only one available at short notice. Due to the meeting in 1970 at this venue being too successful, in that it generated a lot of complaints from local residents, this meeting was open only to racers and club members. The event could not be advertised, charging spectators was prohibited and there were no cash prizes for competitors.  ET Bracket racing was tried out with some success. However the low entry list demanded that a "widespread ET range" was necessary for each of the three brackets.  Bracket 3 (10-12 seconds) was won by Mike Treutlin in Crescent Coupe, as his main opponent, the Stones with their Doo-Wat altered had to retire with clutch and throttle linkage problems. Bracket 2 (13-16 seconds) saw some of the closest racing, with a particularly close match up of Jim Read's Camaro and Dave Quijada's 289 Mustang. Both ran mid-fifteen second times and finished within a couple of hundredths of each other. The winner in this group was Maurie Thomas in his Holbay 997cc Lotus 35 circuit racer. Bracket 1 was the stock class. The win went to the Lotus Cortina of Roger Lyes and 'Mac' McFarlane. Ken Penfold ran some mid-12 second passes in his 650cc Triumph Kart and even managed to beat the 3.8 Jaguar Stripteaser although the Altered did loose traction. Harold Bull had his twin 998cc BMC engined Stripduster suffer from blower drive problems and Dave Stone put in an impressive 14.6 in the V6 Escort, previously Otis Blue, but now christened Rudolf owing to the red nose on the bonnet scoop. Unfortunately Stone lunched the gearbox during the Bracket two eliminations. Tony Anderson debuted his new rear engined 2.5 litre Daimler and made several shakedown passes. Initially struggling to find grip Anderson's start line technique improved throughout the day and high eight second runs were predicted in the near future. On two wheels Keith Parnell struggled to get the power of his 750cc triumph on the track, with one run consisting of a sideways launch and a detour off the edge of the strip, where he continued on through the gorse bushes before returning to the track and crossed the line in fifteen seconds. Mike Treutlein was presented with a trophy for the lowest Dragster ET and Dennis Stone took the Comp Altered cup. Ivan Fryer received a trophy for the lowest Street Division ET (14.1s) and another for being the competitor who had travelled the furthest distance to the meeting.   (original entry by Clive Rooms. Updates by Trakbytes)

Roland Pratt and Mike Derry built the U.K.s first true funny car, the Transcontinental.A fibreglass Vauxhall X4/90 with Clive Skiltons 1971 Chrysler Hemi engine.
May 7th SPR. BDR&HRA Meeting. 
May 20th/21st

North Luffenham. NDRC Meeting. Rain on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon held up proceedings but all the classes were completed. Clive Skilton put in a single run in his 'Revolution III' fueler. He lost traction as soon as he launched and smoked the tyres before shutting off and seizing the fuel pump. Dave Stone had a wild ride in the wet in the final of Top Competition Altered. He kept his foot in all the way as 'Tee Rat' slid one way and then the other to an 11.43 win over Phil Elsons 15.08 in 'Sneaky'. Harold Bull was present with his twin-engined version of 'Stripduster' but he struggled to get it running well and ended up breaking a crankshaft.  Steve Collins made the Junior Dragster final, where he faced Malcom Locker's 1780cc Volvo rail which had run a 12.23 for the number one qualifing spot. At half track however the Volvo expired leaving Collins with an easy 13.35 win. In Top Street Ivan Fryer, who had won the prize for the racer who travelled furthest to the meeting, went out in the first round to the Barracuda of Thom Marshall who went on to take the final against Dave Rose's Chrysler powered Mk 2 Zodiac. Top Bike was reduced from six to four competitors as Ray Feltell and dave Clee failed to get out of the pits. Tony Weedon won the first semi on his 500cc Triumph with a 12.83 over the 650cc Triumph of Dave Coles. Norman Hyde then took a 12.37 win on his 741cc Triumph Roadrunner over a 13.33 from the twin engined 1300cc Triumph of Stu Bently. Hyde took the honours in the final.

For all class results click here.

May 28th/29th

SPR. Big Go. Dennis Priddle achieved the first six-second run outside the U.S. with a 6.995 /185 he followed it up with a 6.93/208mph  late on the first day. Clive Skilton had a bad back and did not run until the second day, by which time Priddle had run 6.95/208. In the final race Priddle beat Skiltons red-lighting 7.27 with a 6.93.Other results; Mike Hutcherson in Houndog ran a 9.02/164 to beat Bruce Brown in Age Machine in Top Dragster. In Senior Dragster Tony Anderson in his new Daimler powered dragster ran 10.10/128 to beat Ray Hoare in Saxon. In Top Comp Colin Mullens Chevy powered Firenza, Invader, beat the Chrysler powered Bantam Altered of Freddie Whittle, Shutdown.The Top Street title went to Tony Dicksons Money Hungry Camaro, running an 11.90 to beat Thom Marshalls Plymouth Barracuda at 12.40. (Simon Groves) Harold Bull was back after the previous weeks problems with a single engine in 'Stripduster'. In the Altered classes Fred Whittle had problems with 'Shutdown' and could not keep the motor running and the Stones team had trouble with 'Tee Rat' destroying clutch plates. Kevin Pilling found new power in 'Pure Seven' and pulled an eight foot wheelie which resulted in a twisted chassis putting him out of action. In Junior Dragster the Sayers Hillman Imp supercharged rear-engined dragster crossed the centre line at the top end, hit the timing mirrors and left the track flipping end over end. The driver was unhurt. There were some new sights for British fans at this meeting. SPRs fueler 'Firefly' was using a 'portable and detachable' starter for the first time, and John Hobbs and Mick Butler treated spectators to rolling burnouts from their Top Bikes in a series of match races that saw Hobbs come out on top with some sound nine second runs. As well as running into the sixes in his fueler Dennis Priddle took to the controls of the newly imported Stanford/Riswick 'Kielbasi Kid' Camaro in Top Street. Neither Pete Stanford or Dave Riswick had obtained competition licenses and so persuaded Dennis to drive. He lost out to Dickson in Money Hungry who went on to win Top Street on both days with a 12.25/112.87 on Sunday and an 11.99/114.29 on Monday despite fierce competition from Thom Marshalls Barracuda. Marshall was trying everything he could to beat Dixon, including switching between Holley and Carter carbs, but it wasn't enough. Nobby Hills new Houndog rail, driven by Mike Hutcherson and now running a blown 354ci Chrysler, took the Top Dragster win on both days, with a 9.48/135.87 and a 9.32/165.56. John Siggery in Geronimo failed to live up to his predicted nine second capability as the injected Oldsmobile engine repeatedly stalled or bogged off the line. Bruce Brown was now running the ex-Hillbillies 454 Chevrolet engine in his rail and was rewarded with a new personalbest of 9.4 seconds. Ken Cooper took his Flathead V8 powered Bazooka 3 rail to a 12.40/11 win on Sunday, but lost out to Tony Anderson on Monday who ran a sound 10.19 in his Daimler V8 powered More Trouble dragster. Two racers stationed in the UK with the USAF were running in the Street Classes. Bill Marshall took his 351ci Cleveland powered Mustang to a Senior Street win on Monday with a 15.29/91.58, and Jim Soloman won Middle Street on both days with a 16.77/80.19 and a 17.37/78.37 from his 2 litre Opel Manta. One other new attraction opened at this meeting. Santa Pod's new toilets were available on the pit side of the strip, making them subject to a 30p entry fee. 

For all class winners click here.

June 11th SPR. BDR&HRA Club Meeting.
June 25th SPR. The 'Hillbillies' team debuted their latest creation, the 'Transcontinental' Funny Car. The first run produced an out-of-shape eleven second pass, the second was straighter but was still giving driver Roland Pratt cause for concern. Following some adjustments to the steering geometry and the dropping of the rear slick pressures to 10psi he came back out and performed a 200yard burnout followed by an 8.77/162.34 on 25% nitro. His chute failed at the end of the run but he managed to get the car stopped safely.
July 8th/9th SPR. "3rd Internationals". The entry list contained racers from Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, the U.S.A., South Africa and the UK. The first day of the weekend was lost to rain. Sunday was better and Dennis Priddle and Clive Skilton ran a side-by-side 7.1 to 7.2 second race in qualifying. In the first race Priddle followed up his first six second run a month earlier with a 6.88/185.19 holeshot win to Skiltons 7.07/203.25, new personal best E.T.s for both drivers. Later on they matched up again and Dennis made it three in a row with a 7.08 while Skilton lost four pistons and the blower on a 9.04. Dave Stone took "Tee Rat" to a quickest ever time for a Competition Altered in Britain, 8.81 seconds, making it the first British Altered to get into the eights. The Hillbillies 'Transcontinental' Funny Car was written off in a top end accident, on only it's second outing, when the front body section fouled the left hand front wheel turning the car hard to the left where it rolled and left the track. Driver Roland Pratt suffered bruises and torn cartaliges in one knee. A collection of donations from competitors and fans raised around £1000 to help with a rebuild, but the car was too badly damaged and neither the body or chassis were used again. In Top Street Swedens Gunne Back took his 'Frighten Chicken' 427 Corvette to the title honours despite some startline trickery from Tony Dickson in Money Hungry. Back patiently waited just outside the pre-stage beam while Dickson performed three burnouts. Dickson then staged, followed by Back who then pulled a superb holeshot and took the win. South Africas top bike racer Mike Bramley ran his best ever time of 10.60/139 before grenading his motor. The large field of foreign bike racers included a young Henk Vink from Holland on a 750 Kawasaki but the final eight in eliminations were all UK riders. Mick Butler took the win in the final on his 1000cc Vincent. Other winners included Swedens Lars Torngren in his 'Wild Honey' Altered, who took the Senior Competition title with a win over Colin Mullans 'Invader', and another Swede, Kris Johansen who won Senior Street when Roger Oram pulled a red light in 'Red E'.
July 23rd Blackbushe. The planned NDRC meeting for this date was cancelled due to a clash of events at the venue and rescheduled for August 20th.   
August 5th/6th SPR. BDR&HRA Grand Fuel Meeting.This meeting had to be abandoned due to the weather. There were some notable performances that took place before the meeting was stopped, including a 9.4 second pass from John Whitmore, Allan Herridge running 7.8/192 in Firefly and Fred Whittle running 9.1/168 mph in Shutdown. Ray Hoare improved his performance with a 9.9/158, and Gary Goggin ran an 11.60. Pete Atkins debuted his revised version of Slo-Mo_Shun but the promising looking machine threw a rod on it's second run. (Trakbytes & Clive Rooms)
August 20th Blackbushe. Hot Car/Radio Luxembourg Grandnationals. NDRC Meeting. A crowd of nearly 20,000 saw Dennis Priddle smoke the full quarter mile to record a 6.91/211, the fastest speed so far in the UK. He was taking part in a match race with Clive Skilton who struggled to a 7.62/189 using the 392ci Hemi from the recently deceased 'Transcontinental' Funny Car. Earlier in the day the pair had run two other races. The first saw Priddle take the win with a 6.92/194 (the first six at Blackbushe) to Skiltons 7.87/180. In the second race Priddle had fuel problems after a strong burnout and shut off to leave Clive to clock a 7.89/189 solo. Top Competition saw a contest between the Altereds of Dave Stone (Tee Rat) and Freddie Whittle (Shutdown). Dave Stone was the dominant driver, beating Whittle 9.58/160 to 9.77/159 to take number one qualifying spot. Later in a match race with Phil Elson in the 'Sneaky' Altered Stone took Tee Rat to a 9.48/172, the fastest speed ever for an Altered in the UK. Elsons losing 11.44/123 was no match. Stone went on to win the final of Top Competition with a 9.43/149 to Shutdowns 9.80/153. Whitle then raced Elson and took the win with a 9.79/164 to a 10.70/134. John Hobbs took the Top Bike title with a 10.26/150 on his 'Olympus II' Triumph against Eddie Lloyds 11.88/128 on 'Locomotion'. Bruce Brown took Top Dragster with a 9.79/161 to Roger Bells 11.88/120 in a 5.7 litre Formula One BRM! Ray hoare took Senior Dragster with a 9.83/155 to Tony Andersons 9.72/131. Gary Goggin won Top Street, and also set low E.T. of the meeting for street cars with an 11.79/122 win over Keith Harvies 12.75/113. Middle Street went to Mike Aitkin in 14.01/105 and in Junior Dragster Harold Bull dominated the field with regular mid-eleven second runs that were at least a second quicker than the rest of the competition. Tony Weedon had a win in Middle Bike while Norman Hyde took the Senior Bike honours with an 11.63/133 over Mick Warnes 11.79/125. Peter Elgin won Top Street Bike on his 1000cc Vincent. The Page brothers debuted their new 'Panic' altered at this meeting. The car featured a Roland Pratt chassis with a JWR 427ci Rat motor and Fibreglass Applications Topolino body.
August 27th/28th SPR. BDR&HRA Nationals Skilton lost to Priddle in the first side by side six second race. Skilton ran 6.89/211 (his first six), Priddles slingshot ran 6.67secs. The first side by side 200mph run happened at the same meet when Herridges 'Firefly' ran a 7.34/201 to beat Skiltons 7.41/200. Herridge went on to run a 7.2. Dave Stone took 'Tee Rat' to its best ever time with an 8.6 second run and then went on to crack a piston and bend a rod trying to better it. The Page Brothers won the Senior Competition Altered Eliminator title with their new Topolino Altered 'Panic'.  Shutdown became the second UK Altered to enter the eight second bracket when Fred Whittle put in an 8.70/180 pass. John Hobbs became the first bike rider in Europe to hit the 160mph mark in 9.63 seconds on his twin-engined Olympus.
September 3rd North Luffenham. NDRC Meeting. Cancelled due to lack of entries. 24 racers had sent entry forms in prior to the event. The close proximity to other meetings was blamed.
September 9th Brighton Speed Trials. Clive Skilton took his 392ci Chrysler powered 'Revolution III' to smoky runs of 8.1 and 8.7 seconds.
September 10th SPR. BDR&HRA Big Street Meet
September 23rd/24th SPR. BDR&HRA Meeting. Saturday’s qualifying was headed by Dennis Priddle who reset the strip record with a 6.59/200.8 run. John Siggery drove Commuter to an 8.09, the fastest the car had ever run. Super Top Dragster should have been a three race, round robin affair. In the first race, Dennis Priddle defeated Clive Skilton with a 6.7 to a losing and engine damaging run of 7.24. In the second race, Priddle soloed as Allan Herridge in Firefly lost fire, but the clocks went on the blink which meant no time or speed. Firefly was re-fired and ran 7.12 at 212 mph which was the fastest ever speed in this country. Mike Hutcherson in Houndog won the first Top Dragster final with a 13.14/55, and Bruce Brown in Age Machine won a best of three with Geronimo by 2-1, culminating in a PB 9.00/161. Senior Dragster went to John Whitmore with a 10.14/134.4 and Middle Dragster went to the Joker of Gerry Cookson. Top Comp Altered winner was Dave Stone in Tee Rat with an 8.78/162 win over Phil Elson. Senior Altered went to Rob Messent in Stripteaser, and C. Pogmore won Middle Altered.  In Top Street, Kevin Pilling debuted the Keilbasi Kid and reached the final before going down to Gary Goggin who ran 11.58/122. Senior Street went to J. Strutt with a 12.86, Middle was won by S. Clark with a 15.92/87.5 and Junior went to S. Coyle with a 16.98/77.1.  In Top Comp bike, Pete Smith won the final in 10.67/117.9 as Jeff Byne red lit. Senior Comp bike winner was Dave Clee in 10.60/138.1, George Woods took Middle in 11.39/119.0 and John Clift won Junior in 13.21/101.5. Mick Carter won top Street Bike with a 12.21/108.7. (Trakbytes & Clive Rooms)
September 30th/October 1st Elvington. International Sprint Organisation World Records Weekend. Dennis Priddle set a new 1/4 mile world record of 6.7seconds. This was achieved with a run of 6.69 (the first six second run seen north of Santa pod) followed by a return run of 6.75. The return run was however judged to be outside the one hour turn-around time allowed for record attempts so the team re-prepared the car for a second return run. This was achieved with a 6.65 giving the two-way average of 6.7. Clive Skilton took 'Revolution III' to a new world 500 metres standing start record of 8.4 seconds with a terminal speed of 240mph. John Hobbs had a successful weekend after problems on the Saturday and left with three National and World records. Saturday saw his clutch on the 1000cc twin-engined Triumph 'Olympus II' go up in a shower of sparks during a burnout. Back in the pits Hobbs was observed scuffing clutch plates on the concrete in an attempt to produce some bite in the errant parts. It appeared to work as the next day he secured the Standing Start 1/4 mile record at 9.785 seconds, the Standing Start Kilometer record with 18.22 seconds and the Standing Start Mile record with 26.395 seconds. The Mile record had stood at 28.032 since 1966 when it had been set by sprint legend George Brown on his Vincent 'Super Nero'. Hobbs estimated speed at the end of the mile was 190mph. Ian Messenger ran a best of 10.10 seconds over the quarter mile on the 1000cc Vincent 'Pegasus'. Swede Arnold Sundquist made an attempt at the flying kilometer record in his Westinghouse J46 engined 'Silver Streak II' jet car. On approaching the start line at around 280mph the car veered to the right and in a bid to regain control he pulled the chute. The car crashed through the barrier and came to rest in a field. Arnold needed no more than a few stiches in one leg.
October 8th SPR. BDR&HRA Action Meeting.
October 21st/22nd SPR. BDR&HRA G Max Grand Trophy Meeting. Saturday featured qualifying for the following days Competition Eliminator. Bruce Brown ran a 9.34/140.45 in the 454ci Chevy 'Age machine', Tony Dickson ran 11.88/117.92 in 'Money Hungry' and Phil Elson continued to improve in the 'Sneaky' Altered with a 9.34/150.60. Top runners in the bike divisions were Tony weedon and Norman Hyde who ran 10.09/136.99 and 10.13/141.44 respectively. Sunday began cold and wet but the track had dried sufficiently for racing by midday. With a lot of racing to get through the situation became confused by mid-afternoon when it became apparent that the Competition Eliminator, Class Racing and qualifying were all being run together. Despite the confusion Pete Smith emerged as the Comp Eliminator winner with a 12.14/117.64 in his 'Hush Bloo' Altered to a 17.71/74.91 from the E/Production Volvo of Glen Read. Dave Stone qualified 'Tee Rat' with an 8.92/152.67, beat Phil Elson 8.91/16026 to 9.89/155.52 and went on to take the Top Competition title with a solo 9.90 after Freddie Whittle lost fire in 'Shutdown'. Earlier Whittle had defeated Ed Shaver who was driving the rebuilt 'Metronome'. Allan Herridge performed Britains first ever flame burnout at this meeting in the Firefly slingshot. He then followed it with the fastest Top Fuel speed outside the US, a 7.51/218. His opponent for the race, Clive Skilton, had shut off with a faulty oil pressure gauge. Allan red lit however so a re-run was called. This time Clive pulled a red on a 7.04/204 pass as Herridge coasted through in 11.53/88.44 for the win. Dennis Priddle ran a 6.98/153.74 to defeat Mike Hutcherson in 'Houndog' at 8.63/156.74. By the time the crew had turned "Firefly' around to race Priddle it was too dark for the cars to run so the pair sent the fans home with fire burnouts. Other results saw John Hobbs take the Top Bike final with a 9.91/146.41 to Ray Feltells 10.55/107.30. Tony Dickson took Top Street with a solo 12.01/118.91 after Kevin Pilling failed to show. Senior Dragster saw Dennis Acott in his rear-engined Chevy rail 'Hellkat' take the honours after John Siggery red lit on a 9.11 pass in the Commuter. Middle Dragster went to John Whitmore on a solo after 'The Worden' failed to show and Pete Batty ran 13.13/97.18 in his Imp powered rail to take the Junior Dragster win over a 13.4/99 from Gerry Cookson in 'the Joker'.
November 4th/5th

SPR. BDR&HRA Fireworks Meeting. Dennis Priddle and Allan Herridge came together for the final of Top Fuel. Priddle took the win with Herridge gaining at the top end before going sideways and striking the barrier of the spectator lane bursting a tyre and damaging the rear of the car. On pulling the chute the car straightened up and Bootsie managed to stop it safely. Later he brought it out to entertain the crowd with some fire burnouts. Phil Elson ran 9.73/148 in 'Sneaky' to defeat Dave Stone in 'Tee Rat'. Keith Harvey ran a seasons best of 11.26/121 in his 440ci Camaro 'Firebrewed' making him the quickest Stocker in the UK. He went on to defeat Tony Dickson in Money Hungry and, in the Top Street final, Gary Goggin in the 'Super Vette' after a two minute burnout.  

