Nostalgia Sites and Pages

The British Drag Racing Hall Of Fame honours and preserves for all time the achievements of not only some of the greatest legends of British Drag Racing, but also the great contribution of others who are very rarely in the spotlight, but nevertheless have made a lasting impact and significant difference to the development of British Drag Racing 

The Acceleration Archive  Alan Currans collection of UK nostalgia photos with many superb images from the seventies and early eighties. The site is rapidly expanding. Alan clearly has too much spare time on his hands!

Time Travel DVDs  Currently boasting no less than 87 volumes of UK Drag Racing history on DVD! Compiled from old cine film, slides and photos these DVDs range from rare Dragfest footage to the mid eighties. Pretty much all of this stuff is unavailable anywhere else and makes for fascinating viewing. In addition to this Nick Pettit's site has Hot Rodding DVDs and photo galleries from Nick's own collection.

U.K. Drag Racing Nostalgia Website Jon Spoards great site has hundreds of pix from the 60s through to the 80s.

The Allard Chrysler Action Group  The latest progress on the restoration of Sydney Allard's legendary dragster.

Allard Owners Club A wealth of information about Sydney Allard, his family and the marvellous vehicles he created.

The Blackbushe Reunion The official website detailing the planned 2014 50th anniversary reunion of the legendary Dragfests.

Peter Crane Pete's website with details and pictures from his chequered career in Drag Racing

Stripduster Lovely website devoted to "King" Harold Bull and his Stripduster dragster. And check out his amazing 1/4 scale working engines.

Team Pegasus Really nice site devoted to the Pegasus drag bike in all it's forms. Includes some great unseen pictures.

Des Taylor  Des' company website has a very detailed account of his career in Drag Racing with some great photos

Sammy Miller Article OneSammy Miller Article Two  A couple of nice articles from Drag Racing Online about the career of Slammin' Sammy. Written by Chris Martin.

Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2002  The Eurodragster report and pictures from this event featuring two Allard Dragsters and the Commuter

David Kiplings Homepage NEW URL! David is an ex-pat-Brit living in Canada. His site contains some great pictures of Drag Racing machinery from the 1960s as well as some Stock Car shots from the same era.

Walkin' The Dog A fine tribute to the Houndog Racing Team with great photos and memories

Kelvin Fagan Drag Photos. Just a list of photos here but well worth a look. All unique images taken by Kelvin during his time as crew member for Terry Revill.

Allard Dragon Dragster  A tribute to the UKs first dragster available in kit form

70s Funny Cars  Superb nostalgia site concentrating on 1970s floppers

Race68.Com  Svensk Dragracing nostalgia. Dane's Swedish nostalgia site. Some great photos.

Nostalgia Racers

European Nostalgia Funny Cars Nice site with details, pictures, videos etc of these cool floppers!

The Wild Bunch British nostalgia racing at its best. The site includes results and pictures & profiles of members cars

Backdraft A car with a long history behind it. You have to love this guy. He does the nostalgia bit so well!

Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association Online home of the NFAA

Contemporary Racers

Sticky Situation. Home to my raceday boss Nigel Paynes '62 Corvette

Showtime Racing UK The website of the UKs quickest nitro funny car. All the latest news from the camp, previous race reports, results and timing data + large photo gallery

Andy Carter  The official website for the 2001 + 2004 FIA Top Fuel Champion

Nobby Hills Racing The latest nitro burning venture of Nobby Hills

Junior Drag Bikes Everything you could possibly want to know about the UKs Junior Drag Bike scene.

Red Victor One Racing Andy Frosts Red Victor 3 project along with plenty of photos, history and news

King Racing Ian Kings Top Fuel bike team + Pitlane Gossip

The National Sprint Association UK motorcycle sprinting and drag racing

Dragbikes Of New Zealand  Exactly what it says! All the info you could possibly want to know on the two-wheeled Kiwi racers

Photos And Information This site goes from strength to strength. Absolutely the best place to start for the latest news on the European scene

Togs Drag Racing Page A great photography based site with pix from the latest meetings at Santa Pod and Avon Park

Bad Boys Bill Slys superb digital trackside photos. Includes an archive of nostalgic photos Gary and Phil Cottinghams site features photos, interviews and some photos of days gone by along with a history section where you can vote for your favourite moments from the past four decades of British Drag Racing. Check out the forum to see what the fans are talking about

The Drag Racing List Online Vast amounts of information here. Lists of the worlds quickest racers and loads of links. The best site of its kind. Ian Turbovilles great site, dealing with motorcycle drag racing and including details of Ians paintings of motorcycle drag racing legends

Drag Racing Underground Lots of great pictures plus details of some videos you can order online

Northern Thunder A Top Alcohol Team From Canada with a great site. Well worth a look

Auto Imagery Inc. A great site with many photos, both modern & nostalgia, good set of links and drag racing jigsaws!

Miscellaneous sites

Power Race Graphics The business and website of regular Trakbytes contributor Darren West.

The Rooster  Hilarious online Hot Rodding magazine that defies description. Looks great!

T.S.I. Timers The guys who operate and look after the timing equipment at Santa Pod. Well worth a visit if you've ever wondered how it all works

Mooneyes/Ratfink Homepage Links to all the International mooneyes sites. Check out the pics of the Mooneyes Dragster in Sweden.

Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing If you find yourself around Ocala, Florida, you gotta go there!

Bikesters  "An adventure in racing and technology" A developing story built around Fred Vosks two wheeled creations, check out the photos of the bikes, awesome!

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