For all class winners click here.

This season saw Barry Sheavills debut his first purpose built racecar. It was an Austin Ruby with a straight six Jaguar motor which ran in Competition Altered. It was called 'Stagecoach', the name which Barry continued to use on all his cars.


SPR added a 1000 seat stand on the pit side of the strip.
A change in the rules for motorcycles meant that from this season onwards engines with capacities of up to 2000cc could be used in competition (Previously 1300cc). This would lead to twin engined machines becoming more common and John Hobbs became the first UK rider to use a 7x14 Woolfrace wheel, with a car size slick, to cope with the increased horsepower on his newly built 1500cc Morgo-Triumph.
The RAC announced that Castrol Ltd would be the sponsors of the 1973 National Drag Racing Championships. This was seen by many as a significant step forward for the recognition of the sport.
February 3rd-17th At the 13th NHRA Winternationals meeting at Pomona California Clive Skilton and Dennis Priddle became the first UK car drivers to race on an American drag strip. They had both gone out to purchase cars to bring back to the UK. Priddle qualified 25th in a 32 car field while Skilton made the bump spot. The event turned into a shambles and was possibly the longest drag race meeting of all time. For an  excellent full account of the event from Simon Groves click here.
March 18th SPR. Open Practice Day. Dave Clee debuted his new Alf Hagon built double Triumph engined motorcycle 'Double Barrel Shotgun' but had problems and burnt out the Jawa speedway bike clutch plates he was using. Rookie Charlie Harrison put in some twelve second runs on the ex-John Hobbs 500cc 'Olympus 1' Triumph which he now owned. John was on hand to offer advice and took one more run on his old bike to prove it would still hold together. Keith Parnell put in some runs on his 750cc 'Matchmaker' and lowered his personal best from a high ten to 10.26. Brian Chapman turned up with his 500cc Vincent 'Mighty Mouse' and put in a best of 10.35. He claimed to have been busy decorating his house all winter and had only gone over the bike with a feather duster in preparation for the new season!
April  1st

SPR BDRHRA Season Opener. Top Fuel saw Mike Hutcherson and Allan Herridge run identical 8.53s in qualifying. Hutcherson in 'Houndog' was running the old 392 motor from Herridges 'Firefly' and hit 181mph. Dennis Priddle made number one spot with a 7.05. In eliminations Herridge performed a flame burnout before coming to the line alongside 'Houndog'. The car then lost fire and Hutcherson soloed to the final. Priddle soled for his place also. In the final a hard wheel-lifting charge from Hutcherson was never going to be enough to beat Priddle who got back into the sixes with a 6.96/176.99 win. Dave Stone took top spot in Comp Altered with a 9.21/164 in 'Tee Rat'. Phil Elson was running a new slipper clutch in 'Sneaky' but a loss of oil pressure in the semi-final saw Bob Braysher, out for the first time in the Tyresales Teams Ford motored 'Texas T' make it to the final. In the other semi Dave Stone easily defeated Colin Mullans 'Invader'. The final was an easy win for 'Tee Rat' with an 8.81/167.74. This meeting saw the first ever UK Pro Stock eliminator. Only three cars entered, Kevin Pilling in 'Satans Toy' (The ex-Keilbasi Kid), Peter Crane in the ex-Rod Shop Camaro and Tony Dickson in the 'Money Hungry' Camaro, the first US Pro Stock car to be imported to the UK. Dickson took the title on a solo run. In Junior Dragster Gerry Cookson appeared with a Wade blower for the first time and knocked half a second off his previous best to take the win in the final. Brian Ringsells blown 331 Chrysler rail 'Taxi' made a brief re-appearance but had problems. Reports sate that Brian couldn't fit into it! Tony Weedon wrote off his Triumph bike when a cross wind at the top end of the strip caught him unawares and sent him into the opposite lane, just missing opponent Wilf Barry. Tony suffered bruises and a cut to his head. Brian Chapman, on his 'Mighty Mouse' Vincent, ran the quickest bike time of the day with a 10.48 in qualifying. Derek Goodman won the Top Street Bike class with a 14.05 on his Norton. Runner up was P. Butler who put in a slow 20.10 with a duff plug.

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April 8th

Castrol /RAC NDRC National Championship Round One. Wroughton, Wiltshire. 9000 spectators turned out to witness the start of the 1973 NDRC National Championship. 75 entries was a lower than expected turnout and the infamous NDRC timing equipment was playing up and refused to give out any terminal speeds. Star of the day was Clive Skilton who was debuting his newly imported, ex-Kuhl & Olsen fueler with its 446ci Beadle-built Dodge Hemi. Clive clocked a 7.18 off the trailer on only 60% nitro before lining up for a match race with Roland Pratt. Pratt was driving Clives car from the previous year, with a new paintjob and sponsorship from Accles & Pollock. He put in a smoky familiarisation pass, shutting off at half track before the match. The first leg saw Skilton win with a 7.10 to Pratts early shut off 8.44. The second round saw Pratt into the sevens for the first time with a 7.83 loser to Skiltons 7.11. The final round saw Pratt get his revenge with a 7.71 while Skilton bogged off the line and went every which way but straight in an effort to catch up, eventually losing with an 8.37. Kevin Pilling ran a 12.84 in the new 'Satans Toy'  Camaro Pro Stocker on a trial run. He followed this up with a new personal best of 11.08 but lost the propshaft and damaged his T.10 gearbox, putting him out of action for the rest of the day. In Senior Street Dave Grady took his 302ci Holden (the first seen at an NDRC event) to a 15.07 for #1 qualifying spot, just ahead of Ian Frasers Mustang at 15.30. The anticipated Pro Stock match race between Keith Harvies 'Fire Brewed' and Kevin Pillings 'Satans Toy' never materialised because Harvies £2000 all aluminium motor threw a rod and destroyed itself. The explosion was so severe that the errant rod embedded itself in the front cross member and resisted all attempts to remove it. Brian Bucknall took his twin cam Lotus 7 to #1 qualifier and the Middle Street win at his first ever drag race. Qualifying saw Freddie Whittle go to #1 spot in Top Competition with an off the trailer 8.92 in the 'Shutdown' Altered. Fred went on to win 2/2 in the Top Comp match race with Colin Mullans 'Invader'. Ray Hoare and John Whitmore were the only qualifiers in Senior and Top Dragster and so decided to make a match race of it. The first round went to Hoare in 'Saxon' who clocked his first nine with a 9.97 to Whitmores 10.37. He improved on this in round two with another win and a 9.61 while Whitmore got out of shape on a 10.84. The third round saw a malfunction on the tree causing an uneven start. Whitmore clocked a 10.04, his best of the day, while the bad start saw Hoare follow with a 10.07. Top Bike was won by Peter Miller, on his 500cc 'Mendusa', with a 9.77 second blast to beat Don East who ran 10.88 on 'Quasimodo' after missing a gear. Junior Motorcycle was won by John Clift recording 12.64 on his 350cc B.S.A. 'Earwig', closely followed by Ron Cheeseman with 13.15, whose wife was also runner up in the Street Eliminations for cars. In the Street Motorcycle class victory went to C. Russell on his Triumph 'Reflection'. He was the only entrant! John Lloyd debuted his new creation, a 1600cc VW motored bike called 'Locomotion'. He suffered clutch problems, a regular fault of the larger engined bikes.

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April  15th Amsterdam. Holland. A team of UK Drag Bike racers travelled to Amsterdam to participate in a meeting organised by the Amsterdam Motor Club and the 'Explosion Club'. The strip was a section of public road on the outskirts of the city which the local authorities had allowed them to use for the day. Best performances were from Don East on his 750cc 'Quasimodo', who won fastest time of the day (10.707), best in class and was also winner of the Drag Race session. George Woods won the 350 class with his Triumph but later blew a piston after being persuaded to add a drop of nitro. Nigel Dodd ran a low eleven on Phil Manzanos 750cc 'Torquemedia' while Phil rode a 1927 Douglas. This vintage 596cc bike ran a 13.24 in practice, beating, and probably embarrassing, the Dutch owner of a brand new 900cc Kawasaki. Don East and top Dutch rider Henk Vink ran a best of three match race. Don won the first round but missed a gear and let Vink past in the second. The deciding race was not run.
April 22nd/23rd

SPR. Custom Car Springnationals. In a bizzare match race John Whitmore, in his new rear engined 1300cc BMC rail, faced up to Dennis Priddles Mr Six. John was away from the line first but by the 1/8th Dennis was ahead to win with a 7.02 to Johns 10.50/139. Dennis also ran a two match race against Allan Herridge in Firefly. Priddle won both races, the first with a 7.80/205 after Bootsie red lit, and the second with a 6.87/208 hole shot to a 7.55/198. Mike Hutcherson ran a best ever 8.07/191 but the chute deployed late and Mike dented the nose of the car on the safety drums at the end of the strip. The fourth Top Fuel entry was the aging Commuter, now driven by John Siggery. His qualifying time of 8.50 put him in fourth place. Also recording a personal best was Ray Hoare in Top Dragster, a 9.64/154. A five car Pro Stock field saw Kevin Pilling take #1 qualifying spot with a 11.28 in Satans Toy. Gary Goggin was out for the first time in his new car and qualified with an 11.86. Peter Crane went out in qualifying when he put a couple of rods through the sump of his Easy Ridin' Camaro. Dave Stone was #1 qualifier in Comp Altered with a storming 8.77/166. John Lloyd was out again on his Locomotion VW powered bike but a smoky 10.90 was not quick enough to qualify. Mick Butler debuted his new twin Norton engined Super Cyclops and put in a couple of easy low eleven second shake down runs. Brian Chapman was out of luck when Mighty Mouse blew its 500cc Vincent motor all over the track after an earlier 10.72. Norman Hyde was top of the pile with a 10.37. The first round of Pro Fuel saw Priddles Mr Six up against John Siggery in the Commuter. A foregone conclusion on paper but as Priddle performed his burnout the blower belt broke and took out an oil pipe. Siggery soloed for an easy win. In the other semi Mike Hutcherson, having patched up the nose of Houndog, put a rod through the sump while Allan Herridge pulled a red light in Firefly. That meant that all Siggery had to do was get the Commuter to the end of the strip. This he did in an easy 10.88/134. Priddle and Herridge decided to run off for second place. After the burnouts Firefly cut out and the crew quickly re-started it. On the run the clutch gave way in Firefly and Herridge coasted through the lights at 8.94 behind Priddles 7.28/193.80 winner.

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May 6th

Castrol/RAC NDRC National championship Round Two Fulbeck, Nottinghamshire. Despite the intermittent rain 6000 spectators turned up for the days action. Qualifying eventually got underway at 11am and went on until 1pm. Clive Skilton (Revolution IV) and Roland Pratt (Revolution III) were the only two fuelers present. Their first match race saw both cars loose fire on the line before re-starting. Clive ran 7.25/204 but Roland was left on the line with a broken throttle linkage. The second race saw Skilton win with a 7.40/194 to Pratts 8.85/109. Flames were spotted on Skiltons motor after the finish so the safety crew had to use an extinguisher to avoid any more problems. This meant that Clive was unable to make the last race. Pratt soloed to an easy 11.09. Meanwhile Christine Skilton pulled off a surprise victory in Senior Street, driving a Mercedes Benz 350 SLC Automatic. This won her the Sperex/RSD award for 'Best Lady Driver'. In the Street Bike final two Kawasakis met, Alan Davis (750cc) and Phillip Allen (500cc). Allen was keen to get a good start on the smaller machine and put on a little too much power off the line. The front wheel lifted and by 60ft Allen was pulling a huge wheelie. Undeterred he refused to close the throttle and rode through it, but failed to catch up with Davis' bigger bike.

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May 13th SPR. BDR&HRA Meeting.
May 19th Goodwood Circuit. On a 600ft long strip Dennis Priddle put in some demo burnouts and launches in his 'Mr Six' slingshot. Southern TV recorded the action which was shown on the evening news and the 'Day By Day' programme.
May 26th/27th The Hot Car Big Go. SPR. 200 cars and bikes made up the entry list for this meeting with a record of seven British-owned fuel dragsters. Qualifying saw the debuts of Dennis Priddles 'Mr Revell' slingshot (7.79/174 & 7.11/204.7) and Clive Skiltons back-motored 'Fourth Revolution' (6.74/204.9). Tony Gane took the driving duties in Priddles 'Mr Six' while Clives old car was driven by Roland Pratt who clocked a 7.68/189. Allan Herridge in 'Firefly' ran 7.8, 7.64/191.57 and 7.55/207.47. John Siggery in the 'Commuter' clocked an 8.32 and Mike Hutchinson in 'Houndog' ran a below par 8.39. Skiltons off-the-trailer 6.74 turned out to be low E.T. of the meeting. In eliminations Skilton ran a half pass 7.79/124.35 on his bye run. Roland Pratt pulled a red letting Mike Hutchinson go through. Next up were the two Priddle cars, both of which lost fire after the burnouts. They were re-started and despite a holeshot from Priddle Tony Gane kept his boot in just failing to catch the more powerful car with a 7.45/173 to Priddles winning 7.20/198.41. The first round ended with a solo 7.39/200.4 from 'Firefly' after 'Commuter' cut on the line. The second round only saw one race before the rain brought the meeting to an abrupt end. Clive Skilton ran a 6.85/205.76 to defeat Allan Herridge who clocked top speed of the weekend with a 7.45/210.08. In Pro Stock the final round produced the quickest ever race in the UK with Gary Goggin taking the win with an 11.32/124.72 to Kevin Pillings 10.98/126.07. Pillings Camaro broke the propshaft at the top end wrecking the gearbox and clutch. Dave Stone took 'Tee Rat' to a 2-1 pair of wins in Top Comp Altered over Phil Elsons 'Sneaky' with times of 8.61, 8.63 and 8.61 with terminal speeds around 170mph. Mike Treutlein returned with 'Chicken Coupe' to take the Top Dragster title with a 10.10 having earlier set a new strip record with a wheels-up tyre smoking 9.36/145. John Hobbs tried out his old bike 'Olympus 1' which was now owned by Charlie Harrison and bent all four pushrods at the half way mark. Mick Hand stunned everyone in qualifying for Top Bike by wringing a 10.74/120 from his blown 250cc Honda. He went out in the first round with an equally impressive 10.87/120.34. Top Street went to Bob Orams E Type Jag with a 13.14/105.71 win over Mike Yun.
June 17th

SPR. G-Max  Grand Fuel Meet. This meeting saw the completion of the rained off eliminations from the Big Go three weeks earlier. Dennis Priddle soloed for the Pro Fuel win after Clive Skilton failed to make the show. His 7.08/186 was the quickest time yet for the new car. John whitmore took the Top Dragster win, Gary Goggin ran 11.25/123.46 to beat Kevin pillings 11.23/125.79 in Pro Stock, Adrian York defeated Bob Oram 13.01 to 13.43 in Top Street while in Senior the win went to Ken Craigen. Junior went to David Vizard. Dave Clee took the Top Bike win with a strong 10.53/140.45 against Norman Hyde. In the meeting proper Priddle match raced the 'Houndog' slingshot. He took the win with a 7.20/203.25 while Mike Hutchinson ran a 7.52/196.08, the first seven second run for the Houndog team, knocking half a second of their previous best. Allan Herridge had a string of problems in 'Firefly'. First the axle gave up giving Bootsie an oil bath. Once that had been replaced the blower belt broke and the fuel tank split. Finally he made a straight 3/4 pass to check that everything was OK. John Siggery was to have run a best of three match race in the 'Commuter' against the Stones 'Tee Rat' but the Ford motor repeatedly lost fire as Dave Stone ran a series of 8.6s at 165-166mph. This was the last on-track appearance of the Commuter. In Top Bike Dave Clee set off on a rolling burnout only to have the motor backfire and spit a large chunk of the rubber inlet hose out at great speed into his throat. No serious damage was done though. Dennis Normans bike threw its clutch plates all over the start line and Norman Hyde came the closest to a nine second run at SPR so far in '73 with a 10.02/143.27 win over Keith Parnells 10.15/126.74 in the semis. Hyde then took the final with a 10.11 over Jeff Byne.

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June 24th

Castrol NDRC National championship Round Three. Silverstone, (Admission £1, Grandstand seats 50p extra) this was the NDRCs first meeting at Silverstone and it attracted a less-than-expected 8000 spectators. Top Fuel saw an off the trailer 6.77/211 winner from Clive Skilton against the fueler of Swede John Anderson who ran 7.72/180 in the first of a best of three match race. Round two saw a failed fuel pump result in a 9.02 for Skilton while Anderson shut off early for an 8.71/133. The final race saw Skilton clock a best ever 6.61/217 (1mph off Allan Herridges speed record) while Anderson failed to better his 8.71. Top Dragster saw an unusual entry, the latest creation from Mark Stratton, a rear engined Funny Car driven by Ed Shaver. Running without a body on the car Shaver defeated John Whitmore in the semis with a 9.23/148 but lost fire in the final leaving Ray Hoare in his 'Saxon' to take the win. Malcolm Olley took the 'Pink Panther' slingshot to number one qualifying spot in Senior Dragster with an 11.41/123 but lost out to Ken Cooper who in turn was defeated by John Rotherham in the final. Swedens Anders Lantz made the trip over with his injected 427ci 1933 Plymouth and remained a second ahead of the rest of the Top Street field. His winning 10.73/132 in the final was three tenths of a second quicker than the Pro Stock winner. Top Competition saw Dick Sharpe reach the semi finals in his 'Dorset Horn' A35. There he met another visiting Swede, Bjorn Anderson and his 'Second Invention" Opel Manta Funny Car. An 8.78/150 saw off the A35 and in the final against Freddie Whittle in a re-painted 'Shutdown' he clocked an 8.54/174 to take the win over Freddies 9.07/161. Freddie had defeated the popular Rat-motored Topolino 'Maffia Mouse' of Willi Hestermann in the semis, 9.26/156 to 9.61/145. Yet another Swede made it to the final of Pro Stock. Gunne Back took his 'More Frighten' 427 Camaro to  a solo in the semi after Keith Harvey failed to get to the line after the burnout. In the final Kevin Pilling took the win with an 11.09/129 to Backs quicker 10.99/129, the only ten second Pro stock run of the day. Bob Oram took the win in Senior Street and in doing so dropped into the twelves for the first time with a 12.96/108.

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July 7th/8th SPR. BDR&HRA Petersen Publishing Internationals. Round 1. International entries included 5 Americans, 5 Swedes, 2 Dutch and 2 South Africans. Santa Pod hosted a stage of the Tour Of Britain Rally also which caused qualifying to run over into Sunday. The highlight of the weekend was the appearance of the two American Funny Cars of Don Schumacher (Stardust) and Paula Murphy (Miss STP). Paula was the first out and after two burnouts she clocked a 7.97/185 and dented the sump on the infamous top end bump. Later she ran a 7.72/156. Schumacher put in a couple of shakedown runs and wrecked a blower on each one. The first on the start line and the second at the top end on a nine second pass. The team managed to borrow a blower from SPRs 'Firefly' for Sundays runs.  He put in a solo 7.50/191 to check out the blower and then came the moment that everyone had waited for when the two cars lined up together. Schumacher took the win with a 7.21/202.84 to Paulas 7.82. Later in the day Schumacher brought Stardust out once more and performed a flame burnout before stopping half way up the strip, turning around, burning out for the benefit of the spectators at the top end and then repeating it again at the start line. Top Fuel saw Clive Skilton as number one qualifier with a 6.80 followed by Tony Nancy in his 'Revell Liner' with a 6.98 first pass. Number three went to Dennis Priddle who was back in the seat of the 'Mr Six' slingshot which was sporting a new paintjob. He clocked a 6.99. Mike Hutcherson ran a 7.71. Priddles new 'Mr Revell' car was being driven by its former driver Norm Wilcox and on his initial pass he used both lanes to record an 11.12. Round One saw a 6.88/191.57 solo from Skilton and an easy 7.45/112.61 from priddle after Firefly lost fire. Tony Nancy ran 6.90/213.22 to beat Hutchersons 7.72/151.29 and Norm Wilcox broke his diff at half track leaving Roland Pratt to go on to round two with a 7.66/163.23. The semis saw Priddle defeat Skilton 6.63/191 to 6.80/207.90, the second side-by-side six seen in the UK. The other semi saw Roland Pratt unable to keep his car in stage so he launched followed by Tony Nancy who also pulled a red. Nancys car stopped with a bang leaving Pratt to cross the line first. Nancy jumped out of his car and proceeded to voice his anger at starter Stu Bradbury, much to the amusement of the crowd. The final saw Pratt fail on the line while Priddle took the win with a 7.08/160.51. To close the meeting Tony Nancy came out to take a shot at the strip record, which he just fell short of with a 6.68. He recorded a new terminal speed mark though of 220.75mph. The other visiting American was Danny Johnson who brought over two of his Harley drag bikes minus fairings which had been removed for transportation. On the Saturday he took his 'old' 1600cc machine to an effortless 9.27/162.34, the terminal speed bringing stupefied looks from the UK competitors. On the Sunday he ran a best of three match race with Jim Browns 1260 blown JAP. The first race went to Brown as Johnsons Harley decided to separate the cylinders from the crankcase at half track. He brought out his new two speed bike for the remaining races and clocked a 9.34 red light with brown stalled on the line in the second race. the final saw Johnson perform a flame burnout and then break his chain leaving Brown to take the win. Other highlights included the debut of the first euro-style entries in Pro Stock, the Stones Chevy powered Escort 'Tender Trap' which ran a 12.43/96, and the National Drag Racer magazine entry the 'Music Machine' Capri driven by Geoff Hauser. The class also saw  Gary Goggin go into the tens with a 10.87/128.37 in the semi final against Tony Dickson. In the final he defeated Kevin Pillings 'Satans Toy' with a 10.94/126.90 to an 11.19/128.70, the quickest Pro Stock race seen so far. Top Street was dominated by the Hemi powered Jeep of Svante Ericson who remained a second and a half ahead of the rest of the field and defeated Rick Krejci in the final. John Whitmore won Senior Dragster and managed to get his 1293cc BMC slingshot to over 150mph with a 9.79/151.29. The Stones 'Tee Rat' took Top Competition honours. Duncan Hocking took Top Bike with a 10.06/140 to Norman Hydes 11.08/101.83. Hyde had run the first nine second run of the year in qualifying with a 9.92. Senior Bike went to Dennis Allen with a 10.00/142.05 to Ted Dunmows 10.55/130 while middle went to Dutchman Rob Enyler with a 10.78/129.53 win over John O'Brien.
July 14th/15th HMS Daedalus Royal Navy Air Base. Gosport, Hampshire. BDR&HRA Internationals. Round 2. Rain until midday held up proceedings and a Westland helicopter was used to blow the surface water from the 1000ft strip. With time limited it was decided to concentrate on putting on a show for the spectators and competitors were paired up for best of two match races. Allan Herridge took his first drive in Don Schumachers 'Stardust' Funny Car and made an initial burnout and half pass before lining up alongside Paula Murphy in her 'Miss STP' Plymouth Duster. Earlier Paula had run 6.65/158 and 6.21/168. Paula took the win with a 6.46 while Bootsie smoked his way to a 7.12/114.68 behind her. Herridge was also on duty in the 'Firefly' Top Fueler, running against Mike Hutcherson in the 'Houndog' entry. 'Movin' Mike took both wins as 'Firefly' went every which way but straight. The second race saw "Houndog' break a halfshaft and pop the blower on a 6.99/126.26 winner. Dave Stone in 'Tee Rat' was paired up with Norm Wilcox in Dennis Priddles 'Mr Revell' slingshot. Wilcox took both wins, the first a 6.16/164 to Stones 7.49/155, while the second was the quickest time of the day, a 5.83/168.63 to a losing 7.45/156. Priddle was up against Tony Nancy and got out of shape in the first race, pulling the chutes and scattering marker cones in all directions. Nancy took the win with a 5.87 to Priddles 7.81/65. In the second race Priddle got there first with a 5.99/169 after Nancy went up in smoke off the line and then charged hard to catch up, finishing with a 6.97/210.03! Tony Dickson was paired up with the Formula Atlantic circuit racer of Bev Bond and pulled red lights in both rounds. Danny Johnson ran an easy 8.35/107.99 to defeat Duncan Hocking and then pulled a red light to leave Hocking to win with an 8.57/124.84. Top speed for the bikes went to Mick Butler with a 133mph blast, although this was not enough to beat the 500cc Vincent of Brian Chapman who ran 8.96 and 8.81 for both wins. Mick Warne beat Tony Weedon with an 8.99/121.36 to a 9.22.
July 21st/22nd SPR. BDR&HRA Internationals. Finals. The final round of the International series saw Allan Herridge back in the seat of the 'Stardust' Funny Car. He put in a 7.70/188.68 before lining up alongside Paula Murphy who had earlier run a 7.19/193.05. Paula took an early lead in the race but Bootsie was gaining when he ran low on fuel, the resulting weakened mixture lifted the blower with a bang and blew the roof clean off the body. He still clocked a 7.35/199.20 to Paulas winning 7.18/173.61 which stood as a new FC record. Paula came out just before the Pro Fuel final and performed three smoky burnouts for the crowd before her return to the USA. A new British built Funny Car made its debut at this meeting Liam Churchills Barnet Motor Company FC made its eagerly awaited first appearance. The car had an ex-Nobby Hills 354 Dodge motor, Liams own chassis and a modified FGR Capri body shell. Intermittent rain on the Saturday threatened to hold up proceedings in qualifying. Pro Fuel saw Clive Skilton return with a freshly installed 417 Donovan motor in his rail which he got down to 7.30/194.17 on the Sunday morning. Allan Herridge in 'Firefly' put in a 7.6 second run taking all the timing mirrors and marker cones with him. One of the cones smashed his goggles and with somewhat reduced vision the car ended up resting against a barrier. Dennis Priddle ran a 7.37 in Saturdays session to make number three spot. He bettered this the following day with a 6.87/195 but destroyed the cars diff and had to sit out the rest of the day. Saturday also saw Norm Wilcox get  Priddles 'Mr Revell' into the sixes with a 6.96/168. Wheel balance problems had caused Norm to shut off early. In eliminations Wilcox had a bye in the first round and ran an easy 7.90/93.63. Tony Nancy defeated Mike Hutchersons 7.90/166 in 'Houndog' with another new top speed mark of 223.71 but no recorded time. The final pairing saw 'Firefly' die on the line while Clive Skilton  soloed to a 7.35/200.80. Skilton then soloed his way to the final with a 7.81/198 in the semis. The other semi saw Norm Wilcox up against Tony Nancy. Norm left a fraction too early and pulled a red. Nancy took the win with a 6.59/221.24 and Norm shut off early to a 6.55/187 making this the quickest race ever seen outside the USA. The final had the makings of a tense affair. If Nancy won he would walk away with the series trophy. If Skilton won the title would go to Priddle. Nancy was favourite but after the burnouts his clutch locked up and Skilton soloed for the win with a 6.93/203.67. Top Dragster went to Ray Hoare with a 9.46/158 win over Tony Anderson. John Whitmore won Senior Dragster with a new E Class record of 154.80mph. Swede Svante Erickson had moved from Top Street, where his Chrysler Hemi powered Jeeps times were putting the other competitors to shame, to Senior Comp Altered. Here he found another class to destroy and he carved his way through the field ending up with a win in the final against Pete Smith. Pro Stock saw Peter Crane loose his propshaft in qualifying. Geoff Hauser took the 'Music Machine' Capri up against Kevin Pilling in round one and despite a hole shot the cars electric water pump detached itself at the top end and Pilling took the win. In the final he came up against Gary Goggin who had disposed of Tony Dickson in the previous round. Pilling took the win 11.14/127 to 11.26/125. This left the two cars tied on points for the series so they ran off again for the title. this time Pilling red lit leaving Goggin as overall winner. The Rose Brothers took the Top Street win, running a 12.45/113 in their Barracuda to a 13.01/118 from Pete Andrews 'Maxines Toy' Stingray. Dave Stone took Top Comp in 'Tee Rat' with an 8.73/167 to Phil Elsons slowing 9.07/127. On two wheels Danny Johnson put on a show for the crowds with his flame burnouts and high nine second runs, the hoped for eight second run failing to materialize. John Hobbs was back on his 'Olympus II' Triumph and he  ran a 10.28/145 with a scary looking launch which saw him riding on one edge of the fat M&H slick. He went out in round one to Mick Butler. Duncan hocking took the series Top Bike title despite being eliminated in the semis. Bob Daniel took the final win with a 10.01 to Pete Millers 10.13. Brian Chapman took Senior Bike with a 10.35/132.98 win over Norman Hyde.
August 11th SPR. Open Practice Day
August 12th

SPR. Big Street and Motorcycle meet. Mike Hutcherson in Nobby Hills Houndog was the only Fueler present and a couple of easy runs resulted in a best of 7.86/156. Phil Elson took the Top Competition win with a 9.15/146 while opponent Freeman Rogers ran a new personal best of 10.40/138 in the Ford powered 'Aardvark'. In Pro Stock Kevin Pilling won the £25 Queensway Travel award for the quickest E.T. A new personal best of 10.67/130, backed up with a 10.84 in the other lane, put him in the #1 qualifying position in a five car field. He went on to win the elimination with a 10.81/131 to Gary Goggins 11.10/126. Richard Smith made #1 spot in Top Street with a 12.44 in the 'Russos Rat' Chevelle. Pete Andrews was at #2 with a 12.58 in his 'Maxines Toy' Corvette but a later practice run netted a stunning 11.51/118.34, lifting the wheels off the line. This made Andrews favourite for the final win but a red light left Richard Smith to take it with a 12.24/116 to Andrews 11.82/118. Low E.T. in the bike classes went to Duncan Hocking with a 10.01/143.88 on his 750 Triumph in the first round. He made it to the final but couldn't get it together on a 10.94/129 to a winning 10.27/131 from the 500 Triumph of Pete Miller.

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August 19th

Blackbushe, Surrey. NDRC Grandnationals. Castrol/RAC NDRC National championship Round Four. The NDRC came in for some criticism after this meeting for the state of its timing equipment and the lack of traction on the strip (the start line had been moved back from previous events). Three fuelers made an appearance, Dennis Priddle was first out but was unable to hook the car up and shut off to a 13 second pass. Clive Skilton managed a 7.52/202 and Roland Pratt took the Accles & Pollock car, now sporting the ex-Skilton 446ci stroker motor, to top spot with a 7.40. Skilton took the first win with a 7.59/202 while Priddle smoked and shut off with a shelled rear end and an 8.28 timeslip. Pratt then wrecked his motor while defeating Skilton, the clocks failing to provide a winning time and speed to Clives losing 7.74/192. With Pratt and Priddle now out of action Skilton was adjudged to be the class winner after a final, unremarkable, solo run. For the first time two British built Funny Cars appeared together. Liam Churchill put in two smokey ten second passes in the Barnet Motor Co. Capri while Ed Shaver drove the still unpainted rear engined Dodge powered Vauxhall machine. Top Dragster went to Tony Anderson with a 9.73 against a 9.92 from Ray Hoare after they had qualified with a 9.85 and a 9.33 respectively. The Pro Stockers had problems on the slippery strip with Gary Goggin making number one spot with an 11.37. His holeshot 11.80 took the final win from Tony Dicksons 11.59 in 'Money Hungry'. The ex-Bruce Brown Dragster 'Age Machine' was now in the hands of new owner Dave Prior. Don East injured his leg when his bike stuck in gear after leaving the rollers causing him to lose control and fall off. Keith Lee also had a spill, this time out on the track, as his Lambretta went into a huge wheelie and threw him off.

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August 26th/27th

SPR. BDR&HRA Supernationals. This weekend saw Owen Hayward take the controls of the ex-Paula Murphy STP Funny Car, now under the guidance of Nobby Hills and the Houndog team. He soon mastered burnouts and put in some easy passes. On one occasion he had to shut the motor off on the line (at the frantic insistence of Nobby Hills) as a combine harvester crossed the top end of the strip! Roy Phelps twice demolished the timing mirrors with the wheelie Stingray, and the police were called in to search the yellow tower after a hoax bomb alert. It rained a couple of times and DJ Dave Lee Travis turned up and ran a 54.88/17.64 on Cliff Jones pushbike. The rest of the meeting was reasonably normal by comparison. Once again Priddle and Skilton made it to the final of Pro Fuel, Clive by virtue of a 6.99/223.21 (top speed of the meeting) win over a wheelstanding Mike Hutcherson in Houndog, while Priddle defeated Allan Herridge's 'Firefly' with a holeshot 6.78/181.82 to a 7.13/206.19. Priddle had qualified at #1 with a 6.70/200 on the Sunday. In a close final Skilton got there first with a 6.72/221 to Priddles 6.68/210. Top Dragster saw the debut of Roz Prior in the ex-Bruce Brown 'Age Machine' slingshot. Dave Prior had driven the car previously at Blackbushe but had trouble fitting in the drivers seat so wife Roz took his place and clocked 132mph on her first run. She followed this up with a  10.37/141, a 10.21/145 and a 10.12/148. She went out in the semi finals to eventual winner Ray Hoare. In Senior Dragster John Whitmore spent Sunday night installing a new block in his 'Drag'N'Fly' rail. The effort was worthwhile as he won the final with a 10.20/142. Also burning the midnight oil on Sunday was Top Street competitor Pete Andrews. He was replacing the rear axle on his 'Maxines Toy' Stingray after a particularly violent wheelstanding launch. He then carved his way through the field on the Monday, beating Al O'Connor's Zephyr in the first round, 12.06 to 13.55. He then dispensed with Maurice Morley's Corvette withan 11.80 to a 14.60. In the final opponent Dave Rose red lit and Andrews took the win with a 12.10 which culminated in a seized engine. Junior Dragster saw Brian Parkins in good form with his 650cc 'Keele Kart'. He set a new class H record of 116.28mph and won his final. Ed Shaver was running the rear-engined Vauxhall Funny Car, now painted in the colours of sponsors Castrol, in Top Comp. The car revealed some alarming handling characteristics when Shaver pulled the chute after a 9.29/161 run. In the semis he ran an early shut-off 9.94/107 to be defeated by Dave Stones 8.95/159 in 'Tee Rat'. In qualifying Stone had run an 8.54. Phil Elson took the final when Stone pulled a red light. A new Pro Stocker made its debut. Peter Bennett was driving the newly imported, ex-Schwartz Bros Chevy Nova. He ran an easy 11.80/117 on his first pass but went out in Round one to Kevin Pilling. Gary Goggin set a new mph record of 136.24 in 10.70 seconds and took the final win with a best ever 10.67/134.95. John Hobbs had the dubious honour of being number eight qualifier at 10.23 seconds, the lowest ever bump spot in the Top Bike class. Brian Chapman amazed everyone by making number two spot with a 9.92/139 on his single cylinder 500cc Vincent 'Mighty Mouse'. Norman Hyde was at the top with a 9.86/141. The first round saw four nine second runs. Hyde beat Duncan Hocking 9.74/139 to 9.89/143 in the quickest bike race of the year so far but red lit in the semis to allow Pete Miller into the final. There he met Keith Parnell who had run his first nine in the semis, a 9.82/137 win over Brian Chapman. Miller took the win with a 9.94/138 as Parnell shut off with engine trouble.

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September 8th Brighton Speed Trials. Roger Bishops Stripteaser mini van was one of three Drag Racing vehicles present. Dennis Priddle was also there and he put in a full pass on the specially adapted quarter mile course, a full quarter mile pass with an ET of 7.69s. (Chris Dawson)
September 9th

Castrol/RAC NDRC National championship Round Five, Long Marston. Racing started on a temporary basis at Long Marston airfield near Stratford-Upon-Avon under the NDRC. Dennis Priddle made what was reputed to be the last outing for the now legendary "Mr Six" car. Roland Pratt was the first of the three Pro Fuel cars to take to the strip, but on the burnout his blower belt split, leaving half on the track while the other half stayed in place and continued to do its job. Unaware of this a puzzled Pratt followed instructions and eventually shut off what appeared to him to be a perfectly healthy engine. While a new belt was being fitted Clive Skilton put in a 7.8/160 after a smoky start. Pratt then ran an 8.27/179 followed by Priddle with another smoky pass and early shut off that resulted in an 8.27/130. A round robin format was adopted for the three cars. The first round saw Skilton take the win with a 7.2/208 to yet another smoky pass from Priddle at 8.2. The next round saw an improvement for Priddle, still smoking the tyres, but this time with a holeshot and a 7.9/164 win over a 7.8/187 from Pratt. Round three saw Pratt get the holeshot over Skilton and take a 7.69/190 win over Skilton's 7.35/206. With each competitior having won a round the win was awarded to Skilton by virtue of his low ET. Another round robin was held between the Funny Cars of Ed Shaver and Liam Churchill. Shaver took the win with a final round run of 9.98/132. John Whitmore got his 1300 BMC powered rail to the final of Top Dragster, where he met Ray Hoare. Hoare took the win with a 9.53/169 to a !0.1/118. Senior Comp saw Neil England's Hustler dispose of Dick Sharpe and advance to the final, where he lost out to the Avenger of Rob Spence who ran an 11.4/123. The Middle comp final saw Pete Skinners Midas Mist put away Roger Bishop in Stripteaser (11.85 /116 to 12.61 / 89 ). In Pro Stock Kevin Pilling and  Pete Bennett combined forces, and parts, to run Bennett's new Nova with Pilling driving. Pilling had suffered rear end damage at the SPR meeting at the end of August, and Bennett had broken a rod a couple of days before this meeting. Their first run produced a 19s ET, at the expense of a dozen marker cones, and the second was an improved, and straight, 12.9. Unfortunately the gearbox gave way on the return road putting the car out of action. Gary Goggin's Clunk Click Camaro made number one qualifier with an 11.44, the car now featuring an air dam at the front in an effort to increase high speed stability. Tony Dickson's Money Hungry Camaro made number two with a 12.3. Mike Aitken had to retire his Capri with engine damage. It seems that the two remaining cars got overlooked by the organisers until later in the day, when they then had to run a best of three in the time remaining. Goggin took the first round with an out of shape 12.1/129 to a 12.3/118. Just a few minutes later the order was reversed as Dickson took the win with an 11.7/127 to a 12.1/131. Dickson's now very hot car developed a mis-fire before the third round and Goggin waited as the plugs were changed. After a coin toss for lane choice, which Dickson won the pair lined up for the final race. After an even start Dicksons car began to falter, and a personal best of 11.27/130 was not enough to beat an 11.2/132 from Goggin. Tony Weeden beat Mick Warne in Top Bike 10.63 / 131 to 10.78 / 116 although both had gone quicker in the semi-finals, Tony 10.73/132 and Mick at 10.42/134. Almost as quick was Senior Bike with John Clift beating B.Webster 10.5/122 to 10.62/120. (Original entry by Bill Dossett. Updates by his little brother.)

September 15th/16th European Grand Prix. SPR. The start of racing on the Saturday was delayed by some four hours as the tracks doctor failed to show. This in turn resulted in the Street Classes having their qualifying runs postponed until the end of the day. Once the allocated time arrived however the decision was made to cancel the session and move it to Sunday morning.  In Pro-Fuel Dennis Priddle had things all to himself as Clive Skilton did not enter. He qualified with a strong 6.87 / 176mph getting slightly out of shape. Allan Herridge in "Firefly" ran a nice straight 7.56 / 192mph. Mike Hutcherson was third with an 8.0. Priddle's solo first round clocked an easy 7.2 while in the Firefly - Houndog match up Herridge had to shut down his car as it drifted towards the centre line, leaving Hutcherson to make his way to the final with an 8.5 to a 10.3. Unfortunately for the Houndog team a broken diff put paid to their chances and Priddle took the final win with a 6.68/207. The Stardust and Houndog Funny Cars were back on track, with drivers Allan Herridge and Owen Hayward. After seperate solo runs the two cars came out for a side by side run, but as the body of Stardust was lowered after firing up the engine went bang and cracked a cylinder head in half, lifting it and inch off the block. This was replaced and Herridge came out towards the end of the day to a crowd pleasing smoky burnout followed by an 8.11/185. This meeting marked the return of Pete Atkins rebuilt 8 litre Oldsmobile "Slo-mo-shun"which ran a very creditable 10.15 /128.53 mph run straight off the trailer. As the weekend progressed the car got slower, but the speeds increased, much to the puzzlement of Atkins and his team, but he made it to the final to meet Dennis Stone in Tender Trap. Stone took the win with a 9.57 to an 11.5. In Pro Stock Kevin Pilling drove Peter Bennets Chevy Nova due to a broken bearing on Satan's Toy and laid down a really fine 10.69/129 mph blast on his first Sunday morning run. Gary Goggin was running a new ignition system and couldn't get below 11 seconds while Tony Dickson was having problems with his set-up, running a best of 11.2s. In the final round Goggin took a hole shot 10.8/132 win over a 10.6/131 from Pilling. The Top Dragster field saw ten second runs from Mike Treutlein, John Whitmore and Roz Prior but was won by Dick Carpenter driving Tony Anderson's Daimler rail. He beat Prior in the first round, and went on to defeat Whitmore with a 9.90/126 to a 9.96/145. Derek Benbow took a 10.92 first round win over Jim Read followed by a 10.28 victory against Brian Ringsall who lost fire. It was Carpenter who took the final win with a 10.05s pass against a 10.4/143 from Benbow.  Senior Comp went to Dick Sharpe's Pontiac powered A35 with an 11.45 after Phil Carlyle's Chevy powered Viva Van broke the propshaft at the green light. Middle Comp saw victory for the Skinners Brothers Midas Mist Jag Altered with an 11.99 win over a 12.28 from Roger Bishops Stripteaser Mini Van. On two wheels two of the new twin engined machines dipped into the nines for the first time. First Mike Butlers 1010 cc. Norton Super Cyclops 9.81/145, then John Hobbs on the big 1500 cc. Triumph ran 9.84 /154. Top Qualifier again was Norman Hyde at 9.75 on his bored and stroked Trident. (Trakbytes. Original entry by Bill Dossett)
September 15th/16th Mantorp, Sweden. Dave Stone and Roy Phelps made the trip taking along the FGR Wheelie Stingray and the 'Tee Rat' Altered respectively. Running on 50% nitro Stone took the Rat to a new best ever time of 8.04/172 and followed it up with an 8.03/173 before the parachute failed to open and the car went off the end of the strip at 150mph demolishing two safety fences. The car suffered a bent front axle and minor body damage, Dave was just shaken.
September 22nd/23rd Elvington. Records Weekend. Mick Hand took his 250cc Honda to a new World record of 10.5 seconds for the standing quarter mile. Paul Windross failed to break any records but did cover the flying quarter in 4.91 seconds at 183.29mph on his double-engined Triumph. On four wheels John Dodds took his famous Rolls Royce Merlin engined creation to a World record for the flying quarter at 6.695 seconds and 136.36mph.  
September 30th

Blackbushe, Surrey. NDRC Championship Finals. Castrol/RAC NDRC National Championship Round Six. Brian Bucknall became the 1973 NDRC Champion with another win in Middle Street in his 'Mellow Yellow' Lotus 7. Part of his prize included a brand new VW Beetle donated by the Skilton Motor Group. Clive Skilton himself had hopes of becoming the first RAC/Castrol series champion but a defeat by Dennis Priddle in the Top Fuel Final meant that Junior Street driver Robin Tallis took the title with a win over Lin Brown. Once again gremlins in the timing system meant that towards the end of proceedings flag starts were used.  In an effort to provide some grip a healthy spray of traction compound was applied, which improved things slightly for the top cars, but smoky runs were still very much in evidence. Top Fuel lost a competitor during qualifying when Roland Pratt, on an 8 second pass, damaged the Skilton Accles & Pollock car after handling problems at the top end caused him to demolish the timing lights, damaging the front end of the car. Top qualifier was Clive Skilton with a 7.5, followed by Dennis Priddle with a smoky 7.95 with an early shut off. Sweden's John Andersson in his Valkrian rail, which was awarded the Revell trophy for the best appearing car, was third with an 8.7 which saw him lose his blower. Round One saw Skilton solo to a 7.58 after earlier returning to the pits with a brake failure.  As he was towed back Priddle and Andersson came to the line, Andersson running with the blower borrowed from Pratt's car. As they prepared to stage a marshall stumbled behind Priddles car and on his way down released the chute. There was a delay while it was re-packed before Dennis took the with an 8.05 to a shut-off 12.78. In the flag started final Skilton had backed off slightly in an effort to improve traction and, despite a good launch, Priddle got there first with a 7.47 to a losing 7.74, both cars disappearing in clouds of tyre smoke in the fading light. Top Comp saw four Funny Cars competing for the honours, Ed Shavers rear-motored Vauxhall, Liam Churchills BaMoCo Dodge Capri and the Swedish entries of Jan Carlsson ('The Saint' a Volvo body over a blown 427ci Rat motor) and Bjorn Andersson (Opel Manta body over a 395ci Chrysler). Churchill beat Shaver with a 9.30 before going on to dispose of Carlsson. Andersson made his way to the final with a solo after Pete Atkins lost fire in his blown Oldsmobile Altered. In the final round the light was fading fast and Churchill was under the impression he had crossed the finish line and won when he shut off. Unfortunately he hadn't and Andersson powered past him to take the win with a 10.34 to Liams 10.56. Senior Comp saw Dick Sharpe's Pontiac powered A35 Dorset Horn continue it's winning streak with a string of mid-eleven second runs. The Page's Panic Topolino looked to be the only one that could stop him but when the two met in the final it was Sharpe that took the honours, 11.44 to 11.55. This win clinched the NDRC Senior Comp title for the year. Top Dragster saw Ray Hoares 'Saxon' run the best time of 9.63 having qualified at number one with a 9.78. Roz Prior and Martin Rowatt were next with 10.3s and Tony Anderson made number four with a 10s pass. In the final it was Hoare who got to the line first with a 9.92 to Andersons 11.79. Earlier Tony had also been into the nines with a 9.87 win over Jim Read. Gary Goggin was the only Pro Stocker to get into the tens in a four car field, with a 10.6 in qualifying. Tony Dickson made second spot with an 11.5, running apparently with a street cam. Swede Gunne Back in the 'More Frighten' Camaro was third with an 11.7 while Mike Aitken was having problems with his Music Machine Capri. In The first round Goggin looked to have victory over Back sewn up only to have the Swede pass him in the final few yards as his shifter failed and he lost top gear. In the other pairing Dickson's view of the flag start was obscured by his roll cage, and he watched helpless as Aitken left ahead of him and took the win. In the final it was Back's turn to suffer gearbox trouble but he still coasted over the line in 13.05 seconds to take the win as Aitken had used two gallons of fuel during the burnouts, and had none left to get him to the end of the track! Top Street saw the controversial inclusion of the 427ci Chevy powered Volvo of Sweden's Nils Rodeblad. In what one publication described as a "fully upholstered altered" he carved his way through the field to the final where he met the Hemi-Cuda of Mustapha Errol. It was Errol who came closest to ending the Swede's winning streak with a lose out 12.86 to a 12.10.

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October 6th/7th

SPR. Castrol Championship Finals. Heavy rain on the first day put the qualifying session back by three hours, causing it to run over to the second day. More rain overnight and into the morning meant that the strip was not ready for action until noon on Sunday although the surface was still damp. The meeting was later called to an end before all the finals were run. Those that were unresolved were held over until the October 21st meet. Owen Hayward was getting to grips with the ex-Paula Murphy Funny car. He put in a solo pass and clocked an 8.85/187.97. Pro Fuel saw a three car field after Dennis Priddle failed to make the show. Clive Skilton was on form qualifying with a 7.01 before running a 6.86/224.22 in a solo first round blast followed by  a holeshot 6.75/224.72 against Allan Herridge in Firefly in the final. The speed on that final run secured a new European record for Clive, beating the mark set by Tony Nancy two and a half months earlier. Herridge had run a 7.44/211 in qualifying and had to shut off early in the first round after opponent Mike Hutcherson in Houndog suffered a burst slick and changed lanes in an effort to maintain control. John Whitmore saw his hopes of a season points victory in Top Dragster disappear as the brakes failed on his 'Drag 'n' fly" machine in the fire up road. The car came to rest heavily against a steel post writing off the front end. This left the Championship title to Ray Hoare. Roz Prior was leading the way in the eliminations in the 'Age Machine' Chevy dragster. She ran 9.44/154 in qualifying and beat Tony Anderson with a 9.64/156.25 to a 10.24/100.10 in round one. She had a solo in the semis and was due to meet Ray Hoare in the final before the meeting was curtailed. Dave Stone led the way in Top Comp despite strong challenges from the Funny Cars of Liam Churchill and Ed Shaver. Both the British built floppers made the semis but Shaver was defeated by Phil Elson in 'Sneaky' with a 9.92/114 to Eds 10.26/145 while Churchill went out to 'Tee Rat' with a red-lighting 10.12/132.10 to Stones 9.03/125. In the final it was the Rat all the way with an 8.71/159.74 to Elsons 10.32/102. This win clinched the Championship for the Stones team.  Senior Comp saw the Page team's Panic emerge again as the car to put an end to Dick Sharpe's domination of the class. They ran a 10.7 in practice and a bye run in the first round saw them improve to a 10.4. Sharpe managed a personal best of 11.08 before losing out  to Martin Hall in his Chevy powered Firenza, a winning 11.4 to a hole shot 11.2. In the final it was victory for Panic with a 10.05/132 as Hall missed a gear. Middle Comp saw the two Jaguar powered Altereds of Bob Messent and Pete Skinner meet for thge final. Messent's Stripteaser took the honours with an 11.9/117 over a 12.1/116. In Pro Stock Kevin Pilling led qualifying with a 10.7. Gary Goggin was second with a 10.9 followed by Tony Dickson at 11.38, Peter Bennett at 11.41, Andy Andrews at 12.2 in The Stones Tender Trap, and newcomer Steve Petrie at 13s in the ex-Harvie Camaro. Petrie improved in the first round with a 12.8 but ost to a strong 10.88 from Bennett. Tony Dickson took an easy bye at 12.3 while Goggin took a 10.66/121 win over a red lighting Pilling. Pilling was brought back to run alongside Dickson on his second consecutive bye and clocked a 10.8 while Dickson progressed with an 11.5. Goggin set a new personal best with a 10.55/122 win over Bennett on his way to the final. In the final Dickson, eager to make a good start, red lit and Goggin took the title despite his Camaro jumping out of gear and crossing the finish line over a second behind. Top Street saw Dave Rose run a new personal best of 12.38 on his way to the final. In the semi finals though he lost out to Bob Oram's E Type after one rear tyre was left wet from his burnout, a 12.6 not being enough to beat a 12.9. Ivan Fryer took the other semi final win with 14.1 after opponent Ralph Napolinato had his clutch explode. The final was one of those that got postponed.Mick Butler ran the quickest bike time of the year in qualifying with a 9.66/145 on his twin-engined Norton. Despite this he failed to make it past the first round. In street Bike Dave Rawlins set a new class record of 12.00/114.68 on his 850 Norton He went on to win the final.

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October 21st

Santa Pod Raceway. BDR&HRA Drag Racing News Trophy Meeting. Dennis Priddle debuted his latest creation, the Shell sponsored Chrysler Avenger Funny Car. On its first run the car reared up dramatically about 25 yards out and crashed back down to earth heavily. Dennis was unable to compete anymore until the front end could be straightened out. In the morning the rained off finals from the October 7th meeting were run. Roz Prior was driving the 'Age Machine' Chevy dragster and, having taken a solo win in the rained off final from two weeks ago, met John Whitmore in the Top Dragster final for the event. Whitmore had just completed a hasty rebuild of his 'Drag 'n' fly' machine and had gone straight back into the nines on his first time out with a 9.95. In the final he pulled a holeshot on Prior and took the win with a 9.69/142 to a quicker 9.58/158. Bob Oram made a bye run to take the Top Street honours in the held-over final. Opponent Ivan Fryer was unable to make the meeting. Mike Hutcherson took the Drag Racing News award for the car nearest to 230mph with a 163mph run. Roz Prior was the next nearest with 158mph. Top Comp finished with no result as Phil Elson and Dave Stone both red lit. Elson rolled the beams first and Stone followed. Both cars were too hot to stage a re-run and so the final was held over until the November 3rd meeting. In Senior Comp Dave Page took 'Panic' into the nines for the first time with a 9.83/125 in the second round. He won the final with a 10.01 against Dick Sharpe. In Pro Stock all six Camaros made the show. Gary Goggin led the qualifying with a 10.67 followed closely by Kevin Pilling with a 10.69. Tony Dickson was next with a troubled 11.5 while Pete Crane followed with a 12.8 which resulted in a seized engine putting him out of action for the rest of the event. Steve Osmond-Petrie was having fuel starvation problems and recorded a 13.1. The final spot went to newcomer Sylvia Read with a 13.3 in Peter Bennett's Nova. Goggin laid down the UK's first 'resin burnout'. Two tracks of powder were laid out across the start line and Goggin burnt out through it. He was then backed up carefully in the tracks and proceeded to run a new record time of 10.40/134.95. He backed this up after the eliminations with a 10.46. In competition he ran a 10.52/135.69 but red lit in the process against Tony Dickson. Read had a bye run and clocked a 13.6 while Pilling, also on a bye, also ran 13.6 but broke a gearbox selector and had to retire. Read received another bye run in the semis, and found herself up against Dickson in the final at her first meeting. Her 14.7 run though wasn't enough to beat an off-form 12.4. Top Street saw only four cars entered, Dave Rose, Dick Smith, John Ledster and Bob Oram. A 12.1 was good enough for Smith to lead qualifying. Rose was next at 12.6 while Oram and Ledster ran low 13s. The first pairing of Smith and Oram saw a fault in the countdown, giving Oram a six second head start. The race was re-run and this time Smith's Chevelle took the win with a 12.4 to a 12.9 from Oram's E-Type. The second pairing saw Rose take the win with a 12.8 to a 13.5 from Ledster. In the final Rose got the better start, but 100yds out both cars were level and close to the centre line before Smith pulled ahead to take the win with his first 11 second run, an 11.9/116 to a 12.38/115. In Top Bike the usual front runners, Hobbs, Hyde and Butler, were not present leaving Brian Chapman to lead the field with a 9.68/143.  His second qualifier saw the gearbox break putting him out of action. Just behind him was Bob Webster who ran a 9.75/141.44 which he later backed up for a new 750cc class record, previously held by Ray Feltell. This meeting saw the retirement from the commentary box of Brian Taylor, who had been the voice of Santa Pod for the previous three years.

For all class results from both eliminations click here.

November 3rd/4th SPR. Firework Spectacular. Bad weather took its toll on the proceedings, with Sunday's racing cancelled, but amongst the highlights on Saturday were Owen Hayward running a 7.43/167 in Houndog, his best yet, and Dave Page taking Panic to a 9.9. Top Comp was won by The Stone's Tee Rat with runs of 8.74 and 8.72/155. Phil Elson was runner up with 9.40 and 9.25/149.9. In Pro Stock Kevin Pilling, in Satan's Toy, ran a best of 10.76 and, with an extra ten points for attending every round of the 1973 Championship, took the top honours for the year. Gary Goggin however clocked a 10.66 in Saturdays final to beat Pilling's 10.72/132. Tony Dickson was third with an 11.40/117. Tony won the dubious honour of having clocked the most number of red lights with a total of five. On two wheels John Hobbs ran a 9.64/150 and Bob Webster ran a 9.66/144. On the Sunday the rain brought the meeting to an early end but not before Mike Hutcherson in the Houndog slingshot performed the fire burnout to end all fire burnouts.
November 23rd-25th. Ontario Motor Speedway. NHRA Supernationals.Clive Skilton driving John Durkee's 426 Waterman Chrysler rail ran 6.24 @ 229 the quickest ever run by a European driver. He failed to qualify for the eliminations however. This was without the aid of traction compound with only water burnouts being permitted, a move by the NHRA to prevent the strip being torn up. A later run saw the car catch fire on the start line. On Sunday Skilton put in a practice run of 6.47/219mph after rebuilding the engine in case any cars dropped out of competition, but none did. (Bill Dossett)
   For the 1973 Castrol/RAC and NDRC points championship winners click here. Plans were announced at the end of the season to run a joint championship, to be called the Castrol/RAC Championship at both Santa Pod and NDRC tracks. The decision was made that none of the rounds would be held at international events where "Swedish entries (who do not normally conform to the British rules) have made a habit of winning valuable points".  
  By the end of the 1973 season eleven British bike riders had recorded nine second runs. They were Brian Chapman, Mick Butler, Jeff Byne, Roy Daniels, John Hobbs, Duncan Hocking, Norman Hyde, Pete Miller, Keith Parnell, Bob Webster and Paul Windross.  


January 9th Clive Skilton and mechanic Don Beadle took their Castrol sponsored Top Fuel car to Belfast for an appearance on the oil company's stand at the Balmoral Motor Show. A planned demonstration run at Kirkistown ended in disappointment when the oil pump drive sheared. Plans were made to fly out a replacement part, but high winds and rain the next day prevented any further attempts.
January 25th-27th Beeline Dragway, Phoenix, Arizona. AHRA Winter Nationals. The UK's Clive Skilton drove John Durkee's Pegasus fueller and qualified 12th with a 6.3. The first round saw him up against Jerry Ruth. A long burn-down developed before Skilton moved into stage first, followed by a red light from Clive as Ruth took the win with his first ever five second run, a 5.95.
February 1st-3rd

Auto Club Raceway, Pomona, California. NHRA Winternationals. One of the chutes from Clive Skilton's car had been lent to Mike Waggoner the previous week and Skilton had to borrow a funny car chute. Due to a size difference the chute failed to open on the first qualifying run and Clive hit the catch fence at 70mph before the car spun and flipped over. Clive was shaken but unhurt.

March The BDR&HRA in conjunction with the  NDRC announced a new set of rules for the sport, and a unified Castrol/RAC National Championship. For details of the new rules click here to see an excerpt from The Retford Scrapbooks in a cutting from Autosport magazine. 
March 17th SPR. At a pre-season practice session the Stones Hemi Hunter made its track debut 3 years after being built by Peter Bennett. Hemi Hunters name came from the cars use of a Chevrolet motor (previously in their Tee Rat Altered) as opposed to the Chrysler Hemi favoured by other top fuel drivers. Dave Stone put in an 8.2s pass. The ex-Paula Murphy funny car also made its first appearance in its new Houndog 7 colours at this event. (Ron Clark)
March 24th

SPR Season Opener. Three Pro Fuel cars were present. Allan Herridge took Firefly to the top spot with a 7.4, Mike Hutcherson made number two, and Clive Skilton blew a head gasket on his way to an 8.2. After a bye run for Herridge, which he made in 7.90/200.80, Skilton then defeated Hutcherson 7.09/211.86 to a losing 8.33/160.51. In a repeat of his Pomona experience six weeks earlier Skilton found himself whitout a chute at the top end. Fortunately this time he managed to get the car stopped before heading into the fields. In the final, Firefly shut off just into the run leaving Clive an easy win in 7.17/214.13. Allan Herridge also put in a couple of runs in the Stardust Funny. Firstly, a 7.32/170, then a 7.43 clocking. Owen Hayward put in a run in the Houndog 7 Funny Car, but after a promising burnout dropped a valve on the run.  In Top Comp Altered, Phil Elson ran a 9.75/147 bye, and then Dave Stone in Tee Rat put down a 9.18/120 to defeat a redlighting 10.34/146 from Shutdown’s new driver Mick Hall. In the final, Stone took it with an early shut-off 8.54/134 to Elson’s losing 9.29/155. The Stones other entry, the Hemi Hunter rail, with driver Gerry Andrews taking the wheel for the first time, was due to run a match race series with the Accles & Pollock 454 car of Roz Prior. This didn't come about as a fault in the fuel lines of Hemi Hunter prevented any competitive runs. Prior ran a string of nines during the day, with a 9.2 being a new personal best. The Senior Comp field consisted of one Pro Stock car and a couple of comp cars. Dave Page in Panic soloed to 10.17/144, and then Kevin Pilling in the Satans Toy Pro Stocker put down 10.51/132 to defeat Bob Deichen. Pilling won the final in a PB of 10.48/131 as the Panic Topolino finished the run in his opponents lane. Top Street saw a disappointing turnout, with only a handful of cars. Mustafa Errol was driving the ex-Richard Smith Chevelle and ran a best of 11.9 in eliminations against Ivan Fryer's Mustang. In the final he suffered a gearbox problem and had to settle for runner up as the 2.5L Daimler Mini of Pete Smith took the win with a 13.8. In bike qualifying, Brian Chapman became the third quickest European rider of all time with a 9.52/144. In Top bike, six of the entries succumbed to breakages leaving Clive Liddiard to solo to a final round win in 10.07/135.87. Senior bike was also a solo win, this time for Brian Smith. John Lewis out-paced Paul Eastbury to take the Middle bike elimination. (Original entry by Clive Rooms with additions by Trakbytes)

April 7th

Blackbushe. NDRC Spring Smokers Meet. Three Pro Fuel cars were entered. Clive Skilton qualified with 8.28/181 on the tractionless surface. Then Dennis Priddle threw a blower belt just off the line and coasted through. Roland Pratt was driving the old Skilton car Revolution 3. Freddie Whittle had been scheduled to drive but was unable to make the meeting at the last minute. Pratt broke on his first burnout and was out of competition. It was decided to run a best of three between Priddle and Skilton. In the first race, Priddle just crossed the stripe first in 7.79/178 to Skilton’s 7.82/208. On that pass, Priddle had burnt a couple of pistons so was unable to run again. Skilton then faced off against Pratt in the newly repaired Revolution car and ran 7.48/NS as Pratt just idled through in 11.92/68.4. Dennis Priddle also had his STP Avenger Funny Car with him. A broken throttle cable kept it out of action. Ed Shaver debuted the latest creation from Mark Stratton, the rear-engined Vauxhall Funny Car. He also had problems, first with a broken clutch linkage, then the engine refused to fire. In Top Dragster Roz Prior ran her first eight second pass, an 8.8.97 in qualifying alongside Gerry Andrews in Hemi Hunter who ran 9.07. In the first round Andrews ran 8.84/144 to defeat Ray Hoare’s Saxon. Roz Prior put in a 9.4s bye pass. In the final, it was Andrews all the way with a new personal best of 8.77/153 to Roz’s 9.34/144. Ken Cooper won Senior Dragster with a holeshot 13.71/97 to Jim Read’s Autofrog which ran a quicker but losing 13.21/106. Top Competition winner was Mike Hall who soloed for the win as the only other car in the class, Tee Rat, broke its axle qualifying having previously run an 8.5. In Senior Comp the Dick Sharpe's Dorset Horn team returned with a rebuilt engine, lower roof and new paint and hopes for runs in the tens. But an easy 12.2s pass resulted in a couple of broken pushrods putting them out of competition.  Clive Page in Panic won the final, driving around Lawrence Burn’s Ollies Folly, 13.03/113 to a losing 18.36/76.9. In Middle Comp the honours went to the Chevrolet powered Firenza Invader of John Morton who ran an 11.7 to defeat the Stripteaser Mini Van of Roger Bishop. Kevin Pilling was again the only entrant in Pro Stock despite the late arrival of Gary Goggin who had been working most of the previous night on his Camaro. Pilling was awaiting a new fibreglass front end and ran without any bodywork ahead of the windscreen. Lack of traction slowed him down but he put on a show for the fans with some impressive burnouts. Ivan Fryer took the Top Street win with 14.8s run in his 351 Mustang. In Production Sylvia Read was competing for the first time in her 440 Dodge, and won the class with a 13.9. Top bike was notable for a lot of red lights! Jeff Byne beat Norman Hyde, Brian Chapman defeated Mick Warne, Pete Miller and John Clift both red lit and so had a re-run which Clift took, and Mike Honey progressed through to the next round. In the semis, Chapman pulled a cherry allowing Byne through, and Honey did the same in the other race handing the win to Clift. In the final, it was Byne’s turn to be too eager letting Clift take the win even though he had red lit in the first round! Middle bike was won by Kevin Hayhoe who was too strong for Alan Cook, and Bob Beckwith downed Ray Law to take the Senior bike title. (Original entry by Clive Rooms. Updates by Trakbytes)

April 14th/15th

SPR. Spring Nationals. Entry List. The attendance for the two days over Easter was put at 25,000 with 16,000 present for Monday’s eliminations. Qualifying on Sunday saw Dennis Priddle qualify at number one in Pro Fuel with an early shut off 7.14/160. A wheelspinning run later on produced a 195mph low 8. With Clive Skilton on holiday the other two cars in the class, Allan Herridge in Firefly and Mike Hutcherson in Houndog both failed to make any impression in qualifying, the latter suffering a broken rear axle. Herridge took the Stardust Funny Car to a 7.11/200, beating Paula Murphy's 7.18 class record from July the previous year. A later run resulted in a 7.7 and a broken crank. Owen Hayward in Houndog 7 put in one run and lost a blower. Priddle took the STP Avenger to an 8.1, instantly making it the quickest UK built Funny Car. Top Comp saw Mike Hall in Shutdown the quickest of the four cars entered with a best of 9.1s. Freeman Rogers Aardvark, running the ex-Commuter Ford V8, suffered a damaged blower, Phil Elson's Sneaky was having clutch problems, and Dave Stone discovered that the new slicks on Tee Rat were rubbing the bodywork at speed. In Top Dragster Gerry Andrews led the way with an 8.19 while Roz Prior continued to improve with new personal bests of 8.7 & 8.6. In Senior Comp it was Dave Page at number one spot with a 9.6/145. Dick Sharpe, with his Dorset Horn Pontiac/Austin repaired from its Blackbushe outing, put in an 11.1, then changed his fuel pump and improved to a 10.7/136. Peter Crane was back in Pro Stock with his Camaro, but had an oil pump failure. He later put in a 12.2 shakedown pass. Gary Goggin took the top spot with back-to-back 10.2s at 139mph while Kevin Pilling followed with a 10.5/131. Dave Rose was number one qualifier in Super Street with an 11.9 from his Barracuda. He later improved to an 11.8 in practice. The following day began with a practice session. Roger Bishop ran a couple of 120mph 12.0s tests in the Stripteaser Mini Van, now equipped with a B&M Clutchflite transmission. In Pro Fuel, top qualifier Priddle ran a bye 7.42/194.93, and then Herridge aboard Firefly ran 7.47/182 to defeat the axle breaking 8.12 from Houndog. In the final, Bootsie was forced to shut down due to a bad fuel leak leaving Dennis to solo to a 7.20/201.21 win. Funny Car was a best of three between Hayward in Houndog and Priddle in the Avenger. Hayward took the first race 7.82/179.86 to a losing 8.63/172.12. In the second race, Houndog lost its clutch at the top end handing the win to Priddle in 8.43/179.53. In Top Dragster Roz Prior ran another 8.7 to beat Peter Jones in the first round. Gerry Andrews ran a solo 8.55 after Ray Hoare lost fire. In the final at three quarter track, the parachute on Roz’s car deployed causing the car to swerve badly and giving the win to Andrews in 8.64/172. In Top Comp Altered, Mike Hall in Shutdown outpaced Phil Elson in Sneaky, 9.15/171 to a losing 10.63/143. Then Dave Stone in Tee Rat had an easy win over Freeman Rogers in Aardvark 9.71/102 to 11.47/100. Hall soloed for the win in the final as Tee Rat suffered a dragging clutch. Senior Comp was again a two horse race as Dave Page and Dick Sharpe made their way to the final, Page taking a close win with a 10.6 to a 10.9. Jim Read won Senior Dragster beating Peter Cazey 13.13/106 to a losing 14.22/95. John Whitmore was the winner in Middle beating Alan Sharpe in Methdrinker. Mick Sayers took the Junior Dragster win beating Gerry Cookson. Middle Comp was won by Pete Skinner beating Roger Bishop in Stripteaser 11.93/118 to a losing 12.17/116. Barry Sheavills took the Junior Comp win beating Steve Maltby’s Jag-Pop 13.78 to 14.02. In Pro Stock qualifying, both Pete Crane and Dave Lee Travis in Tender Trap had developed problems leaving Gary Goggin and Kevin Pilling to run a best of three. Goggin took the first, Pilling the second when Gary broke his throttle cable, but in the process, Pilling put a couple of rods through the block. Goggin soloed for the third round win. Super Street went to Dave Rose with a winning 11.7 to a struggling 18.4 from the turbocharged E-Type Jaguar of Bob Oram.  In Top Bike, all eight qualifiers were under ten seconds for the first time ever. Jeff Byne sat at the top of the pile with 9.45/145. The final was between Norman Hyde and Brian Chapman. Chapman had come back in as the fastest semi loser as Pete Miller was unable to make the final. Chapman’s luck held as Hyde red lit handing the win to Chapman. John Clift won Senior recording 10.05/135 to defeat Mick Honey. Middle bike was won by Barry Beaumont and Barry Sewell took the Junior class. Dave Rawlins won the Street bike class defeating Dave Randall in the final 11.78/114 to a losing 12.16/110. (Original entry by Clive Rooms, additional updates by Trakbytes)

April 28th Castrol/RAC NDRC National championship Round three. Wroughton, Wiltshire. The meeting was turned into a practice session as it rained until 1 pm which gave no chance for any qualifying. In Pro Fuel, Clive Skilton match raced Dennis Priddle. Skilton won the first race in 7.41/206 as Priddle clicked it off early to an 8.69/127. In the second race, Priddle pulled a huge holeshot and stayed out front to take it in 7.82/204 to Skilton’s much quicker but losing 7.06/217. Only two Funny Cars put in an appearance, the STP Avenger of Priddle and the rear engined Midnight Blues driven by Ed Shaver. Priddle won the first race easily in 9.20/177 as Shaver shut off to an 11.56.82, the new cars first timing ticket. Priddle also had it easy in the second race as he put down a 7.85/183 pass as Shaver again clicked it off. This gave Priddle the accolade of being the first UK built Funny Car to go into the sevens. Roz Prior clocked an 8.9/156 and Gerry Andrews an 8.4/163 although the two did not run together. The rear engined V6 rail of Ian Frazer recorded a 10.74 and John Whitmore ran a best of 10.82 in Drag N Fly. Bob Messent was experiencing dramatic wheelstands in Stripteaser, putting down a best run of 11.75/120. One of the stars of the meeting was the newly imported ex Sox & Martin Pro Stocker of Adrian Yorke. He put in three runs; 11.13/130, 11.02/131 and 10.04/143. the car was causing some controversy as it was the first in the UK to be equipped with a Lenco planetary transmission, a unit which was due to be outlawed from the class in 1975. Gary Goggin also recorded a 10.04. On two wheels, John Hobbs was the only rider to dip under ten seconds with 9.95/149 and another run at 153 mph. Gerry Andrews in Hemi Hunter laid down an 8.40/163 and John Whitmore in Drag’N Fly put in three runs culminating in a 10.82. (Clive Rooms with additional details by Trakbytes)
May 5th

SPR. May Day meeting. The eliminations were curtailed by rain. Making its Santa Pod debut at this meeting was the ex Herb McCandless Dodge Challenger Pro Stock car newly imported from the States, in the hands of Colin Mullan, and re-named ’London Heavy’. Its first qualifying pass was 9.64/139 (A new UK Pro Stock record and the first in the class to break into the nines). Gary Goggin qualified at number two with a 10.5 and Peter Crane was third with a 10.7 which saw him wreck the big end bearings, putting him out of the rest of the meeting. Only one race between the remaining pair was run before the rain set in. Mullan recorded a very late leaving 9.75/138 which was beaten by the 10.32/135.5 from Goggin. Another new machine making its debut was the Rowatt brothers rear engined Chevy rail. In Top Dragster, Roz Prior outpaced Gerry Andrews in Hemi Hunter, 8.47/151 (A new personal best for Roz) to a losing 8.91/173. Andrews had earlier qualified with an 8.29/161, which turned out to be the fastest time of the day. Prior had qualified with an 8.67. Top Comp Altered was a best of three between Phil Elson and Freeman Rogers, in Elson's old car, now named Aardvark and running the ex-Commuter blown Ford mill. Elson took both wins; 9.19/116 to a losing 9.14/165 and 9.13/151 to a losing 9.22/161. Just two Pro Fuel cars were entered, Mike Hutcherson in Houndog and Allan Herridge in Firefly. Houndog had problems on both runs and never even made the line, while Bootsie in Firefly got wildly out of shape, correcting the car before hitting the fence. Dave Stone in Tee Rat took on the Houndog Funny Car of Owen Hayward but bogged off the line. Hayward shut off early to a low nine second finish. With Dick Sharpe out of action with a spun main bearing Dave Page ran a 9.8 in Panic and Bob Messent in Stripteaser was very pleased with an 11.4/119. His best run since fitting the new transmission. 

May 11th/12th Blackbushe. NDRC Meeting. In Pro Fuel, Clive Skilton qualified with runs of 7.98/161, 7.86/179 and 7.02/222 9 (the fastest speed to date at Blackbushe) while Dennis Priddle and Roland Pratt took it easy with 7.54/102 and 8.90/106 respectively. On Sunday morning Roz Prior took her first drive in a fuel dragster. She took the seat of Pratt's car and clicked off a half pass at 9.9 seconds. In the eliminations, Skilton soloed to a 7.17/222. Priddle and Pratt then faced off. Pratt shut down after the burnout with a broken brake linkage, and Priddle’s engine snapped its crankshaft in two on the launch. In the final, Pratt came back in to race Skilton. As they staged, the Christmas tree threw a wobbly and gave Skilton a red light even though he hadn’t moved. Pratt launched on the green and then Skilton powered after him. Pratt automatically took the win with a 7.7/183 but Skilton had run the first six second pass of the year at 6.91/213. In the re-run Pratt got away first and both cars smoked the tyres as Skilton gave chase and took the win with another 7.2/222.  Gerry Andrews took the win in Top Dragster defeating Roz Prior 8.56/172 to 10.10/137, Prior suffering clutch problems in the Accles & Pollock car.  Prior had beaten Ray Hoare in the previous round with an off form 9.8. to a 10.0. Andrews had a bye to the final with an 8.7. The Rowatt brothers won Senior Dragster, and in Middle, George Davie in Pubcrawler finally secured a win beating Ken Penfold in the final. The winner of Junior Dragster was Janet Trinder driving the 12 year old Worden car. Top Competition included the Funny Cars of Priddle and Shaver. Priddle beat Mike Hall in Shutdown, 8.92/182 to a losing 9.73/161. Then Dave Stone in Tee Rat defeated Shaver with an 8.84, to an ill-handling and slowing 16s run even though Tee Rat's back axle snapped a halfshaft sending the car swerving towarsds the centre line. This was the second successive Blackbushe meeting at which the car suffered rear axle breakages. Mike Hall came back out for a solo pass as the track crew worked to find the source of a recurring christmas tree fault. As he deployed the chute at the end of a 9s 160mph pass the car swerved off the track and bounced across the grass before coming safely to a stop. Shaver came back in for the final, but once again he had handling problems allowing Priddle an easy 9.21/154 win. Senior Comp looked to be a forgone conclusion for the Page's Panic Topolino as Dick Sharpe had damaged his crankshaft at Santa Pod the previous weekend. Even the handicap of a broken diff, requiring some careful driving from Clive Page in order to keep it in one piece, didn't stop them and they won three out of three with 11s second runs against Bob Diechen. Only one Pro Stock car was entered, so Gary Goggin duly won his class. Top and Super Street were both best of three affairs. Ivan Fryer took Top with three 13s runs in his Mustang against the blown V6 Anglia of Bob Swansborough. Dave Rose took the Super Street honours with a best of 12.2 against the TVR Tuscan of John Manley. Top bike winner was Jeff Byne who firstly disposed of John Hobbs, then he took out Brian Chapman in the final 9.98/134 to a losing 10.67/134. In Senior bike, John Clift won his semi-final but blew his motor in the process. He put another engine in for the final against Charlie Harrison, but just off the line, he blew again. (Original entry by Clive Rooms. Additional details by Trakbytes)
May Silverstone. In the week leading up to the Santa Pod Bank Holiday meeting Clive Skilton made some test runs in the Ed Shaver rear-engined Castrol Funny Car. Clive was trying to diagnose the handling problems Shaver was experiencing. This culminated with him losing control and rolling the car, which was running without the body. The car was badly damaged but Clive was unhurt.
May 26th/27th

SPR. Whitsun Holiday Weekend Big Go. On Monday, the second day of this meeting, Allan Herridge in Stardust recorded the first six second Funny Car pass outside of the USA. His time was 6.87 seconds at an early shut off 191 mph. This was Herridge's first six second run. The car was running a newly purchased 480ci Ed Pink engine which was reported to have arrived from the USA complete and ready to run, and already contained oil. A new Lenco 2 speed and reverser had also been fitted, but the reverser failed after the burnout on what was to be its maiden run on the Sunday against Stardust. A replacement was bought from the London Heavy team and Herridge ran a 7.11/204 late on the Sunday afternoon. Two other FCs were present. Owen Hayward in the Houndog 7 Funny Car was alongside Stardust as it's reverser failed, his subsequent run lifted the front wheels, holed the sump on landing, and then lost a blower belt. Hayward's second run saw the car suffer a driveshaft failure which in turn led to another belt failure and sidelined him for the rest of the meeting. Dennis Priddle in the Avenger car ran 8.03/163.92, before match racing Bootsie. In this race, Stardust got wildly out of shape before Allan managed to correct it. In the meantime, Dennis headed skywards on the green but kept it under control. Dennis took the win in 7.71/187 to Bootsie’s identical 7.71 at 168 mph. In Pro Fuel on the Sunday, Clive Skilton ran a 7.3 with a badly slipping clutch and, after some adjustment, beat Mike Hutcherson in Houndog, 6.91/216.92 to a losing 11.49/81 on just six cylinders. Allan Herridge put in a run in Firefly which saw the front wheels head skywards for 50 yards before he shut off and crossed lanes. Herridge later ran a wild 8.3/106 with some ballast strapped to the front axle. Dave Page in the Panic Topolino altered led qualifying in Senior Comp with a 9.8 but had the misfortune to roll the car against the barrier on his next run with Dick Sharpe in the other lane. Page was unhurt. Sharpe in the Dorset Horn went on to run an 11.5 with his first ever wheelie off the line. In Pro Stock Colin Mullan took the ex-Brooklyn Heavy, now renamed London Heavy, Dodge to an opening 9.8/140 while Gary Goggin ran a 10.5. Goggin's next run produced a 10.3 while Mullan ran a best ever of 9.58. Goggin decided that his Camaro's suspension was too stiff and was slowing his times. Meanwhile Peter Crane put in two runs, with a best of 11.1, the quickest so far for the car. During this meeting a deal was done with Mustapha Errol who purchased the car minus engine and transmission. Rumors circulated that Crane was moving on to a Top Fuel drive. In Top Dragster Gerry Andrews took Hemi Hunter to number one qualifier with an 8.2 with an ever improving Roz Prior close behind at 8.4. Dave Stone ran a best ever in the Chevy powered Tender Trap Escort of 11.8 with Dave Lee Travis due to drive the car on the Monday. Travis' first qualifier (his first ever) the next morning produced a 12.5 which got him into the eliminations. In Monday’s eliminations, Clive Skilton and Allan Herridge were first out. Skilton ran 6.86 with handling problems at the top end while Herridge had problems of his own with Firefly suddenly changing lanes and tailing Skilton through the lights. Unbalanced slicks were diagnosed as being the cause. Skilton then soloed to another 6.86/214.13, before Houndog beat Firefly 9.32/102 to a losing 11.22/64. However, Skilton had a broken torsion bar which put him out thus letting Firefly back in. Bootsie red lit, fearful of the engine overheating, and Houndog got out of shape and pulled the chute early. Herridge ran his first six in Stardust and shortly after Dennis Priddle put in a strong 7.19/194, beating his best time by over seven tenths of a second. In a dramatic and exciting Funny Car final Herridge and Priddle both lifted the front wheels before Stardust began to turn towards the fence. Herridge corrected and again lifted the front as he re-applied the power. Priddle got close to the centre line, headed back towards the fence on his side then back towards the centre, where the two cars nearly touched, neither driver willing to lift. Priddle got there first with a 7.71/187 with Herridge clocking an identical time at 168mph. With the Page's Panic out of contention in Senior Comp Dick Sharpe made his way easily to the final, where he beat Bob Diechen with a 12.5 to an off-form 14.2. Top Comp was a best of three between Freeman Rogers in Aardvark and Phil Elson in Sneaky. Elson won the first race 9.2 to 9.4. Rogers took the second with a 9.2 as Elson had broken the rear end on the previous run. Rogers also had problems so the third race never materialised. Middle Comp winner was Rick Fielding, beating Stripteaser to get to the final. His opponent in the final was the Skinner Bros' Jag/Falcon whose 11.6 was not enough for Feilding's 11.3, both recording 112mph. Tim Spencer took Junior Comp. In Top Dragster,  Gerry Andrews in Hemi Hunter soloed to a 9.2 while Roz Prior defeated a holeshot from Ray Hoare with an 8.6 to a 10.0. In the final Prior proved to be the quickest off the line and won with an 8.4/157 as Andrews lifted the front wheels off the line, and again at the eigth mile, still recording an 8.29/177. Martin Rowatt took Senior Dragster beating Malcolm Olley 10.42/128 to a losing 10.60/132. John Rotherham won Middle beating a sleeping John Whitmore 11.66 to a faster but losing 11.27. Junior Dragster winner was Gerry Cookson, his 11.1 beating a 12.2 from The Worden of Geoff Masters. In Pro Stock, Colin Mullan soloed to 9.67/136, and then Gary Goggin beat Pete Crane 10.59/118 to 10.86/127. Mullan took the final running 9.63/140 to Goggin’s losing 10.31/117. In Super Street Dave Lee Travis drew Alan O'Connor in his first round for his competiton debut. A hesitant start for DLT saw Al's Gasser take the win with a 12.4. He went on to win the final against Dave Rose. Rose had beaten Dennis Mutton's Mustang to reach the final.  A later match race between O'Connor and DLT saw the Gasser break it's diff on the start line as DLT improved his start line reactions and took the win. In Top bike, the top two qualifiers, John Hobbs and Jeff Byne ran identical times of 9.57. In the first round, Norman Hyde beat Byne 9.45/150 to 9.58/140, John Clift defeated Bob Webster 9.69 to 9.73, Brian Chapman overcame Hobbs 9.72 to 9.94 and Mick Warne with 10.4 beat Pete Miller’s 10.08. In the semis, Warne broke allowing Chapman to go through and Clift defeated Hyde 9.72 to 10.12. Clift won the final in 9.70/142 as Chapman had wheelie problems. Mick Butler was the winner in Senior with 9.92/146, Tony Weedon took Middle and Barry Sewell was the winner in Junior bike. (Original entry by Clive Rooms. Additonal deta ils by Trakbytes)

June 2nd

Long Marston. Castrol/RAC NDRC National championship Round 5. The entry list for this meeting was disappointing, a total of 53 cars were present. The bikes faired better with three eight bike fields and one five bike field.  Clive Skilton and Roland Pratt in Revolution 3 were booked in to run a best of three match race. Neither driver put in a qualifying run and so received no championship points. In their first race both cars rolled out of stage and had to be pulled back. The start line crew pulled Pratt back, but the starter handn't realised that Skilton was waiting for the same reason and ran the lights. Pratt went through in 9.63/81 whilst Skilton idled through in 11.82/65. In the second race, Pratt pulled a huge holeshot and took the win in 8.47/123 as Skilton lost out with 8.28/129. Skilton’s master cylinder failed on the run which sidelined him. Top Dragster winner was Gerry Andrews who defeated Roz Prior 8.66/149 (the fastest speed of the day) to 9.26/146. Prior, in what was to be her last meeting in the Accles & Pollock car, had led the qualifying with a 9.39 in Age Machine, followed by Ray Hoare in Saxon with 9.90. Andrews had been on the bump spot with a 10.67. Andrews beat Hoare 9.33 to 9.98 in the first round as Prior took an easy bye. Senior Dragster was a best of three between Ian Fraser and Jim Read which Fraser won 2-1. Read won the first but was unable to make the second. In the deciding third race Fraser took the win with an 11.49/110 to an 11.95/119. Middle was taken by John Whitmore who beat John Rotherham with an 11.49, while Mick Sayers took the Junior title. There was only one Pro Stock car and one Funny Car in attendance so it was decided to run a best of three with a two second handicap to Colin Mullan in the London Heavy. In the first race, Mullan took the win as the STP FC of Dennis Priddle succumbed with blower problems. (This was the first appearance of the car since its crankshaft failure at Blackbushe the previous month). The same thing happened in the second race so Mullan took the series 2-0. Priddle discovered afterwards that the panelling inside the bodywork had been shorting out the magneto as it hit the bumps in the strip. With this sorted he came out and put in a stronger final run. With the engine already sold to Roz Prior for her move to Top Fuel Priddle shut off early as the car began to bounce and crossed the line in 9 seconds. Senior Comp saw the Dorset Horn of Dick Sharpe take two straight wins over the Reality Altered of Tony Preston. In Middle Comp John Morton, in the Colin Mullan Invader, beat the Poison Ivy car of Pete Smith with a 12.40, and Mike Nash in 2 Ton Car Men beat the Optimist of Brian Mondey in the final of Junior Comp. Production One was a best of three between the Stingray of Adrian Frome and Mrs K. Churchill. Churchill took the first round as Frome had problems. Apparently Frome had the advantage of having another Stingray at his disposal and so he used this to win the remaining two rounds. Dave Page was back in competiton having rolled the Panic Altered the previous weekend. he made it to the semi finals of Production two in the family's Cortina. It was however the Cortina of Steve Stevens that took the final win. Top Street went to Ivan Fryer, Senior Street to Bill Marshall's Lotus 7 in 15s. Middle went to Vic Board who defeated Robin Tallis. A best of three was held for Super Street between the escort of Dave Stone and the Barracuda of David Rose. Stone took all three wins.  In Top bike the bump spot went to Norman Hyde, who ran an 11.70/119 that nearly ended up with Hyde running off the edge of the strip. Jeff Byne, who had qualified at number one on Hurricane with a 10.46/125, met Brian Chapman in the first round and took the win with a 10.40/114 to a 10.49/122.  In the second, and final, round he should have been up against John Hobbs, but Hobbs had problems and didn't make the call. Under the rules the fastest loser from Round One was allowed to take his place. This was, Brian Chapman. Byne took his second win over Chapman with a 10.57/126 to a 10.69/125. Mick Warne won Senior bike when Bob Beckwith pulled a cherry. Beckwith had waited for fourty minutes for Byne to be ready as he had suffered engine damage earlier on. His opponent in the first round had shown a similar sense of sportsmanship, waiting for over an hour for Byne only to lose fire on the line letting Byne into the final. The winner of Middle bike was sprinter Don McMahon running in his first drag race. He beat Paul Eastbury in the final 13.84/86 to a losing 14.28/91. Junior bike had no entries and Dave Rawlins took the Street title*  (Original entry by Clive Rooms. Updates by Trakbytes)

*The Previous entry for this meeting included the following "A disappointing field of only 53 competitors turned up for the 6000 spectators. Bike riders refused to hold a round of their championship at the venue due to the bumpiness of the strip." At a meeting  between riders and officials it was decided that it would be unfair to hold the fourth round of the Castrol Points Championship at this meeting and it was postponed until the Silverstone meeting two weeks later. (Thanks to Jerry Cookson for clearing this up)

June 15th/16th

Silverstone. Entry List. The NDRC held their second International meeting with the announcement that the strip had the "best adhesion possible for Drag Racing in Europe". In the first half of the year Silverstone Circuits and Clive Lanson Enterprises had spent in the region of £6000 on increased paddock space, double armco barriers the full length of the strip and a graded spectator bank. Four Funny cars were in attendance, but the rear-engined entry of Ed Shaver had been having a chassis rebuild and didn't make it to the track until Sunday for a couple of shakedown runs. The remaining three, Dennis Priddle's Avenger, Leif Dabach's Volvo, The Saint, and Bjorn Anderson's Manta ran a round robin on Sunday. Priddle managed a best of 7.7 on Saturday with the Swedes running low eights. On Sunday he ran 8.05/187 against an 8.8/180 from Dabach. Dabach then beat Anderson with an 8.80/177 to a 9.5/156. In the final round Priddle took the win with a 7.8 to Anderson's 9.9. Dennis had less luck in the Top Fuel ranks, qualifying behind the 7.8 of Roland Pratt, in Revolution III, with an 8.3. Sweden's John Anderson was third with an 8.34 while Clive Skilton broke a shifter cable and coasted to the line. Taking a turn in the Revolution III car also was Roz Prior, putting in some observed runs, under the supervision of Clive Skilton, in preparation for her move up to Pro Fuel with the ex-Priddle Mr Six car which she and husband Dave had purchased earlier in the year. The result of this was that Roz became the first licensed female Pro Fuel driver outside the USA. In the first round Skilton ran 7.04/202 as Anderson shut off early to a 12.3. Then Priddle found himself chasing Pratt who took a massive lead at the start. He managed to hold on until his chute deployed prematurely allowing Dennis to power past and take the win with a 7.3/190 to an 8.0. In the final Skilton took a convincing win with a 6.7/220 to Priddle's 7.5/171. In Top Dragster Gerry Andrews qualified at number one with an 8.4. He made his way to the final with an 8.3s win over Peter Baker, who was making his first runs in Roz Prior's old car. There he met Ray Hoare, who had disposed of Tony Froome with a 9.5 to a 10.3. Andrews took the final win with another 8.3 to Hoare's 9.5. Baker and Froome ran a decider for third and fourth, with Baker taking a 9.5 win over a 10.1. Russ Carpenter took Senior Dragster with a 9.2s win over the Crescent Coupe of Keith Dancy, running for the first time without it's distinctive bodywork. Top Comp saw the Stones Tee Rat out for the first time with an uprated rear axle to cope with the blown injected Chevy engine. It proved a successful combination as Dave Stone put in an 8.1/189 on his first run, a good 20mph faster than the car had run previously. In the first race against Mike Hall's Shutdown Stone clocked a 7.96/194, the first sub-eight second pass for an Altered outside the USA. In the second match a 9.4/165 from Hall was no match for another seven from Tee Rat, this time a 7.98/198. In Senior Comp Dick Sharpe took the win with an 11.1/120 against Us Serviceman Freeman Rodgers. Middle Comp saw mechanic Jim Brett take the driving seat in Stripteaser for the first time, and the final win with a holeshot 11.59 to an 11.44 from John Moreton in Invader. The Pro Stock class saw two Swedish entries, the Camaros of Gunne Backe and Bo Hollstrom, join Colin Mullen, Adrian Yorke and Gary Goggin. But mechanical problems for Goggin and Yorke led to another round robin competition, with Mullen coming out on top with a 9.7 and a 9.8. Dave Lee Travis made number one qualifier and won his first ever Super Street Eliminator in the Stone's 'Tender Trap' Escort against such established racers as Al O'Connor, Mustapha Errol and Dave Rose.

June 23rd

SPR. Wolfrace Trophy Meeting.The highlight of the meeting was John Hobbs beating Alf Hagon’s long standing bike strip record which had stood at 9.208 seconds since 1968. John ran 9.17 to put his name in the record books.

There were only two Top Fuel cars present. Allan Herridge was driving Firefly, which was fitted with the 484ci engine that would be going into the new Houndog rear-engined rail. He put in a couple of half passes. The other was Mike Hutcherson in the slingshot Houndog TF car. He and  Dave Stone in the Tee Rat altered match raced. The dragster took the first race in 8.13/153 as Tee Rat put down a wildly out of shape 10.16. In the second race, it was a reversal as the altered got there first in 7.83/162 to Houndog’s 8.28/124. In the decider, Houndog cut out on the line and Tee Rat recorded 8.56/167.22. This was the first time that an Altered had run low ET of the day and beaten a Top Fuel car. The other two Fuel Altereds present, Phil Elson and Freeman Rogers, also ran a best of three match race. Rogers, running Aardvark with the ex-Commuter 427ci Ford engine, took the first round with an 8.9/162 to a 9.2/146, making him the fourth Altered to run an eight in the UK. He had problems in the second round leaving Elson to take the win with another 9.2. In the deciding third round it was Elson who shut down on the line leaving Rogers to solo to a 12.3s win. Without the Pages and the Dorset Horn team Senior Comp saw a turnout of only three cars. John Dickson's first competative outing in the Good Vibrations 474 Oldsmobile powered Pop was plagued with fuel injection problems and he lost with a 15.3 against a 13.6 from the Chevy Model T of Tony Preston. Vic Hammond took the bye, but when the time came for the final he couldn't get the car to fire, so Dickson was brought in on the break rule to face Preston again. A similarly troubled and slower 16.6 was no match for a 12.6 from Preston. Middle Comp had a full field of sixteen cars battling it out. Rick Fielding and Bob Messent made it through to the final round where a holeshot from Stripteaser clinched the win with an 11.4/117 to a 11.29/124. Top Dragster was a best of three between Gerry Andrews and Tony Froome. The Hemi Hunter of Andrews took it 3-0 with a new personal best of 8.15 the icing on the cake. Senior Dragster winner was Keith Dancy running 9.56/150 to outpace Martin Rowatt in the final. John Rotherham was the Middle winner beating the Pubcrawler of George Davie, and Gerry Cookson won Junior. In Pro Stock, Adrian York made his first full passes in the second imported Heavy machine which culminated in a 9.51/144.72 pass which was the quickest Pro Stock run outside of America. The final was between the two imported Heavy cars of York and Colin Mullan. Mullan got there first in 9.52/138.7 to a losing 9.83/144.3, the first side-by-side nine second Pro Stock run in this country. In the first round of the Top bike elimination, Jeff Byne beat Bob Webster, Hobbs defeated Brian Chapman, and both John Clift and Mick Warne were winners. In the semis, Hobbs ran his 9.17 to easily down the 9.86 from Clift, and Byne defeated Warne 9.49 to 9.94. In the final,Byne bogged on the line letting Hobbs with an ailing clutch take the win in 9.91. Keith Parnell took Senior bike beating Sid Austin with a 9.68/147. Middle bike winner was Barry Beaumont and Mick Ford took the Junior win. (Clive Rooms with updates by Trakbytes)

June 30th

Castrol/RAC NDRC National championship Round three. Wroughton, Wiltshire. This meeting was a re-run of the rain abandoned meeting in April. Once again the rains came but racing was able to commence in the afternoon. Qualifying times were hampered by the still damp track but Gerry Andrews managed an 8.7 in the Stones Top Dragster, and Ray Hoare put down a 9.6. These two ran a best of three match race. Andrews shut off with problems on the line in the first round and rather than run solo Hoare followed suit. In the second round Andrews won with an 8.4 to a 9.8. The third round never materialised in time for the 7pm curfew. Roz Prior was due to make her Top Fuel debut in the ex-Dennis Priddle Mr six car, renamed Fast Lady. Unfortunately Roz spent the day at the local hospital as her son had fallen in the pits and gashed his head. Dennis took a run in the car which resulted in an 8.4 that bent a brand new set of pushrods. Clive Skilton took his GTX rail to a best yet of 6.72/200 in a match race with Roland Pratt for low ET of the day. Pratt ran 7.6/190. Top Comp saw victory for Dave Stone in Tee Rat, running 9.1 and 8.6 against Mick Hall who was suffering with his Chrysler engine coughing through the blower. Dick Sharpe won the Top Comp final in 11 seconds, having beaten Tony Preston in the previous round who broke a halfshaft on the start line. His opponent was Bob Deichen, who had advanced after John Dickson's Pop continued to struggle with the injection problems that had plagued him the previous weekend. Deichen ran 13.3 in the final. In the Middle Comp final Bob Messent missed a gear in Stripteaser allowing opponent John Moreton's Firenza past for the win, 11.3 to 13.7. Two Pro Stock cars turned up. Adrian Yorke had mechanical issues, leaving Colin Mullan to take the win with a 9.9s run. In Super Street Dennis Stone was back in the team's Escort but a gearbox failure in the final led to a losing 12.5 while Mustapha Errol took his Camaro to an 11.4 win. Mick Butler took the Top Bike final win with a 9.67/152 on his twin engined Norton Super Cyclops. In Middle Bike Barry Wenham took the win with his Norton which was built on Butler's old frame.

July 6th/7th

SPR Internationals. Allan Herridge and Owen Hayward recorded the quickest side-by-side UK Funny Car pass. Stardust turned 7.00/202 to cross the stripe ahead of Houndog’s 7.11/154. After a troubled weekend for both cars Herridge had earlier managed a solo 7.4/160 and Hayward a 7.7/190. Just two Pro Fuelers attended, Firefly and Houndog. Pete Crane tried out Firefly for size in preparation for buying his own car. (This received some criticism from the press that it was allowed to happen at a major meeting. These days of course we see licencing runs quite often and Crane wrote and replied with a response that explained the reasons for this decision. His reply appears in Volume Four of The Retford Scrapbooks.) For the eliminations, Bootsie was back in the hot seat and he defeated Mike Hutcherson in Houndog 7.4 to an early shut off 7.8. Top Dragster qualifying saw Gerry Andrews run an  8.2 while new girl Liz Burn, in the ex-Roz Prior Age Machine turned a 9.3 and a 9.28. In the final it was Andrews who took the honours. Senior Dragster winner was Russ Carpenter driving Tony Anderson’s car who beat Ian Fraser in the final, 9.58 to 11.27. John Rotherham took the Middle Dragster class beating John Whitmore, 11.57 to an off-form 13.0 from the BMC powered car. and Junior Dragster winner was Geoff Masters in the 12 year old Worden car who ran a 13.0 to beat the 14.9 from Brian Parkins kart. In Top Competition, Dave Stone’s Tee Rat qualified with a storming 7.8/160. Phil Elson in Sneaky ran an 8.6, Freeman Rogers a 9.0 and Mike Hall managed a 9.7/160. In the first semi final Stone ran a best ever 7.79/167 to defeat the 9.8/116 of Freeman Rogers in the newly-painted Aardvark. In the other semi, Hall red lit handing the win to Elson. However, Elson’s Sneaky had broken allowing the Shutdown of Hall to come back in. In the final, Stone really nailed it to take the win in 7.97/196 to a losing 9.21/161 from Hall. Senior Comp saw the debut of Neil England's 327ci Chevy powered Bantam, which flipped at the end of its first run. England was not seriously hurt and was optimistic that some of the wrecked car could be salvaged. Top qualifier was the Gas Rat Chevy of Swede Bo Stafberg at 11.1s. Dick Sharpe took the Dorset Horn to number two spot while John Dickson appeared to have got over some of the fuel problems in his Pop by making third with an 11.7. The car didn't improve on this time over the rest of the meeting, losing in the first round to Bob Deichen, 12.9 to 12.8. Sharpe beat the Chevy-powered Model B of Dave Hayden-Smith, 11.06 to 12.4. Sharpe went on to defeat Tony Preston with a 12s pass while Stafberg disposed of Deichen with a peronal best of 10.5. In the final Sharpe made an excellent start and just held off Strafberg to take it with 10.77/121 to a quicker but losing 10.46/134, another new PB. Middle Comp was dominated by the two Swedish entries of Anders Lantz and Svante Eriksson, both running low tens all weekend. Glen Searle took his 283 Fiat to an 11.3 defeat of the Jag powered Rochdale of John Williamson. In the next round he came up against Ericson's Hemi powered Jeep and, despite the addition of a little nitro, lost with a slowing 16s run. Bob Messent in Stripteaser made a valiant attempt at preventing and all-Swedish final, but lost to the Plymouth Coupe of Lantz. the final was a close one but Lantz took it with a 10.32 to a 10.24, with both cars running 132.28mph. Junior Comp winner was Brian Monday. Pro Stock was again dominated by the two "Heavy" cars of Colin Mullen and Adrian Yorke. They had flown in two mechanics from the Sox & Martin team to help. Yorke led qualifying with a 9.4/146 while Mullan followed with a 9.6. Gary Goggin was suffering mechanical issues, unable to get the revs above 7000, and managed a 10.9 while bringing up the rear was Gunne Backe at 11.3. In Eliminations Yorke defeated Goggin 9.56 to a 12.3. Backe improved to a 10.7 but was no match for a 9.8 from Mullen. In the final Yorke took the win with a 9.53/141 to 9.66/139. Super Street saw victory for another Swede, Johnny Johnson, who led qualifying in his Corvette with an 11.2. Dave Rose followed with a 12.1 but broke his diff. Dennis Stone had fitted the clutch turbo-transmission three speed from Peter Crane's old Camaro in the teams Chevy Escort, but only made third with a 12.4. George Hamlyn's Escort was number four. In the first round Rose came to the line with a repaired diff and two new Holley carbs, but ran slower with a 14.4 as Hamlyn took the win with a 13.4. Stone had more problems when his fan belt broke and he had to shut down on the line, leaving Johnson to advance to the final where he beat Hamlyn 11.8 to 12.9. Top Street went to the 289 Falcon of Melvyn Wooding with a 12.89 win over a 14.7 from Bob Swansborough's blown V6 Anglia. Roy Phelps put on a spectacular show in the Pod's wheelie Stingray when the cars body detached itself at 70 mph before performing a full 360 degree flip and landing the right way up and sliding to a stop, virtually undamaged. In Top bike, Jeff Byne overcame John Clift in the final with 9.40/146 to a losing 10.02/136. Senior bike winner was Paul Windross with a 9.63/146 which was too strong for Mick Warne. Ray Law won Middle and John Cheadle took the Junior title. (Original entry by Clive Rooms. Updated by Trakbytes)

July 13th/14th The Pennine Drag Racing Team opened their own strip,Crossland Moor near Huddersfield. Their planning permission was revoked after 2 meetings due to a grand total of 12 complaints received by the local council, despite the fact that an estimated 10,000 people turned up to those 2 meets!

At this meeting 3000 spectators saw Clive Skilton run 4.92/161 over the eighth mile course as Roz Prior in her new fueler, smoked the whole distance. Ed Shaver in the Castrol rear engined FC ran 5.90/139. (Clive Rooms)

July 21st

SPR. Drag Racing News Trophy meeting. The new Houndog 8 rear engined TF car made its debut at this meeting. The car was Ed Pink Hemi powered and featured a two speed Lenco transmission and reverser, the first UK rail to use these. The car was a copy of Tony Nancy's car that had visited SPR the previous year, and was finished off with livery to match the team's Houndog 7 Funny Car. Mike Hutcherson ran a gentle first half pass and then he raced Allan Herridge in Firefly, who had earlier put down a 7.3. The new car took the win in 7.31/158 as Firefly ventilated the block. Herridge was also out in the Stardust FC and put down a 7.13 with a top end charge of 210.97, the fastest yet. Harold Bull made a return to racing in the old Houndog front engined TF car. His first pass was an easy 9.3/99. On his second pass he clocked an 8.3 but Bull was blinded by oil spray and the car hit the barrier writing everything off apart from the motor. Top Comp saw Dave Stone in Tee Rat lead the qualifying with an 8.5, but suffered some bending of the chassis in the shutdown area. Phil Elson an Freeman Rogers both ran 9.1 and Mick Hall ran a 10s pass after a wild out of shape launch. In the semis Stone launched hard and shut off early, in an attempt to avoid any further top end damage. He took an easy 8.33/127 win over Rogers in Aardvark, and then Phil Elson overcame Mick Hall in Shutdown 8.83/159.49 to a losing 9.22/159.74. Despite some clutch issues after the burnout, and another early shut off, Stone won the final with 7.71/163.51 to the 10.86/85 from Elson who destroyed his Hemi after two con rods let go. Senior Comp was down to three entries after Tony Preston's Chevy T suffered a broken halfshaft in qualifying. Dick Sharpe led the field in the Dorset Horn A35 with an 11.1, followed by John Dickson's Pop at  11.7 and an off form Bob Deichen at 13.0. In a close semi Dickson took the win with a 12.56 to a 12.69 from Deichen. Sharpe took a bye run and clocked a new PB with a 10.6. In the final it was Sharpe all the way with another 10.6 after Dickson bogged on the line and finished with a 12.3. Middle winner was Alan Sherwin in his blown Jag T with an 11.84 over Bob Messent's 11.87 in Stripteaser who had earlier run a PB of 11.2. Brian Mondey in Optimist defeated Tim Spencer to win Junior Comp. In Top Dragster, Gerry Andrews qualified at number one with an 8.3. Liz Burn was number two with a 9.2 and Ray Hoare close behind with a 9.3. In the first round Andrews drove around Hoare 8.31/175.13 to a losing 9.51/156.25, and then Burn soloed to a 9.08/142.86 as Alan Blount failed to appear in his twin engined Chevy. Hemi Hunter took the final with 8.23/170.07 to Liz’s 8.93/144, her first sub-nine second run. Keith Dancey beat Malcolm Olley in the Senior Dragster final, and John Rotherham in his Allard Dragon took the Middle Dragster final beating Robin Acock. Junior saw yet another Gerry Cookson win defeating Mick Sayers. Pro Stock was again down to only two cars, and, when Gary Goggin's Camaro suffered clutch failure it was left to Colin Mullan to take the honours with a 9.6 & 9.7. Super Street and Top Street were merged into one class with handicaps based on the current class records. Qualifying saw Mustapha Errol run into the tens for the first time with a 10.9 in his Camaro. Alan O'Connor took Al's Gasser to an 11.5 and Dennis Stone managed an 11.7 in the team's Escort. In eliminations the handicap system proved to be somewhat uneven as most of the quicker Super Street cars were disposed of in the first round. Bob Oram beat Errol, 12.6 to 11.2, and Melvyn Wooding beat O'Connor 12.7 to 11.7. Oram took out Stone in the semis 12.4 to 11.4 before going on to lose the final against Wooding, 12.48 to a winning 12.40. In the Top bike final, Brian Smith defeated Clive Liddiard. Ted Dunmow won Senior bike becoming the first unblown rider to dip into the nines. Ray Law won Middle and Brian Mason took the Junior eliminator. (original entry by Clive Rooms. Updates by Trakbytes)

August 3rd/4th Mantorp Park. Sweden. A team of UK racers made their way over to compete at the Swedish Championships. Clive Skilton and Roz Prior took their Top fuel cars. Skilton was running his old car, revolution Three, as his new one was on display for Castrol. Dennis Priddle took the STP Avenger FC and SPR sent their two Funnies, Houndog & Stardust. Completing the team was the Brooklyn Heavy Pro Stock Dodge of Colin Mullan. Prior qualified with a personal best of 7.5s before facing the Valkyrian rail of John Andersson. This pairing was re-run after an initial staging mix up and Prior looked like taking the win before slowing wigth engine trouble, allowing Andersson through to take the win. Andersson it turned out also had engine troubles which allowed Skilton to take the final win with a 7.02/201, the fastest time of the day. On returning to the UK Skilton put both his rails and the Castrol FC up for sale along with a selection of engines. He announced that the intended to run a new car in America over the winter. Allan Herridge and Owen Hayward met in the first round but a broken reverser in Stardust, and a red light from Hayward, meant that it was Priddle who made it to the final. He first took the win against the 454 Toyota FC of Ake Ryman, 8.4 to 9.4 before beating Bjorn Anderson's Opel with a 7.8/175. Mullan dominated the Pro Stock class, taking the final win against the Trollits Toy Camaro of Bo Hollstrom.
August 18th

Blackbushe. NDRC Hot Car/Radio Luxembourg Grandnationals. Expectations were high for this meeting which marked the tenth anniversary of the 1964 Dragfest, but the weather continued to make things difficult for the NDRC as it had at earlier meeting this year. Most of the morning saw rain falling and, once it had stopped, drizzle continued on and off before the rain set in again and called an early halt before the event was completed. Four Top fuel cars were entered and, despite the damp condidtions did their best to put on a show. Solo runs in the drier lane were decided upon. Clive Skilton amazed evryone by putting down a 7.1/206 that set a seemingly impossible mark for the other drivers to aim for. Roz Prior followed with a tyre smoking 8.3/187. Roland Pratt was suffering with a sprained ankle and so former Stock Car driver Malcolm Quick was brought in to drive the Revolution Three car. At the time Quick was also the owner of Skilton's last front engined car Revolution Two. His only run resulted in an early shut off 9.3 when his goggles misted over. Dennis Priddle, with a new Donovan engine in his Mr Six slingshot then smoked his way to a 7.4/211, the fastest speed of the day. Ed Shaver drove around the puddles to a 9.5/150 in the Castrol Funny Car. In Top Dragster Tony Froome had a new camshaft in his 414ci Pontiac powered rail and on his first run came close to his personal best with a 10.6s pass in qualifying. Gerry Andrews in Hemi Hunter led the field and took an 8.7/164 bye in the first round. Froome faced Ray Hoare and ran another 10.6 that was not quick enough to beat the 9.6 from the smaller 292ci Chevy car. In the final it was Andrews who took the win with an 8.82/161 to a 10.23/133 from Hoare. Senior Dragster was won by Tony Anderson, who had run as quick as 9.3s on his way to the final. He won with an 11.62/138 over a 12.3/127 from Jim Rowatt. Top Comp saw Dave Stone and Mick Hall attempt to control their cars on the slick surface. Neither appear to have put in a time worth mentioning. Senior Comp saw the return of the Page team with their new Panic altered, built in 8 weeks. Clive Page's first run clocked an 11.4. In the first round John Dickson advanced with a slowing 13s run when a tappet backed itself off. His opponent was Lawrence Burn in his 350ci Chevy Avenger who broke a halshaft. Dick Sharpe took a bye in the Dorset Horn before beating Bob Deichen for a place in the final. Page took the other semi win as Dickson red lit. The final was one of many that didn't happen due to the return of the rain. Middle Comp was one class that was completed. The usually reliable Stripteaser of Bob Messent went out with engine problems in the first round, leaving Alan Sherwin to take the win in his Jaguar powered T. Glen Searle lost fire on his bye run and resorted to pushing the car to the finish in order to advance to the next round. His time, 306 seconds! In the next round he went out to the Jag Imp of Mick Cardy. The final was won by the Jag Rochdale of Pete Smith with a 12.8 over a 13.3 from Keith Harvie's Vauxhall bodied altered. Super Street was a best of three match between Dennis Stone in the teams Chevy Escort and Mustapha Errol in his Camaro. Stone won both of the two races that took place. Times for the second race were 12.8 for Stone, 13.3 for Errol. Ivan Fryer took his Mustang to the Top Street win in a close final with a 14.1/99 to a 14.3/97 from the Dodge Charger of newcomer Dennis Wheatley.

August 25th/26th

Supernationals SPR. In Pro Fuel qualifying on the Sunday Clive Skilton ran a 6.75/209 and a 6.55/216, which equalled the strip record set by Norm Wilcox the previous year. Dennis Priddle took the Mr Revell slingshot to an early shut off 6.8/154. Mike Hutcherson put in a 7.2 in the new Houndog rail and Peter Crane pulled the chutes early on a 7.4s pass. Allan Herridge and Owen Hayward put in a pair of runs each in the Stardust and Houndog Funny Cars. Hayward had problems on both runs, losing his clutch on a 7.8s run against a 7.0 from Herridge. Top Comp saw two of the four entries go out early. Freeman Rogers broke a rod and Phil Elson found a cracked cylinder liner in his engine, which had previously seen service in the Houndog Slingshot that Harold Bull had crashed a month earlier. This left Dave Stone to take number one spot with a 7.93 ahead of Mike Hall.  In Senior Comp Dick Sharpe led the way with a 10.87 in the Dorset Horn, followed by an 11.2 from Dave Hayden-Smith. Dave Page managed a 12.5 in Panic, whilst John Dickson's Oldsmobile powered Pop suffered a steering failure which sidelined him for the rest of the weekend. The two Pro Stock cars of Gary Goggin and Colin Mullan ran 10.4 and 9.8 respectively. Meanwhile Mustapha Errol ran a 10.6 in his Super Street Camaro which prompted Goggin to challenge him to a match race. Errol got the start over Goggin and, in a closely matched race, looked like he might take the win, until Goggin came back at the top end and took a 10.3/131 win against a 10.6/129. On the Monday proceedings were hampered by rain early on. Crane was the first of the fuel cars to put in a run, which resulted in a 7.05s at a slowing 180mph as he continued to familiarise himself with the car. Skilton was out next and as he crossed the finish line at 210 mph a front tyre blew, sending him into the guardrail in the shutdown area. Clive was OK but the car had its front and rear wheels torn off on one side. Due to Skilton being out of action Hutcherson put in a solo 6.96/194.53 in the eliminations, the first six by any Houndog car, and the fourth UK driver to run a six. Crane then had his first competitive run in Strombringer, up against Priddle. Unfortunately the car dropped a valve and blew a head gasket as Priddle advanced to the final with a 6.61/196.46 to a 7.23/168. It was Priddle all the way in the final with a 6.60/209.21 run as Houndog trailed with 7.50/146.84. In Funny Car  Herridge in Stardust soloed to a 7.09/199.2, which counted as his bye run to the final. Priddle then ran a 7.27/196 qualifier in the Avenger.  In the semi final round Priddle took an easy 8.21/171.82 win as Owen Hayward in Houndog went in to an almost vertical wheelstand off the line and had to click it off. In the fading light of the evening Herridge took the final round win with a new track FC ET record of 6.81/195.69 as Priddle slowed to a losing 8.02/155.72. In Top Comp Tee Rat ran a solo best ever 7.71/187, and in the final, Dave Stone’s sideways 9.38/180 clocking was too strong for Mike Hall’s 9.90/139. In Senior Comp Dave Page in Panic made his way to the final with a 10.4 win over Dick Sharpe's 10.8. Dave Hayden-Smith ran a solo 11.2 but failed to make the final, leaving Page to take the win unopposed. Pat Hart took the Junior title beating John Annear. Pete Skinner in Midas Mist won Middle as Bob Messent fouled in Stripteaser. Top Dragster winner was Gerry Andrews in Hemi Hunter with a solo semi win and a final round victory over Alan Blount. This also netted the team the five hundred pound prize for being the fastest fuel car over six runs. Malcolm Olley in the Pink Panther took the final of Senior Dragster as Martin Rowatt lost fire. John Whitmore took the Middle title defeating Keith Elliott in the final, and Steve Martyn was the Junior winner. Pro Stock was a best of three between Colin Mullan and Gary Goggin, and it was the Heavy car of Mullan that took it 2-1. Mullan won the first round, 9.7 to 10.5. Goggin won Round Two, 10.2 to 10.5 as Mullan bogged off the line. Mullan took the decider, 9.6 to a 10.19 personal best from Goggin. In Super Street Mustapha Errol beat Al O'Connors Al's Gasser, 10.7 to 11.5, before Dennis Stone took the team's Chevy Escort to an 11.27 win over a 12.5 from the Barracuda of Dave Rose. In the final it was Errol who took the win with a 10.6 to Stone's personal best of 11.22. In Top bike first round, John Hobbs 9.47 beat Bob Webster 9.54, Tony Weedon 9.76 overcame John Clift 9.86, Mick Butler 9.41 downed Keith Parnell 9.65 and Brian Smith lost fire as Jeff Byne sheared a rear wheel spindle at 120 mph locking the wheel completely but coming to a safe halt. In the semis, Byne beat a chain breaking Hobbs, and Butler ran a PB 9.24/151 to down Weedon. Byne pulled a holeshot to take the final with 9.50/136.2 to Butler’s quicker but losing 9.47/148.4. Pete Smith defeated a slowing and engine smoking Mick Warne to take the Senior win, 10.40/124.3 to 14.19/57.3. Middle winner was Ray Law with a 10.65/129.4 win over an 11.27/116.1 from Rob Beckwith, and Pete Molloy took the Junior title with an 11.92/112 over a 12.80/97.4 from Ian Wileman. Terry Revill ran 11.95/112.1 (his first 11 second run) to defeat Dave Rawlins 12.54/107.4 in the final of Street bike. In the Consolation Knock Out Eddie Lloyd took a solo 12.11/107.4 win on his Locomotion VW powered machine as opponent A. Parkinson failed to get his 1000cc BMC started. (Original entry by Clive Rooms. Updates by Trakbytes)

Re. the writing off of Clive Skiltons Castrol sponsored rear engined fuel dragster when he hit the barrier, it emerged that another racer, Ollie Burn, had paid Skilton £3000 for the car just hours before. It was repaired and re-appeared in 1975 as the Liz & Ollie car. SPR ptublished a notice in their programme asking weekend campers not to go into the woods behind the camping area for firewood as this was private property. Strange that they should want to do this as SPR supplied the campers with free wood to burn!

August 31st/September 1st Pennine Raceway Drag Racing Meeting. Crossland Moor. 
September 1st The MDRA organised their first racing event at Long Marston (Ron Clark)
September 8th SPR. G-Max Trophy Meeting.  A very strong headwind made conditions difficult, particularly for the bike riders. Four Pro Fuel cars entered the meeting with Dennis Priddle qualifying at the top with 6.67/200.4 followed by Mike Hutcherson in Houndog 8 with 7.05/198.8, Pete Crane with 7.07/184.5 and Allan Herridge in Firefly 7.21/210. In the eliminations, Priddle ran 6.63/206.61 to defeat Crane’s first six second pass at 6.91/186.57. In the other semi, Hutcherson put down 6.96/179.21 as Firefly broke a rod. In the final, Priddle broke the strip ET record with a 6.49/210.08 as Hutcherson trailed in 7.22/190.48. In Top Comp, Dave Stone, the number one qualifier, ran a bye at 7.95/171.82, then Phil Elson hit problems allowing Mike Hall in Shutdown to take the win in a best ever 8.88/163.67. Stone ran a 7.83/185.19 in the final which was way too quick for Hall’s 9.00/165.29. Senior Comp saw Dave Page in the new Panic altered defeat Dick Sharpe’s Dorset Horn running on methanol for the first time) 9.97/133.69 to a losing 10.80/120. Middle Comp winner was Roger Bishop in Stripteaser who beat Alan Sherwin 11.33 to 11.72. Brian Mondey beat Tim Spencer for the Junior Comp win. Gerry Cookson overcame Brian Parkins for the Junior Dragster win and John Whitmore defeated John Rotherham for the Middle win. Senior Dragster winner was Keith Dancey who beat Martin Rowatt. Top Dragster was a walkover for Gerry Andrews who ran 8.2s in Hemi Hunter as Liz Burn failed to make it. with only one entrant in Pro Stock and Top Street a best of three took place between Colin Mullan and John Ledster. Ledster's Top Street Mustang was given a 3.9 second head start and he took two of the three races. Another best of three took place for the Super Street cars of Mustapha Errol and Dave Rose. Rose qualified with an 11.9, Errol with an 11.3. In the first round Rose stalled at the start line, but Errol broke his rear axle so Rose restarted and took the first of three wins with a best speed of over 121mph.  Top bike winner was Jeff Byne who holeshot Brian Chapman in the final to take it with 10.06/128 to a quicker 9.97/135. Senior bike winner was John Clift who defeated Henk Vink. George Woods won Middle and Paul Eastbury took the Junior title. (Original entry by Clive Rooms. Updates by Trakbytes)
September 14th/15th

Silverstone. NDRC Meeting. Competitors at this International meeting included Tom 'T. C.' Christenson from the U.S. on his new twin Norton TF bike. His first run produced a 9.53/156. On his second ever run on the bike, with Mick Butler in the other lane, he became the first rider in the UK to break the nine second barrier with an 8.98/160. Christenson won all three rounds of the challenge against Butler. In Top Fuel qualifying, Dennis Priddle took the top spot in 6.621s, followed by Clive Skilton driving his old Revolution 3 car in 7.46/187, and then Roz Prior with troubled runs of 11.38 and 14.58. The Top Competition Altereds were combined with the Funny Cars to give an eight car field. Dave Stone in Tee Rat took the number one spot in qualifying with a 7.8. Swede Leif Dabach was second with a 7.96/182, the quickest time he had recorded in the UK with his Volvo FC. They were followed by Roland Larson's Canon Toyota FC (8.54), Ed Shaver's Castrol FC (8.56), Mike Hall's Shutdown Altered (8.63), Dennis Priddle's Avenger 9.3), Keith Harvie's new Chevy Altered (10.0) and Roland Pratt's new Hillbillies Scimitar. Larson hit the timing lights at the top end, damaging the car and the timing equipment. Without enough equipment to fully repair the lights there were no MPH readings for the rest of the day. Senior Comp saw Sweden's Bengt Stafberg take his 427 Chevy Altered take number one spot with a 10.2. Clive Page in Panic was next with a 10.59, followed by Dick Sharpe with a 10.99. A broken half shaft put an end to Lawrence Burns 350ci Chevy Avenger's weekend. Middle Comp had a record entry of 21 cars trying to make it into the 16 car field. Again Sweden led the way. Tony Johnson, driving Anders Lantz's Chevy powered '33 Plymouth, was number one qualifier with a 10.2. Roger Bishop's Stripteaser was a whole second behind. Alan Sherwin's Travel Agent Jag Altered and John Morton's 350 Chevy Firenza were third and fourth with 11.69 and 11.9s. Gerry Andrews again led the way in Top Dragster with The Stones Hemi Hunter. The other qualifiers were Liz Burn (9.5), the new 427ci rear-engined rail of Kevin Burrows (12.2) and Alan Blount (12.7). There were four entries in Pro Stock. Adrian Yorke led qualifying with a 9.6 from the Brooklyn Heavy car. He was followed by Colin Mullan (10.0), Gary Goggin (10.3) and  Bo Hollstrom who was having engine troubles. Super Street saw Mustapha Errol's Camaro run a 10.8 for number one spot. Swede Johnny Johnson was next in his Corvette with an 11.1 and Dave Lee Travis took the Stones Escort to an 11.6. Dave Rose failed to qualify as his Barracuda dropped a couple of valves. In Top Bike Jeff Byne ran a personal best of 9.38 to lead the qualifying. Norman Hyde followed with a 9.43/147, while John Clift and Bob Webster both ran 9.45. Keith Parnell was next with a 9.49, and John Todman ran his first nine second pass, a 9.74/149. John Hobbs had the clutch explode on his Olympus Triumph which put him out of competiton for the weekend. Terry Revill led the Street Class with a 12.11 from his Dresden Honda, followed by a 12.34 from Dave Rawlins works Norton. Eliminations on the second day were hampered by rain which resulted in a damp strip for much of the time. Top Fuel was to have been a round robin as there were only three qualifiers. In the first pairing, Skilton defeated Prior 7.27/167 to a losing 7.79/190. For the Top Comp eliminations only one lane was in a reasonable condition to run in, so a time trial was held. Dave Stone put down a 7.99/160 in Tee Rat, Mike Hall in Shutdown ran 9.46/157, Ed Shaver received no time in his rear engined flopper, Roland Pratt in the new Reliant FC lost the blower belt when the pulley shattered, and could only record a15.09, Keith Harvie in the Dream Machine AA/FA ran a 10.37/133 half pass, Leif Daback in The Saint FC lost the blower belt just off the line and Dennis Priddle ran the quickest ET of the round with 7.86/182. Gerry Andrews ran a solo 8.19/172 in Top Dragster. In Senior Comp Stafberg had a bye, while Dick Sharpe took an 11.1 win over John Dickson's 11.5 from his Ford Pop. Clive Page ran a personal best of 9.6 to defeat the Ford Rochdale of Freeman Rogers. In the bike classes the Street division saw semi final wins for Terry Revill, who defeated Phil Brister's Norton Commando, and Dave Rawlins, who beat the blown Triumph of Chris Russell. In the final Rawlins got the holeshot, and while Revill tried everything he could to catch up, resulting in him crossing lanes at one point, he couldn't manage it. In the first round of Top Bike Keith Parnell took a win over Jeff Byne as the latters engine dismantled itself before the finish line. Brian Chapman took the 500cc Vincent Mighty Mouse to a 9.94/137 win over a gearbox damaging Bob Webster. John Todman, after his qualifying success, had found damage and was unable to make his race against Norman Hyde. The twin-engined Triumph of Roger Williamson was brought in as a replacement, but was no match for an 11.86/79 from Hyde as he slowed to negotiate debris left by Byne. John Clift was the man drawn against Christenson. Despite his best efforts his 9.63/139 was no match for an easy 9.27/149 from the Hogslayer. Most of the eliminations reached the second round before the meeting was abandoned due to the heavy rain that was now falling making the surface dangerous. (Original entry by Clive Rooms. Updates by Trakbytes)

September 22nd The MDRA organised their first show at the 'Chateau Impney' Worcestershire. (Ron Clark)
September 29th

NDRCs first meeting at Snetterton circuit, Norfolk. The final round of the Castrol/RAC National championship, and a round of the STP/Custom Car Championship for Pro Stock and Super Street. Many of the unfinished eliminations from the rained off Silverstone meeting two weeks earlier were completed. In the held over Silverstone Top Bike elimination Keith Parnell got through to the final by beating Brian Chapman's Vincent. T C Christenson then ran 8.91/143 against Norman Hyde, whose bike refused to start. In the final Christenson took the win with an 8.84/146 to a 10.29/123 from Parnell. Among the other Silverstone results decided were Senior Bike, which went to John Jacques with a 10.36/134 after Mick Butler's clutch cable snapped when the bike was started, and  Middle Bike, which saw a 10.00/136 win for Ted Dunmow's Paper Tiger Triumph over an 11.33/117 from John Cheadle's Yamaha.

Four Top Fuel cars were entered but this was reduced to three when Dennis Priddle broke the rear axle on a qualifier. So, it was decided to run a round robin. Clive Skilton in the newly repaired Castrol GTX car beat Malcolm Quick in the Revolution 3 car, 7.20/192 to 17.38/141. Roz Prior then ran 7.30/200 to inflict a second defeat on Quick. The final race caused confusion as Skilton’s engine died before he had staged, and then Prior red lit on her way to 7.28/208. In the Top Comp/Funny Car eliminator Allan Herridge in Stardust put in a 7.06/202 which made him quickest qualifier. This was the first and only time Roy Phelps sent one of his major cars to an NDRC event. Dennis Priddle ran his Avenger to a 7.48/192 for second spot. Third was Dave Stone in Tee Rat with a 7.8/180. Ed Shaver ran a 9s pass in the rear-engined flopper and Roland Pratt clocked a 9.5. Mike Hall didn't run and Keith Harvie retired with a blown gearbox seal. The two top qualifiers then pulled out of proceedings in order to run a two round match race. This gave Stone a bye run to the final, which he took with an 8.53/143. In the Shaver/Pratt pairing Shaver bogged off the line giving Pratt the advantage, but the bump in the strip unsettled the car, causing it to cross the centre line ahead of Shaver before shutting off. Shaver saw this happen in front of him and shut off to take the win. In the final it was Stone who got the bump lane and, having smoked the tyres on the launch, got wildly out of shape and lost with an 8.34/180 as Shaver took the win with a new personal best of 8.12/161. In the first Funny Car match race, Herridge drew the lane with the bump. Priddle took the race in 7.26/190 as the Stardust car got wildly out of shape. In the second race, the last race of the day, unknown to the two drivers as they tried to stage, somebody had tripped over a battery lead to the Christmas tree and the lights never came on. Somebody then ran into the middle with a couple of flags. Priddle went a few yards and cut the motor, but Herridge in the good lane made a full bore run at 202 mph with a highly dubious ET of 6.48. Gerry Andrews took the final win in Top Dragster before the new Chevrolet powered D B Motors sponsored car of Jeff Morris came out for a solo pass, having broken a halfshaft earlier, and put in a 9.1/166. Clive Page led the way in Senior Comp, clocking a 9.7/150, followed by a 9.4/144, the quickest ETs ever recorded for a carbureted petrol burning car in any class. Freeman Rodgers was second with a 10.8 which he repeated in the first round against a 12.7 from the Dickson Oldsmobile Pop. Page made his way to the final with a 9.9 win over a 10.8 from Dick Sharpe's Pontiac A35. In the final Page wheelied off the line and took the win with a 10.7 to Rodgers 11.45. Middle Comp went to Bob Messent's Stripteaser with an 11.25 over a 12.7 from the Vauxhall Altered of Keith Harvie (a different Keith Harvie to the Top Comp racer). The Pro Stock and Super Street classes were amalgamated and it was Colin Mullan's Dodge that took the title with a 9.9. Dennis Stone was runner up in the Chevy Escort. The eight machines in the Top Bike eliminations included the 250cc Honda of Mick Hand, who qualified with a personal best of 10.08/134, but in the first round he pulled a red light against Bob Webster. T C Christenson defeated a 9.78/142 from John Clift with a new European best of 8.81/156. Keith Parnell beat Brian Chapman, for the second time in a day, with a 9.40/147, and Mick Butler, who had qualified with a 9.95, beat Ted Dunmow with a 9.39/144. Parnell ran a new personal best in the first semi final of 9.35/146, but an 8.89/155 from Christenson took him into the final. In the other semi Butler took the win after a red light from Webster. In the final Butler's Super Cyclops twin Norton, using a five inch wide slick for the first time, dug in hard on the launch and produced a massive wheelie. Butler backed off slightly and chased after Christenson, who took the win with a 9.02/155 to a 9.69/144. In Senior Bike number one qualifier John Jacques took his Triumph to a first round win against Brian Smith with a 9.93/131, a personal best and his first nine second run. He improved further in the semis with a 9.90/140 defeat of John Lloyds VW powered machine, and, in the final, a 9.76/136 victory against Clive Liddiard's Vincent. Middle bike was won by the Triumph of Bob Beckworth with an 11.91/105 as opponent Terry Fisher red lit. In Street Bike Terry Revill took the win when Dave Rawlins red lit. Revill offered a re-run, and Rawlins red lit again, leaving Revill to take the win with an 11.91/110. In Junior Bike Brian Eastman took his 500 Triumph to a 12.90/103 win over the Mutant Triumph powered Lambretta of Robin Read who ran a 15.10/83.

(Original entry by Clive Rooms. Updates by Trakbytes)

This meeting drew the circuits biggest crowd of the year, larger than all the roundy roundy meetings! The "somebody" who ran into the track with the flags turns out to have been long-time Trakbytes contributor Steve Collins who had been the NDRC starter for two years at that point.

October 6th SPR. Rain ended the meeting before qualifying had even finished. Making its SPR debut at the meeting was Keith Harvie and his newly imported Top Comp altered with a blown 454 Chevy (the ex-Lance & Gunn Fuel Altered). He ran an early shut off 8.73 at just 137 mph. Dave Page in Panic ran a good 9.65/140. The Houndog and Hillbillies Funny Cars came out to race just as it began to rain. (Clive Rooms)
October 5th/6th Elvington. National Sprint Association Annual Records meeting. Tony Weedon took his Triumph dragbike, 'American Triumph', to a new World and British National record over the standing quarter mile for the 500cc class, leaving it at 9.690 seconds. (Tony Hodgson, NSA)
November 2nd/3rd

SPR. Fireworks Spectacular. Rain and mist played havoc with the racing and times and speeds were affected by the slick track conditions. Many finals were not held and some classes didn't progress beyond the first round. Saturday saw most vehicles get at least one run in, but the track conditions meant that nobody was able to run anywhere near their full potential. Dennis Priddle made only one run in the Avenger Funny Car, having arrived too late to run both cars. Allan Herridge and Owen Hayward brought the Stardust and Houndog Funny Cars to the start line in the evening darkness to put in a side by side run for the fans who had stayed to watch the firework display. After the burnouts the Stardust cars engine died, was restarted, died again, was restarted again, by which time Hayward had shut off his engine as it was getting too hot and the race was abandoned. Herridge twice reversed Stardust into the startline advertising boards after his burnouts. Peter Crane had a few attempts before successfully performing a fire burnout. On two wheels John Hobbs managed to post a 148mph terminal speed, taking the fastest speed of the day which, owing to the damp conditions, had been held until then by the Street Bike of Terry Revill with a 12.23/114.6, and John Clift ran a 9.96/131 on his Co-Respondent Triumph. Jeff Byne suffered a severe engine explosion, and Charlie Harrison, on the ex-John Hobbs Olympus 1, was the fastest rider in the dark with an 11.24/120.2. Racing on the Sunday didn't begin until after lunch due to more rain. Dave Stone put in an early run in Tee Rat, which resulted in crossing from the left lane to the right, and hitting the barrier causing some front end damage. A new chassis for the car was already being planned. Allan Herridge put down the best Funny Car time of the day with a 7.64/166.39 practise run against Houndog. His next pass, the first round of competition, saw Stardust come to the line for a solo pass as the Hillbillies team failed to show. The car launched violently sideways before Bootsie wrestled it straight to clock an 8.27/159.49. In the other pairing, Owen Hayward's Houndog got out of shape at the hit leaving Dennis Priddle's STP Avenger to take the win with an 8.64/169.49. Hayward tried hard to catch him though, recording a quicker 8.47/200. In the first round of Pro Fuel Mike Hutcherson ran a solo 8.18/160.77. The remaining two cars of Dennis Priddle and Peter Crane lined up for the next race. Priddle pulled a red light and then had to wrestle an out of shape Mr Revell to a 9.99/150.83 as Crane blasted through to win with a 7.46/196. The final took place in darkness and the rain was starting to fall. Both cars left hard but Hutchinson shut off early while Crane drove to half track before lifting and taking his first Top Fuel win. No times or speeds were announced. A planned best of three between Phil Elson and Keith Harvie's Altereds saw only one round take place. Both cars struggled for grip before Harvie took the win with an 11.04/126.58 to a quicker 10.84/150 from Elson. Senior Dragster saw Tony Anderson qualify with a 10.01/132.28. The Top Dragster elimination saw only one run take place. Kevin Burrows, after a slow start, ran 121.53mph in the new Chevy rail. The Middle Dragster first round saw all the cars in the 12 second bracket. Keith Elliot was the quickest with a 12.33/144.29. Bob Harma was the quickest in the first round of Junior Dragster by two seconds with a 13.42/91.58. Gary Goggin ran an 11.63/132.63 in what was the only Pro Stock pass of the day. Classes that did make it to the final round were, D & G Production - Steve Stevens 2 litre Cortina taking the win, P. Evans won the H-I Production final in his Singer Vogue, Junior Street - D. Edwards Lil Streaker Austin, Middle Street - D. Ward's Blue Max. Super Street saw Al O'Connor in Al's Gasser get a bye run into the final, whilst Gerry Andrews, who was deputising for a holidaying Dennis Stone, took the team's Escort to a 13.64/116.82 win over the similar Chevy Escort of George Hamlyn which ran 13.70/89.29. In the final it was O'Connor who took the win with a new personal best of 11.45/119 to a 12.49/116. Top Street was a best out of three between M. Morice's Orange E Type and Ivan Fryers Mustang. Fryer won 2/3 with a best time of 14.48/93.63. Senior Street went to S. Winterberg with a 15.36/83.26 to a 15.35/81.83 from Bill Marshall. The D & G Production class went to the Newsboy Cortina of Steve Stevens with a 17.71/80.19. P. Evans took the H - I class in his Singer Vogue and D. Ward ran a 15.17/92.42 to take the Middle Street win over a 17.07/62.85 from V. Board's Jaffa Cake. Junior Street saw D. Edwards 'Lil Streaker Austin take a 17.18/76.98 win over an 18.03/77.70 from the Muscle Sprout of P. Herricks. The only Altered class to make it to a final pairing was Junior where Barry Sheavills' Stagecoach would have met  Jim Spencer's 2-Ton Carmen. Sheavills had a 13.39/99.30 bye into the final, while Spencer beat John Liddle in the Metronome with a 13.45/100.40 to a 16.76/90.42. No other classes made it past Round One. Senior Comp saw Freeman Rodgers lose fire twice, leaving Dave Page to solo to the final with an 11.44/103.4. He would have been up against Vic Hammond's Mr Big in the final. Hammond also had a solo in the semis, a 13.20/122.70, after a no show from John Dickson. Middle Comp first round saw Pete Skinner run the quickest time, a 12.11/110.62. In Top Bike the field was depleted due to breakages with Jeff Byne suffering a major engine failure on the Saturday. John Hobbs fouled on a bye run, and Mick Butler red lit on a solo. Tony Weedon ran 10.22/141 to defeat a 10.32/139.08 from Brian Chapman, and John Clift became the only rider to record a nine second pass on both days with a 9.91/139.08. Senior Bike saw John Jacques Satans Cycle run 10.75/127.06 to beat Mick Warne's 10.82/128.53. Mick Honey was the quickest runner in Middle Bike with an 11.13 and Junior Bike also did not progress past the first round. Street Bike was a win for Terry Revill with a 12.19/110 after opponent Dave Rawlins red lit.

November 30th/December 1st

SPR. Winternationals. Billed as The Race Of The Champions entries for this meeting were restricted to the 1974 seasons winners and runners up, making a field of entries about half the size of a regular meeting. The theory was that it would be easier to fit in a days racing in the reduced daylight hours available with a smaller field. The reality was that most classes had as few as three entries and there were large gaps in the racing as crews got the vehicles turned around in time to run again. Many classes were amalgamated to provide competiton. Rain on Saturday limited the racing, and spectator count, and there were a couple of noteable early losses. John Ledster's Mustang suffered a breakage in his newly fitted gearbox, and the Pro Stock Camaro of Gary Goggin was enveloped in smoke of the wrong kind during a burnout and had to be towed off the track with at least one of the eight cylinders full of oil. Gary had run a 10.5second pass earlier in the day. The evening was given over to demos and fire burnouts from the fuel cars in front of the few brave spectators that remained in the darkness. Sunday was more promising, but the track was damp. A novel solution was employed to dry out the startline area. Twenty gallons of methanol were emptied over the track and set alight. This appears to have had some success and traction in that area at least was improved. Dennis Priddle was the first to put in a full-bore run in the STP Avenger Funny Car. An 8.2/186 pass was followed by a parachute failure with Dennis only just managing to stop the car before running out of track. Owen Hayward followed in Houndog and put in one of the most remarkable driving jobs, keeping the slicks boiling all the way as the car snaked wildly left and right from lock to lock. An 8.3/202 timing ticket was the impressive result of what was recorded as the most entertaining run of the weekend. Allan Herridge was doing double duties, taking the driving seat in Stardust and Firefly. The dragster was withdrawn after an out of shape pass and subsequent inspection which revealed some bearings beginning to break up. The decision was made to run Stardust in the Top Fuel class, leaving just Priddle and Hayward to battle it out in the floppers. Herridge then put in a 7.26/198 qualifying pass which was the quickest run of the weekend. Peter Crane ran the fastest speed (a personal best) with a 7.4/207 in Stormbringer against Mike Hutcherson in Houndog in the first round. This wasn't without it's drama either as the car grounded in a shower of sparks in the shutdown area necessitating a change of sump before the final against Stardust. Priddle and Hayward ran their match first, but, with fading light, and limited track illumination, this was limited to multiple burnouts before the cars returned to the paddock. This format was repeated by Crane and Herridge with Stormbringer putting in a fire burnout for good measure. Cranes final burnout took him over the finish line much to the appreciation of the crowd. Tony Anderson managed a 9.3/147 win over a 10.3/134 from Dave Page in Panic, and Rob Messent in Stripteaser won his group with an 11.57 against John Williamson's Jag-Falcon. In the bike ranks on Saturday Mick Warne took the Senior Bike final win with a 10.37/132.3 in the darkness, with a bicycle light on his back, against Ted Dunmow's 18.26 on the Paper Tiger Triumph. Top Bike went to John Clift, finding traction whilst John Hobbs struggled to acheive the same, his 10.78/155.5 not being enough to overcome a 10.46/130.6 from Clift. In Middle Bike Terry Revill took his Honda to a 12.61/110.5 win over a 14.61/91.3 from the Fourunner Honda of B. Sewell. On Sunday,  Mick Butler on his 1000cc double Norton Super Cyclops ran a new personal best of 9.23/147.3. He beat Brian Chapman and John Clift to reach the final of Top Bike, where he was due to meet John Hobbs. Hobbs Olympus Two had problems and couldn't make the call so Tony Weedon took his place but was unable to match a 9.82/147.8 from Butler. Terry Revill made his second final appearance of the weekend in a depleted Middle Bike class, but lost out to an 11.64/115.6 from Chris Russell with a 12.06/114.6.

4 cars written off this season; the Pages 'Panic' altered, the Houndog and Skilton dragsters and the Stones altered.


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